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Snapshot: The Austin Chicken Wing Festival
1,500 Austin poultry fans spread their wings at foodie fest
Arts Column  May 24, 2018, by David Brendan Hall
"...See more online at Want to pitch an event, happening, idea, or person for “Snapshot”? Email the author/photog:"

Other Worlds Austin Warns You: It Came From the Desert!
Monster-sized insect movie gets its Texas premiere
DAILY Screens  May 22, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...Austin Chronicle: The influences are clear, but what's your favorite giant monster movie? Marko Mäkilaakso: There are plenty of great monster movies and naming just one feels like not giving justice to the others, but I will say that my favorite giant monster movie is Steven Spielberg’s Jaws. I love that movie so much!..."

The Nine Best Japanese Restaurants in Austin
We pick our favorite spots for sushi, ramen, hibachi, and more
DAILY Food  May 8, 2018, by The Food Staff
"...There's no need to fly half-way around the world to get yourself some decent Udon noodles. We at the Chronicle have compiled a list of Japanese restaurants here in Austin to satisfy your cravings without the pains of international travel..."

Does Austin Need an LGBTQ Center?
A look at the city's lack of a queer community hub
DAILY Qmmunity  April 11, 2018, by Mikaila Rushing
"...In July 1997, the Chronicle documented Cornerstone’s monetary decline, citing how insufficient community donations and an inability to rely on city government support prevented the space from growing its revenue stream. Though, even at the time, the author noted, it was unclear whether dwindling donations were a result of lack of outreach or a lack of interest from the community..."

Five Movies to See in Austin This Week
Your weekly film guide for April 5-12
DAILY Chron Events  April 6, 2018, by Danielle White
"...CinemaTexas Rewind ICYMI: Austin Film Society is running a monthlong series in honor of CinemaTexas, a programming initiative at UT during the Seventies and Eighties, and the recent release of a book on that same subject. Chronicle film critic (and OG CinemaTexas member) Marjorie Baumgarten will host the screening of Jonathan Demme’s directorial debut Caged Heat. Get Tickets..."

Five Recommended Austin Arts Events this Weekend
Instead of just staring dully at that Roseanne reboot, right?
DAILY Arts  March 29, 2018, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Not that sitting around in front of a television screen as your arteries harden is other than totally edifying – oh, heavens, no! Next you’ll be thinking we’re elitists here at the ol’ Chronicle. Next you’ll be suggesting we didn’t all vote for that glorious specimen of humanity in the White House...."

Austin Bombings Suspect Dead
Suspect blew himself up early Wednesday as officers closed in
DAILY News  March 21, 2018, by Chase Hoffberger
"...See tomorrow’s Chronicle for more on the city’s bombings...."

Austin Film News
Locals at SXSW, plus RSVP for a Maybe Shower
Screens Column  March 8, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...Meanwhile honorary Austinite Terrence Malick brings his dreamlike style to the realm of virtual reality with Together, plus one of his regular editors, A.J. Edwards (To the Wonder, Knight of Cups), follows up his 2014 directorial debut The Better Angels with Friday's Child, starring rising Elkhart native Tye Sheridan. Speaking of Sheridan, the young actor and Mud star has gone full Hollywood with the upcoming adaptation of Ready Player One, based on the novel by local author Ernest Cline (look for banners, signs, and promotions all around Austin before that release), but he's not the only local novelist with a presence during SXSW: Nine-time Austin Chronicle "Best of Austin" award winner Owen Egerton follows up his disturbing psychodrama Follow with the gore-splattered hijinks of Blood Fest, which screens as part of the Midnighters programming. Heading further afield in the Lone Star State, Yen Tan dives deep into the early days of the AIDS crisis with 1985, while fellow Dallasite Augustine Frizzell is back for the first time with Never Goin' Back (if the title sounds familiar, she originally shot the script in 2014, was unhappy with the result, re-edited it as the short "Minor Setback" which played SXSW in 2016, and then re-shot the feature version last fall)..."

Five Recommended Austin Arts Events This Weekend
On the weekend before that SXSW thing engulfs us all, yes
DAILY Arts  March 2, 2018, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...5) We’re all raving about LOLA’s La Clemenza de Tito, and with good reason – even though it has nothing to do with vodka, right? – but your Five Arty Things crew at the Chronicle wants to make sure you also know about Sunday’s Indie Orchestra Night from Brent Baldwin and his Panoramic Voices crowd. Why? Because the likes of Star Park, Moving Panoramas, Nakia, Calliope Musicals, Big Bill, and Dustin Welch will be raising high the Fair Market roofbeams via pure sonic glory – and, boy howdy, this is not a concert you want to miss...."

Hurricane Bianca (Del Rio) Takes Austin by Storm
Drag Race royalty brings her one-drag-queen show to town
DAILY Qmmunity  February 28, 2018, by Nina Hernandez
"...Austin Chronicle: Do you spend any time in Austin? I’ve noticed from following your Instagram that you’re friends with our favorite local ghoul Christeene...."

2017-18 Austin Music Industry Awards
PHOTO GALLERY  February 26, 2018
"...Austin Chronicle co-founders Nick Barbaro and Louis Black..."

Telecaster Sovereign Sue Foley Lands Back in Austin
The Ice Queen is on fire
Music Story  February 22, 2018, by Alejandra Ramirez
"...Austin Chronicle: In 2015, you had a group of songs when you moved back to Canada from North Carolina. Why record them in Austin?..."

Playback: Can Austin Be a Jazz City?
Two venues usher in a new era in Austin jazz. Plus music scholar Bill Bentley brings the Smithsonian Institution to bear at BookPeople.
Music Column  February 15, 2018, by Kevin Curtin
"...In 1990, he produced the Roky Erickson tribute album Where the Pyramid Meets the Eye (revisit "Record Store Day Unearths a Roky Erickson Rarity," April 21, 2017), so when the books arm of Washington, D.C.'s Smithsonian Institution invited him to tell the story of rock & roll via 147 artist essays, he included passionate passages on Doug Sahm, 13th Floor Elevators, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Alejandro Escovedo. That coffeetable book, October's Smithsonian Rock and Roll: Live and Unseen, gets local promotion this Friday at BookPeople, 7pm, where Bentley and Escovedo will be in conversation with Chronicle Music Editor Raoul Hernandez, who edited the book...."

Five Films to See in Austin This Week
Your weekly film guide for Feb. 2 through Feb. 8
DAILY Chron Events  February 2, 2018, by Josh Kupecki
"...Essential Cinema: Agnès Varda In a methodology for which the acclaimed director would become famous for, Varda's feature debut tells the story of a couple at a fishing village with images and astute ethnography. You can also check out Varda’s most recent film, Faces Places, a collaboration with mural artist JR, which also screens at AFS Cinema this week, and ended up on the Chronicle’s Marjorie Baumgarten’s and this writer’s year-end lists. Get Tickets Chevalier [image-5]..."

Get Out Wins Austin Critics Top Prize
The Shape of Water, Timothée Chalamet get nods
DAILY Screens  January 8, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...All 37 members vote in all categories. Chronicle reviewers Marjorie Baumgarten, Kimberley Jones, Josh Kupecki, Marc Savlov, and Richard Whittaker are all members...."

Contemporary Austin Goings & Comings
Judith Sims retires, Deming sculpture Mystic Raven returns
DAILY Arts  December 15, 2017, by Robert Faires
"...Needless to say, when Sims begins her well-deserved retirement at the end of December, no one else on the museum staff will have anything close to her term of service. Indeed, when the Chronicle profiled Sims back in 1996, she had already been employed there longer than anyone else..."

Point Austin: Unfinished Business
Working Austin's weirding ways to New Year's resolutions
News Column  December 14, 2017, by Michael King
"...So City Hall enters December and the year-end in a familiar place: plenty of work begun and pending, hanging fire, looking toward February of 2018 (and the early rumblings of an election campaign). To their credit, this week Council altered the weekly schedule to move its most contentious matter – the public hearing on the proposed Austin Police Association contract – to its own Wednesday meeting (still in progress as the Chronicle goes to press), in hopes of providing a little more time for today's (Dec..."

Playback: Austin’s Rarest Vinyl
Want exclusive vinyl for Record Store Black Friday? Check out some of Austin's rarest wax.
Music Column  November 21, 2017, by Kevin Curtin
"...Whereas today labels release super-limited runs to incite collectability, these largely private press editions were put out in small batches because minimal finances and fan bases dictated it. Thanks to the record gurus who helped me brainstorm: Breakaway Records' Gabe Vaughn, Antone's Records' Mike Buck, End of an Ear's Dan Plunkett, Groovers' Paradise's Greg Ellis, Chronicle record nerds Mark Fagan and Jerald Corder, and Butthole Surfers drummer/Trance Syndicate Records owner King Coffey...."

AIDS Walk Austin 2017
Celebrating and advocating 30 years of progress and beyond
DAILY Qmmunity  October 24, 2017, by Beth Sullivan
"...The daylong event also serves as a reminder that HIV is not a bygone of the Eighties and Nineties. As the Chronicle previously reported, Austin has experienced an increase in HIV infections over the last decade, particularly among men who sleep with men..."

MLS for Austin at Last?
Columbus Crew announces plan to relocate to Austin
DAILY Sports  October 17, 2017, by Nick Barbaro
"...Meanwhile, the team has had no comment as of yet on the plan the Chronicle put forward in 2014 for a Town Lake site...."

GAyCL: Making Austin the Queer Music Capital of the World
The alternative showcase provides the queer answer to ACL
DAILY Qmmunity  October 12, 2017, by Beth Sullivan
"...This year’s theme is Space Cowboy, and if you’re having a hard time finding an outfit that coordinates, Edwards advises, “think psychedelic western desert.” The lineup includes local LGBTQ faves TRISH & the Yearwoods, P1nkstar, YUNG KWANE, Hot Pank, Carry Illinois, and the Chronicle’s very own contributor Carina Magyar. Polly Anna will also be there reppin’ queer San Antonio, while Keep Austin Queer, a “social enterprise dedicated to starting and sustaining a scholarship for queer Austinites,” will be selling their koozies and T-shirts alongside other local vendors...."

Hollywood Gets Animated About Austin
Local cartoon to become big-budget Will Smith vehicle
DAILY Screens  October 11, 2017, by Richard Whittaker
"...This is more big news for Martell and his team, who are busy with their new YouTube Red series Kings of Atlantis, as well as their own original feature Koalaroo. While the Austin studio will not be directly involved with Spies in Disguise, Martell told the Chronicle, "The short was a labor of love and it’s exciting to have it make its way to the big screen!"..."

Five Austin Museum Day Recommendations
Back, tyranny of choice! Back, we say!
DAILY Arts  September 15, 2017, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...With the Austin Museum Day celebration providing free admission at venues all across the city and beyond this Sunday, there are so many options to choose among – and only so many hours in a day. You can’t possibly visit all these places – right? – so we’re offering a few helpful Chronicle-y suggestions here:..."

Uncle Staple and Austin’s 13th Annual Independent Media Expo
The weekend of fannish revelry and indie-comics celebration returns
DAILY Arts  September 4, 2017, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...And if you need some boostery harangue to convince you to attend the show – some PR flack making sure you know that Hope Larson (the force-of-nature behind the graphic adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time and the current run of DC’s Batgirl, just to name a couple sweet projects) will be there as a guest of honor, and that Keith Knight (a just-dark-enough knight, really, and the dapper jester responsible for (th)ink and The K Chronicles) will be there, too, as will a bunch of similarly award-winning and personable others, yes – then look elsewhere for that intel, citizen...."

Austin Pride Rescheduled!
With two dates, Sept. 30 and Oct. 21, it's double the celebration
DAILY Qmmunity  August 31, 2017, by Sarah Marloff
"...Looking on the bright side, Austin Pride President Paul Huddleston told the Chronicle, “We’ll have Pride events for three months in a row!”..."

Austin Pride Postponed Due to Harvey
Threat of hurricane rains on Pride's parade
DAILY News  August 25, 2017, by Chase Hoffberger
"...Stick with the Daily news and Chronicle’s Gay Place for any updates...."

Ten Sentences About Austin You Should Only Ever Say Under Your Breath
You can think it … just don't say it
DAILY Chronolog  August 23, 2017, by Richard Whittaker
"...Want more tips about life on and off the quad? Visit The Austin Chronicle’s Guide to Campus Life...."

Artist Jim Rugg Brings His New Street Angel to Austin
He’s the man with the golden pen; she’s the deadliest girl alive
DAILY Arts  July 25, 2017, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Austin Chronicle: What originally inspired you to create the Street Angel character?..."

Point Austin: Summer Stock Agenda
The heat arrives with a litany of work for Austin and Austinites
News Column  June 29, 2017, by Michael King
"...Just a few things for Chronicle readers and Austinites to consider, entering July and the vacation season. Please have a happy and safe Independence Day...."

Rolling With Austin's Food Trucks
Why moveable feasts define the city
DAILY Food  May 10, 2017, by Thea Newell
"...Because if you hang out long enough to get to know the true Austin, you learn that this city is everything and has everything: It’s laid-back but successful, diverse and welcoming, smart and cutting-edge but never boastful, affordable but offering incredible quality of life. And the food truck, arguably Austin’s new culinary frontier with delicious and creative new options popping up everyday, is a microcosmic example of everything this city has to offer and the reason almost every Austin resident’s story begins with an “I just came to visit friends …” In celebration of the Chronicle’s 2017 First Plates Awards, our annual compendium of Austin’s top 100 restaurants, and this year’s comfort food theme, our writers are sharing their favorite comfort food memories...."

In Pre-emptive Attack, Texas Files Suit Against Austin Over "Sanctuary Cities"
Paxton asks federal court to find anti-immigrant law constitutional
DAILY News  May 8, 2017, by Mary Tuma
"...28 and Feb. 3, 2017 – “more than any other local jurisdiction.” Yet those figures are severely inflated, as most of the requests were made prior to 2017, as the Chronicle previously reported...."

Moontower Review: Austin Towers
The range of local comedy voices was on full view at the Velv
DAILY Arts  April 24, 2017, by Ashley Moreno
"...For example, John Ramsey brought a collection of wordplay jokes, like: “I think we should spell efficient with one F.” And he did a few characters, including Paul David Peter, the hard-hitting Christian comic who “keeps it biblical.” (His jokes were “funny cause they’re truth.”) Vanessa Gonzalez told a long-format story about a trip to Schlitterbahn with her first boyfriend, and Austin’s beloved Maggie Maye reminded us that you “shouldn’t wish you were skinny. You should wish you were attractive.” Carina Magyar, a transgender woman and mother (and full disclosure: a Chronicle contributor) taught us a bit about the transition process and finally explained what the hell is up with our state’s legislative schedule..."

Austin Black Pride Wraps a Successful Second Year
Celebrating the evolution of Austin's Black LGBTQ community
DAILY Qmmunity  April 4, 2017, by Sarah Nicholus
"...Thursday’s kickoff event, Art Is Cool: Visual Gallery + Melodic Showcase, provided a welcoming, inclusive, and family-friendly environment complete with a traditional cookout, live performances, and an impressive showcase of works by local black artists. Ray Jones, an Austin resident of two years, told the Chronicle he was “impressed by the outcome of the organizers’ efforts,” and happy with the event venues located on the Eastside...."

The Oral History of Austin Beerworks
How the local brewery became the heir to the aluminum throne
Food Story  March 9, 2017, by Eric Puga
"...We got really lucky to find Christian. It was through The Austin Chronicle actually..."

Playback: Austin Music Awards (On Everything)
Austin Music Industry Awards down, here come the 2016/17 AMAs and a slew of SXSW buzz acts
Music Column  March 9, 2017, by Kevin Curtin
"...Ultimately, the Chronicle's ecstatic to bring the ceremony to the magnificent Moody Theater, best room the AMAs have commandeered since the Austin Opera House, which the show's music director Charlie Sexton points out is serendipitously another Willie-related venue. We can tell you're excited, too, because ticket sales are strong..."

Austin Music Awards' Industry Accolades Announced
Best radio station, record store, club, and many more
DAILY Music  March 6, 2017, by James Renovitch
"...Hosted by the Chronicle's own Chase Hoffberger and Kevin Curtin, the third annual event featured music from the Berkshire Hounds. The winners were chosen by the public and awarded as Austin's favorite radio personalities, clubs, producers, and more...."

Sweet Barks Benefit for Austin Pets Alive!
PHOTO GALLERY  February 14, 2017
"...The Austin Chronicle and the ABGB partnered with Austin Pets Alive! on Saturday, Feb. 11 to find forever homes for APA's adorable long-stay pups and share a little Valentine's love with the community...."

John Doe Moves to Austin
X’s “man of the world” contemplates life in Big Boys country
DAILY Music  February 9, 2017, by Kevin Curtin
"...Austin Chronicle: Speaking of the weather, I heard you’re moving to Austin. True?..."

Drum Legend Jack DeJohnette Returns to Austin
We talk to the jazz titan about Coltrane, his latest album, and more
Music Story  February 2, 2017, by Michael Toland
"...Austin Chronicle: You've known Ravi and Matthew since they were children. You first played with them 20 years ago, and the trio's now been a working band for a few years..."

Top 10 Austin Albums of 2016
The Chronicle music staff picks their favorite local records
Music Story  December 29, 2016, by Greg Beets, Jim Caligiuri, Kevin Curtin, Thomas Fawcett, Doug Freeman, Alejandra Ramirez, Kahron Spearman and Libby Webster

Wish List: A Forever Home at Austin Zoo
Keeping the zoo's animal kingdom warm this winter
DAILY News  December 12, 2016, by Montinique Monroe
"...“It’s important to support the Austin Zoo because you are supporting our rescue efforts and providing these animals who would likely have no other place to go a safe haven,” Clark said. Visit the Austin Zoo’s website for more details on how you can help and see the Chronicle’s Wish List for more ways on how you can impact local nonprofits in the greater Austin area...."

East Austin Studio Tour Goes Boom
For 2016, EAST explodes to more than 500 stops for art
Arts Story  November 17, 2016, by Robert Faires
"...As this Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 19 & 20, constitute the tour's second and final weekend this year, the Chronicle wants you to make the most of it..."

East Austin Studio Tour: A Few More Picks to Get You Going
Life is short, art is long, going EAST works better with a plan
DAILY Arts  November 14, 2016, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Rekindle old relationships. Check the EAST website for a vast panoply of details, note that your Austin Chronicle has a thick raft of coverage in this week's print edition, and go ahead, citizen: Be a part of the art deep in the slightly arrhythmic heart of Texas...."

Two Austin Musicians Killed in Wreck
Chris Porter and Mitchell Vandenburg taken in tragic tour crash
DAILY Music  October 20, 2016, by Kevin Curtin
"...His 2015 LP, This Red Mountain – produced by Centro-matic frontman Will Johnson – showed off his emotionally real-and-raw songcraft. At the time of that record's release, Porter told the Chronicle that his primary songwriting influence was "humans."..."

Austin Earns Top Grade in LGBTQ Scorecard
HRC report: Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth, most LGBTQ-friendly in state
DAILY News  October 18, 2016, by Mary Tuma
"...“I’m not surprised at all,” Paula Buls, a transgender woman and member of the city’s Human Rights Commission, told the Chronicle. “Austin is a go-to destination for a lot of people in the LGBTQ community.” Buls points to relatively recent LGBTQ-friendly progress, such as budget funds allocated for city employee transgender reassignment surgery and a 2015 local ordinance that requires businesses to post gender-neutral signs on single-stall restrooms..."

Austin Author Ed Ward Revisits Rock’s First Guitar Hero, Michael Bloomfield
“When you heard Mike Bloomfield play, you got the sense this was the real shit."
Music Story  September 15, 2016, by Tim Stegall
"...It soon fetched hundreds of dollars on the used book market from Dylanologists due to a wealth of session information in the pre-internet era. As Ward moved through on-and-off Austin Chronicle stints, NPR Fresh Air spots, and two decades in Berlin before returning to Austin several years ago, he begged Byron to reprint the book...."

Guide to Austin Improv
The venues, events, troupes, and individuals who have transformed Austin into a "Yes, and" boomtown
Arts Story  August 25, 2016, by Robert Faires
"...It's also about the troupes that have been together for years and grown into rich ensembles, about Austin improvisers whose reputations have grown in the international improv community and are in demand as teachers and performers around the world, about the individuals who have built the theatres where improvisers have honed their skills, and about an open community of improvisers who support and encourage one another. With the year's biggest improv party, the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, commencing this week, Chronicle writers Wayne Alan Brenner, Ashley Moreno, Sean L..."

Playback: Austin Record Convention's United Nations
Forget Record Store Day, the Austin Record Convention remains the biggest vinyl swap in the USA
Music Column  June 16, 2016, by Kevin Curtin
"...Blackburn's been an ARC fixture since 1982. His spectacularly rare 45 finds include Blacky Vale's "If I Had Me a Woman" and Richie Richardson's "The Jump." The onetime Chronicle scribe also wrote a novel, Record Weasels, in which the protagonist's pursuit of a rare 45 entangles him with the mob..."

Austin’s Ninth Annual Bug (Eating) Festival
Two legs good, six legs tasty!
DAILY Food  June 1, 2016, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...The Delysia Chocolatier people will be there, and those Slow Food Austin folks, and representatives from the Grow Network and Aspire, and the ever-industrious women of Crickers crackers. And more, yes, as the event is sponsored by Yelp, as your Austin Chronicle’s Wayne Alan Brenner probably won’t stumble too badly in his emceeing duties, as the first Saturday in June eventually fades among Manor Road’s plethora of drinking and dining venues … and the uneaten, still-living, free-in-the-urban-wild crickets begin their nightly chirp...."

Other Worlds Austin Has The Answer
Writer/director Iqbal Ahmed talks identity before Texas debut
DAILY Screens  May 18, 2016, by Richard Whittaker
"...Austin Chronicle: Where did the basic idea for this come from, apart from you going, "I shall write a movie where the accountant is the hero"? Iqbal Ahmed: Some of my favorite movies are the ones that surprise me. Films that start in a world that I recognize, and that start in a very banal, relatable world..."

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