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Big River
How healthy is Austin's Colorado River?
News Story  June 16, 2000, by Dan Oko
"...Standing atop Tom Miller Dam, even during drought season, it's tough to get worked up over the future of the Colorado River, a lifeline for Austin managed primarily by the 65-year-old Lower Colorado River Authority. There's plenty of water as far as the eye can see -- and what's more, for the time being, there's drop after drop after drop to drink..."

Triumph in River City
With The Music Man, Austin Musical Theatre creates a River City that's bigger than some by-god real Texas towns. But it's a show whose heart may be the biggest thing of all.
Arts Story  May 19, 2000, by Robert Faires
"...Texas has towns -- by-god real municipalities -- that are smaller than the theatrical one in the current Austin Musical Theatre production of The Music Man. When the citizens of River City appear from the sides of the Palmer Auditorium stage to sing about their Io-way stubbornness and contrary disposition, they don't trickle out in a modest stream of mock Midwesterners -- that dozen or two you expect in a local musical production. No, they gush out in a great flow of humanity: 20, 30, 40 Iowans ....."

Okkervil River Announces ACL Aftershow at Club de Ville
NBA ties, online gaming promotion, and a pixelated Will Sheff
DAILY Music  October 3, 2013, by Chase Hoffberger
"...Got a grip on this weekend’s ACL aftershows? Think again. Okkervil River just announced it’s playing a Friday night show at Club de Ville..."

Emo's Red River Location Sold
Emo's two rooms at Sixth & Red River have been sold.
DAILY Music  September 26, 2011, by Raoul Hernandez
"...“I sold the property.” With that, Emo’s owner Frank Hendrix – on the phone not an hour ago – signaled the end of the world renowned punk club’s site at the corner of Sixth Street and Red River. The venue’s new high rise on Riverside Drive, Emo’s East, which debuted with a bang by the Butthole Surfers on Sept..."

Rollin' on the 'River'
Arts Story  December 29, 2006
"...TexARTS co-founder Robin Lewis (left, front), shown here in rehearsal for the company's concert production of The Music Man last summer, has been spending the holidays getting another big musical ready for the Paramount stage. And we mean "big" literally: It's Big River, the Tony-winning Broadway adaptation of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, with music by Roger Miller..."

SXSW Live Shot: Take Me to the River
Memphis does it again, fostering racial (and age) harmony
DAILY Music  March 16, 2014, by Scott Schinder
"...Like the new documentary that inspired it, Saturday afternoon’s all-star Take Me to the River revue at Butler Park as part of SXSW’s free concert series celebrated the musical traditions of Memphis by teaming veteran R&B and blues performers and players with young rappers and singers...."

Texas State Makes the Leap to Big-Time Football
Bobcats enter FBS
DAILY Sports  August 30, 2012, by Joe O'Connell
"...Not one, but two football national championships with grinning Coach Jim Wacker at the wheel of a crazy cruise ship of Division II entertainment: champs in '81, undefeated champs in '82. The Party School by the River was amped up tighter than the crowd at Cheatham Street Warehouse happy hour when the legal drinking age was 18..."

Cesaro: The Next Big Thing in Wrestling?
The Stone Cold-approved WWE superstar talks green cards and strength
DAILY Sports  January 18, 2015, by Richard Whittaker
"...$15-100. Frank Erwin Center, 1701 Red River..."

SXSW’s Big Third List
YFN Lucci, Wyclef Jean, Ought, and 572 more
DAILY Music  January 10, 2018, by Kevin Curtin
"...Wyclef Jean (Saddle River, NJ.)..."

Big Tex Goes Up in Flames
Legendary icon of the State Fair of Texas destroyed by fire this morning
DAILY News  October 19, 2012, by Monica Riese
"...The State Fair runs about a month each fall and is a huge draw for folks attending the UT vs. OU Red River Rivalry each year at the Cotton Bowl..."

Second Big SXSW Music List
Nile Rodgers, Modern English, Cool Kids, and 204 more added
DAILY Music  November 15, 2016, by Kevin Curtin
"...Flor (Hood River, OR.)..."

Red River Valley
Red River, home to Austin's real live music venues
Music Story  June 22, 2001, by Christopher Gray
"...A funny thing happened while a throng of shirtless rabble-rousers turned Austin's Mardi Gras celebration this past February into fodder for the future Fox program When Fratboys Attack. Just around the corner from the Flamingo Cantina, one of Sixth Street's dwindling number of original live music venues, the Red River strip was emerging as less an alternative to shot-bar row than an alternate universe altogether..."

Su-Yee Lin's "An Interlude: Pig River"
Third Place winner in the 2017 Austin Chronicle Short Story Contest
Arts Story  June 8, 2017, by Su-Yee Lin
"...So the pig said, "Get on," and he did. It was in the river with all the other dead pigs..."

Big Dogs, Young Rebels, and Aging Giants
The Austin promoters who bring the music come in all shapes and sizes
News Story  October 8, 2010, by Richard Whittaker
"...Attal has spent plenty of time in those trenches. In 1995, the onetime guitarist with punk band Clown Meat invested some cash and sweat equity with some friends in a new venue on Red River called Stubb's..."

Old Man River
Once an outlaw, always an outlaw: The Return of Steven Fromholz
Music Story  April 20, 2001, by Andy Langer
"..."Twenty-five days in a canoe without alcohol, tobacco, or drugs really turned me around," he says of the trip through Minnesota and Canada. A few months later, he accepted an invitation to work with Far Flung Adventures in Big Bend, rowing and singing on the company's river trips...."

Okkervil River
Bloodletting the evil out of acoustic-trio Okkervil River.
Music Story  March 3, 2000, by Kate X Messer
"...Nice. Well, it's the 21st century, and while medical innovations have, at least for the time being, won out, it's not too difficult to comprehend people's fascination with the grisly therapy. What beats a good bloodletting (at least metaphorically) for getting to the heart of matters physical and emotional? Austin acoustic indie-rock folk trio Okkervil River is certainly not unfamiliar with the concept of purging...."

Red River Clubs Grapple With Downtown Homelessness
Beggars, hustlers, and dealers make you wonder how Downtown music keeps from going under
News Story  February 2, 2017, by Kevin Curtin
"...It's after midnight on a cold Wednesday in early January. Red River Street looms as a gauntlet of lost hope..."

One Night on Red River
Darcie Stevens returns to the live music beat – for just one night – on Red River
Music Story  November 5, 2004, by Darcie Stevens
"...There came a Tuesday night in the middle of October when Red River dried up, the strip as empty as George W.'s promises. Club owners mumble to themselves, kegs full of Lone Star chill, while regulars count their pennies..."

Gay Place: Big Proud Bomb
It's not an anti-Pride: It's Queerbomb!
Columns  June 4, 2015, by Kate X Messer
"...Sat., June 6, 10pm-2am. Cheer Up Charlies, 900 Red River..."

Take Me to the River
Noodling 101 with filmmaker Bradley Beesley
Screens Story  July 4, 2008, by Kimberley Jones
"...But that didn't stop Beesley from proposing a tutorial in noodling, which is why we're trundling down Highway 71 West toward the San Saba River in search of flatheads. Beesley not too long ago premiered Okie Noodling II at the Marfa Film Festival (the film will play July 7 at the Alamo Ritz on a double bill with Summercamp!, Beesley's 2006 documentary made with Sarah Price)..."

Downtown Puzzle: Live on Red River
Mayor’s plan envisions a brighter future for Downtown clubs
News Story  September 21, 2017, by Kevin Curtin
"...While Austin's vaunted music culture spreads thick throughout our burg, Red River exists as its epicenter. Few cities nationwide offer a walkable strip with club concentration rivaling the Red River Cultural District, which spans five blocks Downtown and boasts a musical history dating back to the late Sixties...."

This cram-packed week is kinda like Austin's mini-Pride
Columns  June 1, 2012, by Kate X Messer
"...Thu., May 31, doors at 8pm. Club de Ville, 900 Red River, 457-0900..."

The Big Picture Map
A comprehensive map of Town Lake Corridor public and private development projects
News Story  January 19, 2007
"...Downtown Austin Plan Area This area along the north shore of Town Lake, between I-35 and Lamar, is included in the new urban plan for Downtown Austin being developed by ROMA Design Group, to be completed by the end of 2007. The corresponding south shore of Town Lake is not included – but maybe it should be; it was the subject of ROMA's 2000 study (see p.27). A) Riverside Gap: Town Lake Trail Closing the roughly 2-mile gap (between the Statesman and Town Lake Metro Park) in the otherwise continuous loop of the shoreline hike-and-bike trail is a multimillion-dollar project that PARD and trail advocates would love to get done..."

Guerrero Colorado River Park Gets Its Day in the Sun
Festival de las Plantas spotlights attempt to reforest Eastside green space
News Story  October 21, 2005, by Rachel Proctor May
"...Brown Bear wasn't the only one learning new things at the Festival de las Plantas, Saturday's celebration of East Austin ecology and heritage at Guerrero Colorado River Park. The festival included presentations on natural cooking and organic gardening, and performances ranging from conchero dancers evoking Mexico's pre-Columbian heritage to a troupe of folklorico dancers from McCallum High, who swished and swirled as the onlookers shouted "Hey!" in all the right places..."

Sergei's Big Score
Austin Symphony conductor Peter Bay has tremendous regard for both Sergei Prokofiev's score and Sergei Eisenstein's images for the 1938 film Alexander Nevsky, and as he prepares for a live performance of the score as the film is being shown, he talks about this remarkable fusion of image and music and what's involved in performing it live.
Arts Story  May 23, 2003, by Robert Faires
"...I have no idea. Nevsky maneuvers the army onto the ice of this frozen river."..."

Big Land, Big Stories,& One-Eyed Jacks
Western Roundup
Books Story  April 18, 1997, by Jesse Sublett
"...Wilkins has bravely taken the bull by the horns, laying out a refreshing and in-depth history of the Rangers from their somewhat ambiguous beginnings (Stephen F. Austin authorized the employment of a small militia to protect settlers near the Colorado River from Indian raids sometime after August 4, 1823) up through the revolution against Mexico and ending in 1845, just before the beginning of the Mexican War..."

Gay Place: The Big 3-0
Allgo resists the urge to call it the first anniversary of their 29th birthday
Columns  December 10, 2015
"...12, 10pm. Elysium, 705 Red River..."

Gay Place: Big Top
See you at the Circus – in your red tutu, we hope
Columns  August 23, 2013, by Kate X Messer
"...23, 10pm. Elysium, 705 Red River..."

The Holmes Brothers, Antone's, Wednesday, March 15, Bobby Rush, Antone's, Thursday, March 16, Ike Turner Revue, Antone's, Friday March 17
Live Shots: South by Southwest 2001
Music Review  March 23, 2001, by Jay Trachtenberg
"...Keeping him honest was childhood pal Ernest Layne, one of two pianists onstage with whom Turner exchanged licks. When he wasn't alternately pounding and tickling the ivories with remarkable aplomb on classics such as "Caldonia," "Swanee River Rock," "Blues After Hours," and "Rocket 88," arguably the first rock & roll record ever and one on which Turner played as well as produced, the 69-year-old bluesman plucked out torrents of raw blue notes on his Fender Strat..."

Adam Torres’ Big Sky Americana
His panoramic view of the world transcends into his haunting falsetto
Music Story  July 13, 2017, by Alejandra Ramirez
"...Disillusioned, he quit the band and even guitar. In the long, wandering path that followed, Torres took up a spate of nonmusical endeavors, including volunteer work in Ecuador, graduate school in Austin, and an environmental research policy job on the Rio Grande River in South Texas..."

A Big Box Full of Big Boxes
The latest on the Wal-Mart, Lowe's, and Eckerd's controversies
News Story  November 7, 2003, by Amy Smith
"...The South River City Citizens, the neighborhood association for Travis Heights and the St. Edward's area, opposes a Supercenter on the property (south of St..."

Texas Radio and the Really Big Beat
Capstar's Austin-based Empire
Music Story  May 22, 1998, by Bill Crawford
"...Not to be denied, Brinkley was all ears when enterprising boosters in Del Rio, Texas came up with a plan to get him back on the airwaves. They suggested that he build a radio station outside the reach of meddling Washington bureaucrats across the silvery Rio Grande River in the town of Acuna, Mexico..."

The Big Bang
The Fragmentation of Austin's Underground
Music Story  July 11, 1997, by Greg Beets
"...In a sense, this fragmentation brings us full circle back to the days when local purveyors of what would become the "Emo's sound" began coalescing at the Cavity. Before the Cavity opened on Red River (right between the Blue Flamingo and the old Naked Grape) in October of 1991, the motley bunch of punks and weirdos that made up nascent bands like Stumpwater, Lather, Chaindrive, and Warthog 2000 (an early edition of the Fuckemos) were the ugly bastard children of Austin music -- cast out and largely ignored by the dominant venues in much the same way as bands like Ed Hall and the Pocket FishRmen had been during their mid-Eighties teeth-cutting days...."

Playback: Demolition at 1701 Red River
Another Red River venue going away? There goes the neighborhood.
Music Column  May 17, 2013, by Kevin Curtin
"...As it now looks, one of Red River's staple venues will be torn down...."

Big 12 Power Rankings: Week 9
UT stays atop weak Big 12
DAILY Sports  October 30, 2009, by John Razook
"...3) Oklahoma [4-3; 2-1]: Scariest 4-3 team in the country? With perhaps the most delusional fan base? There is plenty of talk north of the Red River about various scenarios that could see the Sooners somehow finding their way to the Big 12 title game...."

Big 12 Power Rankings: Week 5
Sooners ranked seventh, UT stays at No. 1
DAILY Sports  October 8, 2009, by John Razook
"...7) Oklahoma [2-2; 0-0]: "Poooooor Sooners!" is the lamentation being raised to the skies north of the Red River. Poor indeed, as in "poor play by the offense."..."

Texas Biodiesel Industry Talks Big Business in Austin
Conference and Expo drift: Those who have raised biodiesel industry out of infancy seeking sustained growth
News Story  September 14, 2007, by Daniel Mottola
"...Jeff Plowman, BCOT treasurer and co-founder of local startup Austin Biofuels, favors state incentives for oil crop production, "making it worth people's while to deal in oil crops and seeds." He noted that while Texas is No. 1 in biodiesel production, most of our feedstocks, like soy, come down the Mississippi River from the Midwest..."

Big Hair, Bigger Hearts
Earnest Eighties bands get a second chance on XM Radio.
DAILY News  May 2, 2007, by Christopher Gray
"...Especially the hair. Boomtown Rats, "I Don't Like Mondays" Tears for Fears, "Mad World" The Alarm, "You Sold Me Down the River" World Party, "Ship of Fools" Simple Minds, "She's a River" Waterboys, "This is the Sea" The Call, "Let the Day Begin" U2, "Wire" INXS, "Don't Change" Midnight Oil, "Blue Sky Mine" Gene Loves Jezebel, "Who Wants to Go to Heaven?" Simple Minds, "Alive & Kickin" Boomtown Rats, "Looking After Number One" Tears for Fears, "Shout" Waterboys, "The Whole of the Moon" INXS, "Listen Like Thieves" U2, "Bad"..."

Janis Joplin, Texas, and the Big Beat
How East Texas Shaped Rock's First Female Superstar
Music Story  January 12, 1996, by Margaret Moser
"...While the big-city sound of Bobby Bland and gritty rhythm of Lightnin' Hopkins filtered in from Houston, 90 miles away, Slim Harpo, Clifton Chenier, and swamp pop royalty like Tommy McLain, Rod Bernard, and Dale & Grace reigned in the roadhouses and dance halls of Cajun and swamp country that ran off Highway 90 between Lafayette and the Lone Star border. From the moment it crossed the Sabine River, that highway was lined with clubs and juke joints with names like the Big Oaks, Buster's, the Stateline -- joints that attracted the locals as well as nearby Texans...."

Gay Place: Big Blue Body
GIAC's Nina Diaz is her own dang thang
Columns  January 29, 2015, by Kate X Messer
"...Rainbow Night Keep the rainbow glow flowing in the town where the river runs cool and the trains toot on the regular. Drag show, special guests, DJs, drink specials, and happy, happy family..."

Ecuador v. Big Oil
Joe Berlinger documents the case against Chevron in Crude
Screens Story  April 17, 2009, by Richard Whittaker
"...JB: On the second day that we were there, we were meeting [Ecuadorian attorney Pablo Fajardo Mendoza] at this indigenous Cofán village. When I was getting out of the boat, I saw five or six villagers sitting around the campfire, eating canned tuna – the cheapest industrial can of tuna from whatever the Ecuadorian equivalent of Costco or Sam's Club would be, because the river next to them wasn't producing fish anymore because of all the pollution..."

Carry a Big Schtick
Music Story  March 6, 1998, by Andy Langer
"...Need proof? The last song on their three-song demo is "Live at Budokan," and you can hear the exploding flashpots. And although they say their Japanese success has taught them to value their relatively low local profile in Austin, they claim to travel their "Red River Tour" (Emo's/ Stubb's/Club DeVille) in a fully-equipped bus...."

The Big Crapshoot
Tracking South by Southwest
Music Story  March 14, 1997, by Andy Langer
"..."The typical thing for us to do would have been to not even show up." says Ryan. "I didn't show up to headline the Eno River Music Festival, the biggest music festival in North Carolina because I was hungover..."

A Great Big Bundle of Rail and Roads
Council moves transportation bonds toward a November vote
News Story  August 7, 2014, by Mac McCann
"...Project Connect's LPA, as endorsed by Council and the Capital Metro board of directors, would run a total of 9.5 miles, from Riverside/Grove on East Riverside, across a proposed new bridge over Lady Bird Lake, up Trinity Street in Downtown, through the UT-Austin campus via San Jacinto Boulevard, up Red River to the Hancock Center, and through a tunnel at Hancock before following Airport Boulevard to ACC Highland. The route would have 16 stations and four Park & Rides (two north, two south)..."

Yngwie Malmsteen & Rising Force, Back Room, Wednesday, March 14
Live Shots: South by Southwest 2001
Music Review  March 23, 2001, by David Lynch

Red River Shot-down
Texas can't hold on for 60 minutes against Oklahoma
DAILY Sports  October 13, 2014, by Eric Sollenberger

Who is Austin's Big Cheese?
Restaurants, caterers, individuals compete in Quesoff IV
DAILY Food  July 21, 2014, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Sunday afternoon, a crowd of queso-loving Austinites formed a line outside the Mohawk that stretched all the way down one block of Red River and wrapped around the hill up E. Ninth..."

Yates Lions Dare to Dream Big
Houston high school wins respect in 2010 UIL Championship series
DAILY Sports  March 12, 2010, by Anne Harris
"...In case you didn't know from the pre-SXSW traffic insanity on Red River, the UIL Boys High School Basketball Tournament, aka the State Championship series, is all over the Frank Erwin Center this week. As usual, the backstory is the story, namely the hard work and mutual support of one inner-city Houston team, the Yates Lions...."

Big Time, Small Screen
Local filmmaker Ya'Ke's 'The Second Coming' screens on HBO
Screens Story  February 1, 2008, by Toddy Burton
"...There's poverty, there's drugs, there's gangs. It's not the Alamo or the River Walk..."

Ain't Nothing but a Good Time: or, How a Lowly 'Chronicle' Writer Learned to Play With the Big Boys
DAILY Sports  June 20, 2007, by John Razook
"...I enticed Hennessy with vague promises of a bountiful and extravagant prefight reception, a chance to eat, drink, and rub elbows with the heavyweights of the rather refined corps of sports journalists who cover boxing, as ancient and noble a sport as we're ever likely to be blessed with. It took some convincing. Hennessy is a notorious napper, the kind of man who would just as soon prefer to sleep on a late Saturday afternoon in June as drive north of the river and crawl around the bowels of the Erwin Center with the likes of Mark Katz and the reporters and cameramen from Fox 7 and News 8..."

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