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SXSW Announces Gaming Award Nominees and Hosts
WWE star Xavier Woods to co-host ceremony in March
DAILY Screens  January 25, 2017, by James Renovitch
"...The gaming contingent of SXSW has had an awkward relationship to the entertainment-industry behemoth at large. They’ve changed things up this year by charging to attend the conference and festival: $20 for one day and $39 for a three-day pass..."

SXSW Gaming Finalists Announced
Local noms include The Banner Saga, Talos Principle, & Rooster Teeth
DAILY Screens  January 23, 2015, by James Renovitch
"...Bravely Default – Square Enix Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – Blizzard Entertainment Monument Valley – ustwo Super Smash Bros. 3DS – Nintendo Threes – Sirvo..."

A Whole New Game
A strange trip through the online world of the most popular role-playing games of last summer : Diablo II, Deus Ex, and Vampire: The Masquerade Redemption
Screens Story  September 22, 2000, by Marcel Meyer
"...Government bodies fear it. But it's the driving force behind an ever-expanding, multibillion-dollar electronic entertainment industry..."

In Play
Screens Story  August 30, 2002, by Marcel Meyer
"...Warcraft 3: Reign of ChaosBlizzard Entertainment..."

Your 15 Minutes Are Up, Mr. Gates
Top Nine Cyber Stories
Screens Story  January 7, 1999, by Jon Lebkowsky
"...This tiny device is causing huge headaches in weasel land. MP3 has been around for years, but has just appeared on the radar of the mega-corporate entertainment industry..."

It's All in the Game
Screens Story  December 18, 1998, by Marcel Meyer
"...Ritual Entertainment..."

Concordia University Organizing Austin’s First Varsity E-Sports Program
School plan approves practice space and on-campus arena
Screens Story  February 7, 2019, by Tucker Whatley
"...As for the players, Valdoria is putting together a team focusing on Blizzard Entertainment's shooter Overwatch and Riot Games' popular League of Legends. The scholarships being offered, about 10 for the first year, ranging from $5,000 to $18,000 per student, should help attract some of the best and brightest to the fold..."

Desert Island Games
Screens Story  January 7, 2000, by Marcel Meyer
"...1. Diablo (Blizzard Entertainment).It floored the critics..."

The Prophecy
Screens Story  July 12, 1996
"...Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal PC CD-ROM Blizzard Entertainment..."

Screens Story  February 16, 1996
"...Blizzard Entertainment..."

SXSW Announces Gaming Awards Nominees
In its debut, the awards honor big and small games alike
DAILY Screens  February 11, 2014, by James Renovitch
"...Anyway, here are those nominees: Game of the Year Award The Last of Us – Naughty Dog Grand Theft Auto V – Rockstar Games Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – Ubisoft Tomb Raider – Square Enix Tearaway – Sony Computer Entertainment Super Mario 3D World – Nintendo Bioshock Infinite – Irrational Games Gone Home – The Fullbright Company Excellence in Gameplay Award The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds – Nintendo Super Mario 3D World – Nintendo The Last of Us – Naughty Dog Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons – 505 Studios Tearaway – Media Molecule Excellence in Art Award Bioshock Infinite – Irrational Games Rayman Legends – Ubisoft Tearaway – Media Molecule Kentucky Route Zero – Cardboard Computer Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch – NAMCO BANDAI Excellence in Animation Award Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch – NAMCO BANDAI Super Mario 3D World – Nintendo The Last of Us – Naughty Dog Tearaway – Media Molecule Tomb Raider – Square Enix Excellence in Technical Achievement Award Grand Theft Auto V – Rockstar Games Antichamber – Demruth The Swapper – Facepalm Games Super Mario 3D World – Nintendo Papa Sangre II – Somthin’Else Excellence in Narrative Award The Last of Us – Naughty Dog Gone Home – The Fullbright Company Bioshock Infinite – Irrational Games Kentucky Route Zero – Cardboard Computer Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons – 505 Studios Excellence in Design and Direction Award Grand Theft Auto V – Rockstar Games Tearaway – Media Molecule Gone Home – The Fullbright Company Bioshock Infinite – Irrational Games Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons – 505 Studios Excellence in Gaming Marketing Award Saint’s Row IV – Deep Silver Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – Ubisoft Ridiculous Fishing – Vlambeer Call of Duty: Ghosts – Activision The Stanley Parable – Galactic Café Excellence in SFX Award Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs – The Chinese Room Battlefield 4 – Electronic Arts Grand Theft Auto V – Rockstar Games Forza Motorsport 5 – Microsoft The Last of Us – Naughty Dog Excellence in Musical Score Award Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch – NAMCO BANDAI Bioshock Infinite – Irrational Games The Last of Us – Naughty Dog Tearaway – Media Molecule Tomb Raider – Square-Enix Convergence Award According to SXSW this is “Awarded to the 2013 indie or mainstream game that exemplifies excellence and pure crossover appeal through multiple mediums.” Let me know if you figure out what that means. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes – Warner Bros..."

A Galaxy Not So Far Away
Austin's BioWare unleashes Star Wars: The Old Republic
Screens Story  December 23, 2011, by Richard Whittaker
"...20. The expectations are high: Though California-based Blizzard Entertainment and its breakout title World of Warcraft have reigned over the realm of massively multiplayer online role-playing games for nearly a decade, the allure of Star Wars' multigenerational fan base could make the Austin studio's game more seductive than the dark side of the Force...."

Now Streaming in Austin: Becoming Jessica Nigri
Rooster Teeth’s new cosplay documentary, Becoming Jessica Nigri
Screens Column  February 1, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...That commitment to the craft is why she's the subject of Becoming Jessica Nigri. Directed by Austin-based, two-time Independent Lens filmmaker Mat Hames, it's the latest in online entertainment leviathan Rooster Teeth's growing documentary library..."

The Devil Online
Is online gaming phenomenon Diablo II: Lords of Destruction (Expansion Set) selling kids violence?
Screens Story  August 3, 2001, by Marcel Meyer
"...Diablo II: Lord of Destruction (Expansion Set)Blizzard Entertainment..."

Game for Giving
Good Things Come in Shrinkwrapped Packages
Screens Story  December 13, 1996
"...Command & Conquer: Red Alert (Westwood Studios, $55) is a superb follow-up to last year's real-time strategy game Command & Conquer. In Red Alert the player directs the onslaught of destruction for either the Soviets or the Allies in a series of absorbingly tough missions. Syndicate Wars (Bullfrog, $55) is another real-time strategy game, but set in the future. The player leads a brutal squadron of highly trained killers for either the corporate Syndicate or the ubiquitous Church of the New Epoch. Yet another in this genre is the WarCraft Battle Chest (Blizzard Entertainment, $70)..."

Documentary GameChangers Will Change How You Look at E-Sports
Producer Peter Billingsley on high-stakes professional videogaming
DAILY Screens  June 19, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...Rising talent Jang Min Chul (aka MC), and Mun Song Wan (MMA) who, at 26, already fears he is aging out of competitive gaming. Both are trying to get to the biggest, most lucrative stage around: the finals of the StarCraft II leagues at BlizzCon, gaming studio Blizzard Entertainment's annual convention in Anaheim, Calif...."

No Noobs
Why the Austin Game Developers Conference Isn't for Gamers
Screens Story  August 31, 2007, by James Renovitch
"...Expect keynotes by people with less-than-recognizable names but significant impact on the industry. From the front lines of World of Warcraft comes Mike Morhaime, president of Blizzard Entertainment, with some perspective on what it means to manage an online game with more subscribers than Switzerland has people..."

Emperor: Battle for Dune
Screens Review  September 28, 2001, by Brian Blouch
"...Some mad genius will eventually design a truly kick-ass, real-time strategy game. Until then -- or at least until Blizzard Entertainment gets their Warcraft III shit together -- fans of the RTS genre will have to settle for Emperor: Battle for Dune...."

Monster Achievement
Diablo 2 Lives Up to the Hype
Screens Story  April 28, 2000, by Marcel Meyer
"...A game that burst onto the late Nineties scene like a fire-belching dragon. A game that thrust then-unknown game developer Blizzard Entertainment into a snowstorm of revenues that continues to avalanche upon them..."

Top 10 Games of the Decade
Screens Story  January 7, 2000, by Marcel Meyer
"...8. Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness (Blizzard Entertainment).This richly decorated sequel to the wildly popular original game gives a whole new meaning to the term "mass warfare." Certainly not a diversion for the squeamish, this RTS war title requires a knack for strategy and the patience to unfold battle plans with careful precision...."

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