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Barbecue Summer Camp!
What is it about Texas and barbecue? Chronicle Food Editor Virginia B. Wood knows, and she knows we know, but the Southern Foodways Alliance is about to find out on their Taste of Texas Field Trip. Plus, "The Barbecue Song"!?
Food Story  June 14, 2002, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Barbecue is serious business in Texas, and it's an integral part of our state identity. Along with cattle ranches, wildflowers, the oil bidness, and wide-open spaces, barbecue is one of the emblems that we're mighty proud to wear..."

Barbecue Crash Course Kicked Off Interactive for 5th Year
Central Texas barbecue feast greeted Interactive guests on arrival
DAILY Food  March 13, 2013, by Virginia B. Wood
"...We've discovered a fool-proof way to attract much-needed rain to the Austin area at the end of the first week of March every year. Just invite 500-600 out-of-town guests to an outdoor lunch party featuring Central Texas barbecue legends, and the rains (and the people) will come..."

Josh Watkins and Carillon Team Are Barbecue Champs!
Local team wins top prizes at first year barbecue event in NYC
DAILY Food  October 1, 2013, by Elizabeth Childers
"...As the sun set over the Hudson River Saturday, the first ever Smoke@ICC competition kicked off the 8th Annual StarChefs International Chefs Congress. The invitation-only event featured teams from across the country but our focus was the teams from Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, because barbecue bragging rights were at stake...."

BBQ Revolution's Slow-Smoked Vegan Barbecue
The best damn meat-free barbecue you've ever had
Food Story  June 14, 2018, by Alisha McDarris
"...One Austin man stands tall in the fight for animals, environment, and vegans' right to partake in Texas' favorite meal. Blake Newman is hellbent on providing the local meat-free community with the best damn barbecue they've ever had, but this wasn't his original game plan...."

Ruby’s BBQ: Where Austin Music & Barbecue Legends Intersect
Campus-area mainstay celebrates its silver anniversary
DAILY Food  December 13, 2013, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Many aspects of Austin culture exert a strong gravitational pull – the music, the arts, the food, the attractive surroundings. In the Eighties, Pat Mares and Luke Zimmerman were attracted here by an acclaimed library collection and the music scene, but instead found themselves the creators of a local barbecue legend...."

Barbecue Crossroads: Notes & Recipes From A Southern Odyssey
Robb Walsh seeks enlightenment on his own barbecue spirit quest
DAILY Food  April 4, 2013, by Kenny Pailes
"...A "closed" sign on a barbecue joint door is just an invitation to talk to the folks running the fried pie kitchen next door. An offer of catfish at another shack famous for (but sold out of) spicy brisket is only an excuse to explore the religious roots of African-American barbecue in America...."

Barbecue's Global Love Letter to Meat
Matthew Salleh chronicles the world’s obsession with barbecue
Screens Story  March 9, 2017, by Dan Gentile
"...It's bold to premiere a documentary about barbecue in Austin, but after traveling to 12 countries to chronicle the world's obsession with meat, there's no place director Matthew Salleh would rather unveil his film. Featuring cameos from locals like Louie Mueller in addition to segments filmed in far-flung places like the Syrian border, the movie takes a global look at the methods and cultures that spring up around preparing meat..."

Day Trips: Texas Barbecue
Five barbecue joints in one day
Columns  July 27, 2017, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...Five barbecue joints in one day sounds like a lot of artery-clogging goodness, but if you pace yourself it can be done with few side effects...."

Traveling Barbecue Road
Visiting from Germany, Central Texas barbecue has won me over
DAILY Food  October 3, 2012, by Takis Würger
"...Where I am from, cooks throw brisket in a machine called a masticator because they do not know how to cook it to make it tender. All my life, I thought barbecue stood for a sauce that tastes like sweet, artificial smoke..."

Second Fire at Louie Mueller Barbecue Destroys Original Brick Pit
Smoke-stained Taylor barbecue temple will re-open
DAILY Food  February 25, 2013, by Virginia B. Wood
"...The grease fire that broke out at Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor Saturday morning reignited Sunday and completely destroyed the restaurant's original ceramic brick pit. Third generation owner Wayne Mueller hopes to have his family's iconic Texas barbecue joint open again by the end of the week...."

La Barbecue Vandalized
Video captured creepy, low-life behavior; reward offered
DAILY Food  June 2, 2014, by Virginia B. Wood
"...It says a lot about how seriously we take barbecue in this town when reports of vandalism at a popular barbecue trailer make the nightly news on all local television channels...."

Schmidt Family Barbecue is Open for Business
Third generation of venerable Lockhart family comes to Bee Cave
DAILY Food  October 29, 2013, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Barbecue lovers have been eagerly awaiting the opening of Schmidt Family Barbecue (12532 FM 2244) since cousins Keith Schmidt and Susie Schmidt Franks and her husband, Chad Franks, announced they were bringing Lockhart barbecue to the Hill Country Galleria...."

'Texas Monthly' Seeks Submissions for Top Barbecue Joints
Food Editor Pat Sharpe solicits ideas from readers about BBQ joints
DAILY Food  October 30, 2012, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Texas Monthly's barbecue experts are about to hit the road in search of our state's top 50 barbecue joints, an expedition they pursue every five years in preparation of the definitive list of Texas barbecue royalty. So if you've discovered the heir to Snow's or this year's Aaron Franklin, Pat Sharpe wants to know all about it...."

Celebrate Father's Day with Vegan Barbecue and Cupcakes
Some dads are really into plant-based food
DAILY Food  June 16, 2018, by Alisha McDarris
"...Don’t make your dad cook his own celebratory meal this year. Treat him to a barbecue feast he won’t forget...."

Council: Where There's Smoke, There's Barbecue
Council takes on barbecue smokers, and smoke gets in their eyes
News Story  April 2, 2015, by Michael King
"...Fresh from alarming book lovers last week by nearly rejecting a long-term lease*[Correction below] for the Library's nationally acclaimed Recycled Reads bookshop on Burnet Road (see "Council: Committed to Committees," March 31), City Council is today (April 2) threatening to take on a much larger and more entrenched local constituency: barbecue fans. Item 15 on today's 38-Item agenda is a resolution that would begin an ordinance process to "mitigate the effects of smoke emissions from restaurants and mobile food vendors near residentially zoned areas."..."

La Barbecue Turns Up the Heat With Secret Pit Technology
Is this special new smoker a brisket game-changer?
DAILY Food  April 26, 2013, by Kenny Pailes
"...At least today and at least here, we have an answer: John Lewis, head pitmaster of La Barbecue, spent more than three months toiling in his backyard to create the ultimate dream pit from scratch. [image-1]..."

Barbecue Books
Food Editor Virginia B. Wood reviews two recent barbecue books in honor of the Southern Foodways Alliance Taste of Texas Barbecue Field Trip
Food Story  June 14, 2002, by Virginia B. Wood
"...In the early stages of planning the Taste of Texas Barbecue Field Trip, I was completely unaware that two prominent Texas food writers would publish cookbooks on the all-American subject of barbecue in the spring of 2002. For the record, I've worked with both of these writers..."

Austin's Barbecue Culture Is Well-Seasoned Thanks to These Pioneers
A brief history of old-school 'cue
Food Story  June 14, 2018, by Veronica Meewes
"...In the past decade, Texas barbecue culture reached peak popularity, but long before selfies and hashtags existed, barbecue was a simple, staple food with a long history in Central Texas. "Barbecue used to be poor-people food," says Matt Sullivan, the owner of House Park Bar-B-Que..."

Our Barbecue, Ourselves
Third annual Foodways Texas Symposium showcases Texas barbecue arts
Food Story  March 22, 2013, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Barbecue has always been serious business in the state of Texas, and pride in one of our bona fide regional cuisines is an integral part of our identity. In the scant decade that has elapsed since the first Southern Foodways Barbecue Symposium in Oxford, Mississippi, and the ancillary Taste of Texas Barbecue Field Trip to Austin in 2002, the whole concept of barbecue has exploded into the national culinary consciousness and conversation..."

Central Texas Barbecue Crash Course
Food Story  March 6, 2009, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Austin sits along the geographic and cultural line where the American South ends and the American West begins. Our location along the Chisholm Trail, between the hardscrabble ranchland to the west and the rich Blackland Prairie farmland to the east, contributes to our identity as one of several definitive American barbecue regions..."

Second Helpings: Regional Barbecue
You're here for SXSW, but you're also here for barbecue, right?
Food Story  March 14, 2003
"...Tuesday-Saturday, 11am-8pm The second generation of a Hill Country BBQ legend, Gary Cooper has been serving his family's style of barbecue in downtown Round Rock since 1985.Louie Mueller Barbecue206 W. Second, Taylor, 512/352-6206..."

Second Helpings: Regional Barbecue
Regional barbecue spots in today's "Second Helpings"
Food Story  March 15, 2002
"...The second generation of a Hill Country BBQ legend, Gary Cooper has been serving his family's style of barbecue in downtown Round Rock since 1985.Louie Mueller Barbecue206 W. Second, Taylor, 512/352-6206..."

Out-of-Town Barbecue
Food Story  March 7, 1997, by Pableaux Johnson
"...After nearly two weeks of harsh winterlike conditions, it's finally springtime in Central Texas. Pretty soon the trees will sprout new leaves, the hills will look like Crayola boxes, and every Austinite will make this year's obligatory "drive in the country." It's the perfect chance to see the land outside the loops, mosey down a few two-lane highways, and eat your weight in small-town barbecue..."

Second Helpings: Barbecue Out of Town
Food Story  March 19, 2004
"...Black's Barbecue215 N. Main St., Lockhart, 512/398-2712 Sunday-Thursday, 10am-8pm; Friday-Saturday, 10am-8:30pm Bragging rights in this longtime Lockhart mainstay are that Black's is the oldest barbecue restaurant around continually operated by the same family..."

Top 10 Austin Barbecue Joints
Food Story  January 3, 2014, by Mick Vann
"...Not that long ago, to get first-rate barbecue you had to cruise the barbecue belt from Taylor and Elgin through Lexington, Lockhart, and Luling; now the best is right here in the 'hood, a short drive away...."

Second Helpings: Local Barbecue
You're here for SXSW, but you're also here for barbecue, right?
Food Story  March 14, 2003
"...Sunday-Thursday, 10am-2:30am; Friday-Saturday, 10am-4am This East Austin institution has long been an obligatory stop for hungry music fans after the clubs close. Snackers can order a sandwich, but the real eaters will opt for a combination plate or meat by the pound.Ruby's Barbecue512 W..."

Second Helpings: Barbecue in Town
Food Story  March 19, 2004
"...Artz Rib House2330 S. Lamar, 442-8283 Monday-Saturday, 11am-10pm; Sunday, noon-9pm Wood floors, checkered tablecloths, a lush patio, and the sumptuous smell of barbecue surround you..."

The Tradition Continues With Schmidt Family Barbecue
Bee Cave gets good 'cue
Food Story  January 10, 2014, by Mick Vann
"...The sleek and gleaming Schmidt Family Barbecue is perched on the northwest corner of FM 2244 (Bee Caves Rd.) and Highway 71 West, at the edge of the Hill Country Galleria shopping center. Made of polished wood and metal, it looks too slick to be a barbecue joint, especially one with such heritage behind it..."

The Lazarus of Barbecue Rises in East Austin
Mercurial John Mueller is back at the top of his game
Food Story  May 24, 2013, by Mick Vann
"...After the much ballyhooed forced departure of John Mueller from his own barbecue business over on South First last fall, there was great consternation and gnashing of teeth by local, state, and even national barbecue cognoscenti. The Yoda of beef ribs was no longer manning a pit, and tortured withdrawal quickly set in..."

Texas Barbecue Soundtrack
Food Story  June 14, 2002, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Once we knew when and where the big Texas barbecue fandango was to take place, the next issue was to figure out just how much music we could deliver as a soundtrack to all that good Texas eating. We wanted live music at as many events as possible and some definitive Austin sounds for our guests to take home, in hopes that the tunes would evoke memories of the weekend's gustatory delights for years to come..."

Second Helpings: Austin Barbecue
Austin barbecue joints in today's "Second Helpings"
Food Story  March 15, 2002
"...This East Austin institution has long been an obligatory stop for hungry music fans after the clubs close. Sam's serves up wonderful slow-smoked brisket, chicken, mutton, and hot sausage (made on the premises) topped with a spicy, tomato-based barbecue sauce that makes the meat sing..."

Day Trips: Killen's Texas Barbecue in Pearland
Taking smoked meats to a new plateau
Columns  March 5, 2015, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...Killen's Texas Barbecue in Pearland reached its first birthday at the end of February. In that year, Chef Ronnie Killen may not have perfected barbecue, but he took smoked meats to a new plateau...."

Dear Glutton: Getting in to Franklin Barbecue
And where to go if it doesn't work out
Food Story  March 16, 2017, by Emily Beyda
"...Some friends and I are coming into town for SXSW, and we want to go to Franklin Barbecue. Any tips on getting in? Where should we eat if we don't?..."

SXSW Film Review: Barbecue
Engaged, celebratory doc is far more than just food porn
DAILY SXSW  March 11, 2017, by Sean L. Malin
"...This is all the more impressive given that this look into the world’s many beef-covered foodways also serves as one of SXSW’s most sumptuous feature-length debuts. Barbecue, adapted from Salleh’s 2014 short “Central Texas Barbecue,” divides its time between a dozen countries united in the narrative by their love for the title dish..."

First Look: Black's Barbecue
Famous family opens Austin storefront
DAILY Food  October 31, 2014, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Black's Barbecue was founded in 1932 when Edgar Black, Sr. took over an existing meat market in Lockhart..."

Barbecue and Good Ol' Boys
A promotions scandal suggests the good ol' boy network is alive and well at DPS.
News Story  November 21, 2003, by Lucius Lomax
"...It's not "indigent defense" or "DNA profile" or even the old reliable "law and order," although we hear a lot at the Capitol about all these concepts. The phrase you need to know is a name really -- the "Houston Barbecue Club," or HBBQC for short..."

Franklin Barbecue Reopens Tuesday, July 8
Kitchen expansion will improve service and consistency
DAILY Food  July 8, 2014, by Mick Vann
"...Franklin Barbecue reopens Tuesday, July 8, as previously announced on their website, and I have no doubt that their now world-famous barbecue will be just as good as it’s always been, if not better. After all, the staff will certainly be more comfortable, and their culinary artwork will be a little easier to perform..."

Texas Barbecue Festival Info
Sunday, Oct. 9 at Austin's Historic Farmers' Market
Food Story  October 7, 2005
"...3:30-4:15pm: Texas Barbecue – What the Hell Is It?: Chris Elley, Art Blondin, Emmett Fox, Robbie Greig, Mick Vann, Dotty GriffithMAP KEY:..."

Musings on 46 Minutes at the King of the Hill Day Barbecue
Arts Story  April 8, 1999
"...Time for some meat, thought we, so off it was to the long barbecue queue, to see the world's biggest grill (Yup. It's damn big.) and chaw on the finer parts of pig and/or cow (They were damn fine.)..."

Barbecue Crash Course
PHOTO GALLERY  March 17, 2015
"...Third generation barbecue man Wayne Mueller of Louie Mueller's in Taylor..."

Fourth Annual Bourbon, Bluegrass & Barbecue
Bourbon, bluegrass, or barbecue; which is your favorite?
DAILY Food  September 23, 2013, by Wes Marshall
"...To go with all the bourbon libations, they’ll be offering an all-you-can-eat barbecue prepared by none other than La Barbecue (1502 S. First) pitmen John Lewis and Chris McGhee , which is bound to include some toothsome brisket and the signature house-made sausage..."

The Good and the Bad of Barbecue Fest
Postmarks  October 10, 2005
"...Editor and staff, Thank you so much for sponsoring and promoting the Central Texas Barbecue Festival [“Sausage Shrines,” Food, Oct. 7]..."

Barbecue & Banditos
The Salt Lick teams up with the Alamo Drafthouse
Screens Story  November 19, 2015, by Jessi Cape
"...For the first time, the Salt Lick and the Alamo Drafthouse join forces to present two interactive evenings of Western spoofs, complete with cap-gun shoot-alongs and a barbecue buffet. They're going all out..."

Of Barbecue and Vampires
An interview with Todd Lowe, True Blood's Terry Bellefleur
DAILY Screens  June 13, 2013, by R.U. Steinberg
"...Recently, we ordered some food from the Salt Lick for an upcoming gig. We’re going to play at the American Legion here in L.A., have a Sunday brunch, and feed the folks some barbecue...."

Franklin Barbecue and Rye Whiskey
Franklin's and Knob Creek throw a private party for local bartenders
DAILY Food  December 14, 2012, by Wes Marshall
"...What better way to seduce most of the city’s top bartenders (and a few lucky journalists) than to offer a free pass at Franklin’s Barbecue? That’s what the folks at Knob Creek offered as we gained entry to the holy ground of ‘cue...."

Barbecue With a Side Order of Politics
County Line issues letter to employees cautioning about health care changes
News Story  November 2, 2012, by Michael King

Barbecue Story Questionable
Postmarks  March 11, 2012
"...I always picked it up for Virginia Wood's reporting on restaurants and her reliability. But after reading the South by Southwest barbecue story [“Ready, Set, Fire!,” Food, March 9], I am questioning even that..."

Second Helpings: Austin Barbecue
Austin's barbecue joints in this week's Second Helpings.
Food Column  March 9, 2001

Second Helpings: Austin Barbecue
Where to find fine barbecue in Austin.
Food Column  March 10, 2000

Engaged, celebratory doc is far more than just food porn
Screens Story  March 16, 2017, by Sean L. Malin

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