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Austin's Kerri Lendo Has Almost No Shame At All
The popular comedian runs one hella weird open mic
DAILY Arts  February 14, 2013, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Austin Chronicle: How did you first get involved with No Shame Theatre?..."

Austin's WriteByNight Is a Writer's Port in the Media Storm
Goldberg & Duhr: Easing the agony of blocks and deadlines
DAILY Books  February 6, 2013, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Austin Chronicle: So, success in Florida. And yet, here you are in Austin...."

Austin Songwriter Symposium
Keynote Eliza Gilkyson leads the ‘Beauty Way’
DAILY Music  January 23, 2013, by Margaret Moser
"...She’s still riding the silver streak of songwriting that kickstarted her career with 2000 milestone Hard Times in Babylon. In the interim, she’s won numerous Folk Alliance honors and Chronicle Austin Music Awards, plus she received a Grammy nomination for 2006’s Paradise Road...."

Austin Film Critics Association Announces Year-End Awards
'Zero Dark Thirty' named Best Film of 2012
Screens Story  December 21, 2012
"...The 25 members of the AFCA hail from such outlets as Ain't It Cool News, Austin American-Statesman, The Austin Chronicle, DVDActive,, Film School Rejects, KOOP Radio, MSN Movies,, ScreenCrush, Slackerwood, Smells Like Screen Spirit,, Twitch, and YNN Austin...."

Best of Austin 2012 Party
November 13, 2012. 48 Photos
PHOTO GALLERY  November 14, 2012
"...'The Austin Chronicle's 'Best of Austin' party at Emo's East on Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2012, with Crooks and Sons of Fathers..."

Weird Austin Idea of the Day
Trying to get across town? Hop a Gondola.
DAILY News  November 12, 2012, by Michael King
"...Chronicle art director emeritus Taylor Holland just tipped us to the latest bright idea for Austin's traffic problems: designer Michael McDaniel's Gondola's 'R' Us. Don't know what to make of it, but McDaniel himself says, “In my experience, products and concepts without an existing client are generally more difficult and take longer to realize.”..."

APD Undercover Officers Outed in Occupy Austin Case
Trial set for February 2013
DAILY News  November 6, 2012, by Jordan Smith
"...Ultimately, whether the protesters were induced or whether the cops merely reacted to the already planned use of the devices will be up to a jury to decide. Garza's attorney Greg Gladden said in an email to the Chronicle that he is still reviewing the documents turned over last week..."

Austin Knows That Generosity Is Its Own Reward
But a little delicious payback, well, who doesn't enjoy that?
DAILY Chronolog  October 31, 2012, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Not even the Austin Chronicle's mighty Hot Sauce Festival can support the Capital Area Food Bank all by its annual Scoville-busting self. I mean, don't even, y'know? That's why all manner of good citizens pitch in – day in and day out, especially now with colder weather and the holidays coming – to help provide sustenance to those in need...."

Austin Fashion Awards Caps Off Fashion Week, August 10-18
Austin Fashion Awards: Austin Music Hall, Saturday August 18
DAILY Design  July 24, 2012, by Anne Harris
"...New "Golden Boot" categories this year include Rising Stars, Trailblazers, and Mash-Up Teams. The 2012 Advisory Board and Host Committee comprised of Allen Ruiz, Anne Marie Beard, Chad Harlan, Elizabeth Gibson, Eve Nicols, Justin Brown, Kendra Scott, Lance Avery Morgan, Linda Asaf, Lisa Brooks, Rochelle Rae, Sandra Antoun, and The Chronicle's own Stephen Moser will select award winners from a group of publicly nominated candidates...."

Third Coast Invasion! Austin At San Diego Comic-Con
Mondo, 'Darksiders,' and 'Ultimate Spider-Man' at SDCC
DAILY Screens  July 10, 2012, by Richard Whittaker
"...If you want something truly original, then this may be your chance to get hold of a new piece by Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers creator, Longhorn and Chronicle cover artist Gilbert Shelton. He'll be drawing a new piece for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund in a master session on Thursday, and that will go on auction at the CBLDF live art auction at 7:30pm on Saturday in the Sapphire Room at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront...."

Occupy Austin in Pictures
The life and times of Occupy between January and May
News Story  June 29, 2012
"...Austin Chronicle photographer John Anderson has followed Occupy Austin since the group's inception in fall 2011. Here's a look at some of the events he's captured on camera this year..."

Austin's Pink Palace Makes the Gray Lady's Style
The New York Times' love affair with Austin
DAILY Design  April 5, 2012, by Anne Harris
"...It's no secret that The New York Times loves Austin. From glowing annual coverage of SXSW, to travel pieces, to Times media critic David Carr's afternoon with Chronicle editor Louis Black during SXSW in 2009, and stories of gallant Times photographers..."

Hersh Visits Austin
Journalist Seymour Hersh began a week's visit to Austin Monday night
DAILY News  March 20, 2012, by Michael King
"...We'll have more from Hersh in an upcoming issue of the Chronicle...."

Point Austin: Déjà Vu
Austin's perennial SMD hobby approaches another reprise
News Column  February 10, 2012, by Michael King
"...In sum, we're well on our way once again to a showdown between the perfect and the good. I won't say which is which (the Chronicle has endorsed SMDs all six previous times, which shows you the power of the liberal media), but the 10-2-1 alternative only arose when it was absolutely clear that the committee would not swallow any other hybrid: neither 8-4-1, nor Mayor Lee Lef­fing­well's original suggestion of 6-2-1, nor any variations thereof...."

Austin and the Academy
'Tree of Life,' 'Bullhead' score Oscar nominations
DAILY Screens  January 24, 2012, by Kimberley Jones
"...Acclaimed Belgian film Bullhead, which Drafthouse Films acquired after the film screened to huzzahs at Fantastic Fest 2011, was nominated for Best Film in the Foreign Language category. The Chronicle with Drafthouse Films CEO Tim League and Bullhead director Michael R..."

By the Time I Get to Austin
Q&A with FFFF headliner Chuck D of Public Enemy
DAILY Music  November 1, 2011, by Chase Hoffberger
"...Austin Chronicle: Chuck, how's it going?..."

Austin Rockin' 8/26/11
Margarent Moser visits Momo's at 11 while Hot Sauce Festival hits 21
DAILY Music  August 26, 2011, by Margaret Moser
"...Happy 11th anniversary, Momo's! It's all the m's as Margaret Moser hits the Sixth Street club for their birthday weekend with Ethan Kennedy, David Garza, Suzanna Choffel and more with Fox 7, before Mother Falcon returns to the Mohawk, and the Austin Chronicle's Hot Sauce Festival burns it up with the Bright Light Social Hour...."

Who Gives a Damn About Big Range Austin?
The answer might be a lot closer than you think
Arts Story  June 24, 2011, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Austin Chronicle: Application?..."

Things Not To Fear: 1) The Reaper, 2) The World Horror Convention in Austin
An Interview with Convention co-chairs Nate Southard and Lee Thomas
DAILY Books  April 27, 2011, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Austin Chronicle: How is it that the World Horror Convention happens to be taking place in Austin this year, and how did you guys get involved with it? Nate Southard: We’d both been attending the annual convention for a while – I started going back in 2006, Lee started going before that. And we'd both seen good conventions and bad conventions..."

Austin Rockin
Talking ‘Chronthology’ on FOX 7
DAILY Music  March 7, 2011, by Margaret Moser
"...Standing Waves, the Skunks, Kathy McCarty, Daniel Johnston, the Gourds, Poi Twang, and the Crack Pipes – all at Antone's on Wednesday for The Austin Chronicle Music Anthology release party. Quite the bargain, 30 years of local music in one night...."

Point Austin: Stop Me If You've Heard This One
Can the mayor persuade Austin voters this is a real city?
News Column  February 25, 2011, by Michael King
"...All this said, there is no reason to feel confident that a change the mayor and the whole council are now said to support – and one that the Chronicle has regularly endorsed – has any better chance of passing this time than it did the last six. In late 2007, when I asked the Charter Revision Committee chair, Mayor Emeritus Gus Garcia, how the latest effort was going, he said Public Apathy seemed to be winning the day – five public meetings had elicited only seven unique witnesses..."

PRIDE Weekend 2010: I Am QueerBomb. I Am Austin Pride.
How queer is your Pride? How Austin is your bomb?
Features Story  June 4, 2010, by Kate X Messer
"...Enter: QueerBomb. I, personally, Kate Messer (the person, not the Chronicle), was consulted early on in the formation of QueerBomb, and after enjoying the manic energy and prankster ethos, have been loosely affiliated since..."

Acevedo on Dallas, Austin, and Ambition
News Column  April 2, 2010, by Michael King
"...Austin Chronicle: Where do you think things stand right now?..."

Austin's B-Side Closes Up Shop
The innovative Austin company set to shutter March 1
DAILY Screens  February 22, 2010, by Kimberley Jones
"...The Chronicle profiled B-Side founder CEO Chris Hyams in February 2009, when the outlook was significantly rosier (see "All Access Austin's B-Side Entertainment rethinks how to get a movie to the masses," Feb. 20, 2009)..."

Sons of Austin
Murph and Ben Willcott develop a new paradigm for the next generation of a beloved family business
Food Story  February 5, 2010, by Virginia B. Wood
"..."The chance to experience food from the various regions of China in Taiwan, getting to shop the markets all over Thailand, it was all so amazing, an inspiration," he recalls. After his return to Austin, Ben freelanced for The Austin Chronicle's Arts section and worked for Dell before joining the family firm...."

'Spaceship Austin Downtown Cruisers'
Now docked at the airport are two spaceships that depict Austin's skyline
Arts Story  February 5, 2010, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...This invoking of the familiar-within-the-alien-within-the-familiar isn't an unusual trope for Kang. As he said in a Chronicle interview (see "Facing the Media," March 25, 2005): "When I was in Korea, I was watching all the Hollywood movies, so I had a certain kind of imagination about Americans and American culture..."

Austin Got Hoodwinked by Smoking Ban
Postmarks  January 12, 2010
"...Dear Austin Chronicle, I'd like to clear up some misperceptions regarding the 2005 smoking ban and its direct effect on business at Room 710 [“Off the Record,” Music, Jan. 1]..."

Game On, Game On Austin
So much supreme awesomeness to be had at this free, all-ages event
Screens Story  October 9, 2009, by James Renovitch
"... [Editor's note: James got a bit too excited about all the "supremely awesome" things at this event, and I told him to redirect his awesomeness toward the blog. See for more.]..."

Point Austin: More Water Under the Bridge
Reading the political currents flowing through WTP4
News Column  September 25, 2009, by Michael King
"...Who happened to stop by in the TARDIS, he might have wondered, "Haven't I been here several times before?" – but the physical assembly of teams on the dais. Speaking for the Austin Water Utility (along with Director Greg Meszaros and a brace of water wonks) was none other than former City Council member (and former Austin Chronicle politics editor) Daryl Slusher, once a standard-bearer of the local green revolution, now an AWU vice president and politically prominent defender of the need to build WTP4...."

Austin Slow Burn Gourmet Fiery Foods
Food Story  August 28, 2009, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Jill also finds the time to do some co-packing for other companies, though she's quick to say: "We get calls pretty regularly from folks looking for a co-packer, but I tell them they need to have their product ready to go. I don't have time to develop recipes for other people." These days, she's working with a company called Chile Beach Jams, as well as packing spicy jellies for perennial Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival winner Ana's Salsa..."

Point Austin: Legitimate Public Concern
The Keller prosecution is an enduring stain on Austin's honor and sense of justice
News Column  March 27, 2009, by Michael King
"...Rather than provide the public document, city attorneys requested an advisory opinion from the state attor­ney general, whose office responded that the 17-year-old material could be withheld as "private" ("highly intimate and embarrassing") and "not of legitimate concern to the public." That opinion was wrong on both the facts and the law, but the city attorneys relied on it and convinced a judge to support their discretion. Thanks to the Chronicle's attorney, Pete Kennedy of Graves Dougherty, the 3rd Court of Appeals found the arguments of the city, the A.G., and the hearing judge unpersuasive and ordered the report released..."

Bob Byington New to New York, Old Hat in Austin
Austinite Bob Byington premieres 'Harmony and Me' at Lincoln Center's New Directors/New Films showcase
DAILY Screens  February 13, 2009, by Kimberley Jones
"...New to them, maybe: We've already known about Bob Byington for years. His new film, Harmony and Me, which was shot locally and stars Bishop Allen frontman Justin Rice, was announced yesterday as part of this year's slate (an honor, we presume, which runs a very close second to winning the Austin Chronicle Short Story Contest, which Bob did back in 2005.)..."

Austin Jewish Book Fair
Death Becomes Her: Marion Winik
Books Story  October 31, 2008, by Melanie Haupt
"...Author, creative-writing teacher, NPR commentator, and former Austin Chronicle contributor Marion Winik returns to this year's Texas Book Festival with her new nonfiction collection, The Glen Rock Book of the Dead, a collection of remembrances of the dearly departed who touched Winik's life, directly or otherwise. The resulting document is not only an autobiography; it is a gentle attempt to recover Winik's loved ones from the ravages of time and memory while also serving as an account of late-20th century life told through the lens of an archive of death, an archive that forced Winik to revisit a number of deeply profound and intimate relationships...."

October Is the Busiest Month for Events in Austin
There are just too many events to miss in the coming week, so On the Range takes over for 'Food-o-File' in order to spread the word
DAILY Food  October 15, 2008, by Virginia B. Wood
"...To donate, go to See the Chronicle feature "It Came From the Back Yard," Oct..."

Win FRONT ROW tickets to see CHEECH AND CHONG at The Austin Music Hall on 11/15!
DAILY Chron Events  August 8, 2008
"...The Austin Chronicle has teamed up with the good people from Direct Events to give out a pair of front row seats to see Cheech and Chong at the Austin Music Hall on November 15...."

Austin Underreporting Bicycle Accidents
Postmarks  August 7, 2008
"...Derrick Galloway. I know The Austin Chronicle has issued stories in the past listing statistics such as that out of 251 auto vs..."

Street Soccer Austin – Unhappy With How Her Views Were Reported
Postmarks  July 7, 2008
"...Dear Editor, I read with great disappointment the article by Thomas Hackett in last week's The Austin Chronicle [“Playing Through,” Sports, July 4]. It is unfortunate how a person’s views can be so misinterpreted and then displayed in print, without a chance for review or comment beforehand..."

Big Range Austin Dance Festival
Choreographer Ellen Bartel is stirring up the local dance scene again with a bigger, more sophisticated dance fest
Arts Story  June 6, 2008, by Jonelle Seitz
"...Austin Chronicle: Why did you decide to stop producing Hot September Flurries and devote those energies to Big Range?..."

'Chronicle' Mock NFL Draft
DAILY Sports  April 25, 2008, by Timothy Braun

Austin Cabaret Theatre: Toasting Tony
Russ Lorenson debuted his cabaret tribute to Tony Bennett in Austin, and now he's bringing it back
Arts Story  March 21, 2008, by Robert Faires
"...Austin Chronicle: In your mind, what makes Tony Bennett exceptional as a singer?..."

Point Austin: Democracy Rocks!
On this day, change happened from the bottom up
News Column  March 7, 2008, by Michael King
"...If you survived your precinct convention last night – and Chronicle colleagues have been wandering in or e-mailing one another all day retelling "mine was worse/better than yours" stories – consider it a badge of political honor. I know you couldn't all have been at Precinct 135 (by popular acclaim, of course, the very best precinct in town), but it sure seemed like it..."

Point Austin: MUD in Your Eye
Northwest Austin suburb chal­lenges the Voting Rights Act
News Column  November 9, 2007, by Michael King
"...population). Chronicle readers will be familiar with the gamesmanship of the long-running GOP re-redistricting scandal; were it not for preclearance, even the blatant racial gerrymandering in South Texas might have gone uncorrected..."

Austin Film Society Documentary Tour
White Light/Black Rain: The Destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Screens Story  September 14, 2007, by Anne S. Lewis
"...Austin Chronicle: What surprised you the most about the reactions of the survivors of Hiroshima, those Japanese who were born after the bombing, and the American military you interviewed?..."

Is This Keeping Austin Weird?
Postmarks  June 18, 2007
"...Dear Editor, Speaking of "weird," did anyone else notice that the most prominent sponsor of the Keep Austin Weird Festival and 5K was AT&T? My understanding of the "Keep Austin Weird" concept was the support and promotion of local businesses like RunTex, Amy's, The Austin Chronicle, and Waterloo, etc. If that's the case, why was AT&T involved so conspicuously? Obviously it had a lot to do with their generous financial support, but doesn't it seem glaringly against the spirit of this event?..."

Great Austin Improv Shouldn't Be a Secret
Postmarks  June 14, 2007
"...Dear Editor, Big thanks to The Austin Chronicle, Wayne Alan Brenner, and Robert Faires for supporting Get Up and Austin Improv ["Get Up: How funky and strong is their fight," Arts, June 15]. The quality and the depth of improv in Austin is one of the best-kept secrets in town..."

How Does Austin Energy Expect to Change the World With …
Postmarks  May 26, 2007
"...Dear Austin Chronicle, Re: "AE & Plug-in Hybrids" [News, May 25]: I have read much about Roger Duncan and Austin Energy's aggressive pursuit of plug-in hybrid cars. But I have yet to see a few basic points addressed..."

Austin Film Society Documentary Tour
Fish Kill Flea
Screens Story  April 6, 2007, by Anne S. Lewis
"...Austin Chronicle: The film, which played South by Southwest this year, is a crazy quilt of archival stills and footage, vérité scenes, and interviews with quirky characters – vendors, shoppers, management – not to mention great music. Beyond money, were there nonobvious challenges to making your first film?..."

Austin: Grow Up and Be a Real City!
Postmarks  July 25, 2006
"...Dear Editor, Re: “My Migas, My City” [News, July 21]: The Austin Chronicle apparently can't see the forest for the migas. Austin has already made "a bargain with el diablo" by ignoring its growing population and fighting development at every turn..."

Austin Power and Light
A guide to 10 new companies that are charging up Austin's theatre scene
Arts Story  June 16, 2006, by Elizabeth Cobbe
"...The early and mid-Nineties saw the arrival of Frontera Productions, Salvage Vanguard Theater, Physical Plant, the Public Domain, root wy'mn, and the Rude Mechanicals, among others, and their creative daring and irreverence and imagination did indeed give local stages a jolt. In 1998, the Chronicle published "A Survey of Austin's Rebel Theatre Scene" profiling these companies, all of which seemed poised on the edge of success..."

Point Austin: Chasing the Money
Austin campaign finance reform is much less than meets the eye
News Column  March 24, 2006, by Michael King
"...In any case, we will have lost the knowledge and input and voice of an experienced politician and citizen, who undoubtedly has much to add to the public discussion. "The '97 ordinance makes it very difficult to raise money independently of the PACs, and then the failure of the local media – including the Statesman, the Chronicle, and television – to really engage the campaign process early enough, make it difficult to get your message out without that money," Uribe told me..."

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