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What to Expect From Game On Austin
A clickable guide to the participating studios and their games
DAILY Screens  October 18, 2012, by James Renovitch
"...Contemplating going to the Game On Austin event sponsored by SXSW Gaming and The Austin Chronicle, but need a bit more convincing? Well here’s your guide to the participating studios and what they'll be showing with enough handy links to keep your mouse busy. Did we mention the event is free? How much more convincing do you need?..."

Hot Sauce Recap and Best of Austin 2010
There's a lot of stuff going on in Chronicle land!
DAILY Chron Events  September 2, 2010, by Logan Youree
"...Last Sunday, August 29, we hosted our 20th Annual Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival in Waterloo Park. The weather was hot but not nearly as hot as some of the spicy sauces served up that day..."

Hot Sauce Recap, Back to School, & Best of Austin.... Oh My!
...and we thought we were busy last week.
DAILY Chron Events  September 1, 2009, by Logan Youree
"...Hot Sauce Fest The 2009 Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival turned out to be a HUGE success! The turnout was great, it was cooler outside than it has been in months AND, thanks to all of you, we were able to raise $14,269 and 29,413 pounds of food (8,000 pounds more than last year) for the Capital Area Food Bank. I was a little too busy to try most of the sauces but one of the perks of this is the leftover hot sauces that come back to our office this week..."

Point Austin: The Way We Were
In Austin's politics of nostalgia, the truth is a frequent casualty
News Column  May 2, 2008, by Michael King
"...Having watched the film twice, I pretty much agree with Shea – that The Unforeseen is emotionally inspiring, but fundamentally misleading, about what actually happened (and is happening) to Barton Springs and Austin. Alas, the SOS Alliance has eagerly wrapped itself in the aura of this Terrence Malick-Robert Redford High Romantic environmentalism, using the film as a fundraiser and supposedly to educate the "unengaged, uninformed newcomers" to Austin that Bunch now blames on the SOS website – along with (roughly in this order) the City Council, the whole community, foreign wars, Wall Street, K Street, and The Austin Chronicle – for despoiling the Springs...."

Austin Toros Run to First Playoff Appearance
A preview of the Austin Toros' first-ever playoff home game.
DAILY Sports  April 15, 2008, by Matt Moore
"...Do yourself a favor and come out to watch the Toros run on their way to a championship this weekend. Matt Moore is the author of the NBA and D-League blog, Hardwood Paroxysm and covers the Toros for The Austin Chronicle Sports blog, the Score, as well as having written for and is a contributing member of AOL Fanhouse...."

Taking Austin for a 'Spin'
TCBlog make the Austin rounds in the new Spin.
DAILY News  April 25, 2007, by Christopher Gray
"...Thanks, San Antonio! 26: Only on!: blurb advertising online SXSW coverage reminds us yet again that Pete Townshend sat in with the Fratellis. 32: The Spin 20: "[Occasional Austinite] John Popper's Weapons Bust: Police find four rifles, nine handguns, 37 steel-tipped harmonicas." Also: Unrelated, but best joke of issue: "Matt Dillon's Dinosaur Jr. video: Good to see he's recovered from Citizen Dick's nasty breakup." 33: Q&A with Linkin Park's Chester Bennington: Continuing the Austin tradition of taking credit for anything the Dixie Chicks do even though none of them live here anymore, LP's new LP producer Rick Rubin also helmed the Chicks' Grammy-winning Taking the Long Way. 38-39: In My Room: Paul Wall: Photo of Paul hugging Lil' Keke at Big Hawk's funeral "ran in The Austin Chronicle." Holla! Also: Wall misidentifies the Roger Clemens Astros jersey on his wall as being from UT's 1983 national championship team. 46-49: Four-page AT&T Blue Room hypes Austin City Limits Festival as one of six co-sponsored by subscriber-seeking telecommunications behemoth. "Ultimate Festival Guide" foldout: ACL Fest one of 10 encapsulated, one of three in Southern U.S., with Jazz Fest and Bonnaroo..."

Austin on the Hoof
Rounding up the Austin steak house scene
Food Story  January 14, 2005, by Wes Marshall
"...Welcome to The Austin Chronicle's first steak house roundup. The entire Food staff participated in this exhaustive review of the state of steak in Austin, covering every level of restaurant from the newest and most expensive to the tried and true places aimed at grad students on a beer budget..."

Real Austin Stories
Austin's Exploding Documentary Scene
Screens Story  March 13, 1998, by Jerry Johnson
"...Snow Monkeys of Texas Started by AFS in conjunction with SXSW Film, The Austin Chronicle, and the University of Texas Department of Radio-TV-Film to showcase in-state and out-of-state documentary filmmakers and their work, the Texas Documentary Tour has bucked the chute with six consecutive sold-out events. Even after finally expanding to two screenings for last month's Girls Like Us, they still had to turn away almost 300 people..."

An Austin D.A. Turns to Detective Novels
Q&A with Mark Pryor on his Paris-set Hugo Marston mysteries
DAILY Books  October 10, 2012, by Jordan Smith
"...Austin Chronicle: I'm very curious about Hugo, and I'm wondering how long you've lived with Hugo. It seems you know him very well; how long has he been around?..."

The 'Chronicle' Responds to TPCN
The TPCN complaints about Chronicle reporting are much ado about not very much.
News Story  February 23, 2007, by Michael King
"...The unsigned document submitted by the Texas Pregnancy Care Network to the Houston Chronicle purports to respond to a Jan. 26 Chronicle News feature by Jordan Smith, "No Real Alternative." Smith gives the history and responds to some of the specific charges in this week's issue (Feb..."

Success So Far in Spite of 'Chronicle'
Postmarks  March 4, 2013
"...Dear Editor, Okay, I will try again. The Austin Chronicle can help Austinites to transition to single-member districts..."

Club 'Chronicle' Team Zen Challenge
DAILY Sports  December 7, 2007, by Kristine Tofte
"...This year is the second time Zen has organized a Trail of Lights 5K Challenge but the the first time the Chronicle has sponsored a team. The idea behind the challenge was to get together a group of people who have never competed in a 5K and are looking to live a healthier lifestyle..."

35 Years of the Austin Music Awards
Living in a dream
Features Story  March 2, 2017, by Doug Freeman
"...Blame the security at the Austin Opera House, bikers and ex-Navy SEALs from Willie Nelson’s road crew, who typical of the times tried to maintain control through intimidation. And blame The Austin Chronicle, which managed to stage one of the most notorious nights of Austin music without knowing what it was doing...."

'Chronicle' Should Take City Redistricting More Seriously
Postmarks  December 10, 2012
"...Dear Editor, Please get serious. Despite having preached for decades about the importance of citizen involvement in government, the need for single-member districts in Austin, and the benefits of redistricting by an independent commission instead of elected officials, the Chronicle surprised many of its readers by coming out against the city charter amendment (Proposition 3) that embodied all of these worthwhile objectives [“Nov..."

Why Does the 'Chronicle' So Ardently Defend the Indefensible?
Postmarks  October 31, 2012
"...Dear Editor, Re: "Open and Shut” and “Point Austin: The Law Is a Ass” [News, Oct. 26]. It’s time for The Austin Chronicle to admit that it is nothing more than an apologist for the Austin City Council’s illegal behavior. In publishing these articles, the Chronicle has placed itself squarely in the camp of those who question the legitimacy of the state’s open government laws, which provide the foundation for our democracy..."

Terror From the 'Chronicle' Classifieds!
Music Story  October 22, 2010, by Margaret Moser
"...I told him I was tired of playing alone and wanted to hook up with people to play with sometimes. He said: "Man, just open up the Chronicle and look in there! There's always people looking for weird stuff." So one of the numbers I called was our friend Andrew [Hamra], and he was in the band Aaron was in [Waking Helix]..."

Waterloo Records Recycles the 'Chronicle'
The Chronicle, not able to pull it together offensively, loses to Waterloo in the end, 12-8
DAILY Sports  July 25, 2008, by Kristine Tofte
"...11, which happens to have the most spacious dugouts at the Kreig complex (just a side note), it was our game to win. Waterloo Records had the home-team advantage but their captain, Chris Anderson, was out, and the Chronicle was sporting a solid lineup...."

Chronicle Sues OPIC
Weekly Seeks Records On Insurance Cancellation
News Story  September 6, 1996, by Audrey Duff
"...On Wednesday, Sept. 4, The Austin Chronicle filed suit against the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC)..."

Point Austin: This Most Important Election
How and why the Chronicle takes endorsements seriously
News Column  October 18, 2018, by Michael King
"...You'll find the Chronicle's Nov. 6 election endorsements here, wherein our News staff, News editors, and publisher list and explain our candidate and Proposition recommendations, for your consideration..."

Chronicle Endorsements
The Chronicle’s endorsements for the May 24 run-offs
News Story  May 12, 2016
"...Here are the Chronicle editorial board’s endorsements for the May 24 Democratic Party primary run-offs. We’ve chosen to refrain from endorsing any Republican candidates in that party’s run-off election..."

'Chronicle' Was Wrong
Postmarks  February 11, 2014
"...Dear Editor, As part of its opposition to single-member districts in Austin and to the independent redistricting commission that was charged with drawing them, The Austin Chronicle twice suggested that the entire concept was designed by Rube Goldberg. As I said at the recent dinner honoring the members of the independent commission, "With apologies to Mr. Goldberg and the Chronicle, this change to single-member districts, and the process that achieved this change, was not the success of one person or organization, but the result of the efforts of many Austinites in an extraordinary demonstration of democracy." Since the process has proven a grand success, please let The Austin Chronicle give credit to the many – including Austinites for Geographic Representation, the city auditor, the CPAs on the applicant review panel, the members of the independent commission, and the Austinites – who trusted the process despite the Chronicle's sarcasm...."

'Chronicle' Is Not a Real 'Alternative'
Postmarks  November 1, 2009
"...Its meaning can range from being independently owned to alternative reporting to that of mainstream media. The Austin Chronicle is not the latter..."

'Chronicle' to Be Held Accountable
Postmarks  November 4, 2008
"...Dear Austin Chronicle, I'm not sure why your readers find your Oct. 3 cover – a photo of a kitten with a snub-nose revolver pointed at its head – to be such a snarkfest, but I, for one, am not amused..."

Chronicle Complicit in Election Theft
Postmarks  October 1, 2008
"...Dear Austin Chronicle, I agree with letter-writer Jim Simons [Postmarks, Sept. 26] who disagreed with the Chronicle’s poor review of Stealing America: Vote by Vote [Film Listings, Sept..."

Why Is 'Chronicle' So Vehemently Against Meeker?
Postmarks  May 6, 2008
"...King and Mr. Black, Anyone who wonders why good people don’t run for public office needs to look no further than The Austin Chronicle’s disgusting coverage of Jason Meeker’s campaign for Austin City Council to see why. In editorials and reports, The Austin Chronicle has continually skewered Meeker’s campaign with a level of vehemence and derision that is missing from every other race. The question is: Why? Meeker’s campaign offers new ideas like a Department of Neighborhoods, an Office of Public Advocate, and commonsense ways to cope with our traffic problems, the latter of which has been echoed by other candidates. Does the Chronicle focus on any of this? No..."

Club ‘Chronicle’ Winner
DAILY Sports  December 20, 2007, by Kristine Tofte
"...They conquered. Every member of Club Chronicle crossed the Trail of Lights 5K finish line on Saturday, Dec..."

Club 'Chronicle' Team Zen Challenge
DAILY Sports  September 18, 2007, by Mark Fagan
"...Your friendly Austin Chronicle and Zen Japanese Food Fast are teaming up to bring you the Club Chronicle Team Zen Challenge. We are looking for people wanting to maybe shake off a few pounds or just live a healthier lifestyle..."

Walk the Walk at Next Week's 'Chronicle'-Fadó Adult Spelling Bee
DAILY Sports  October 19, 2006, by Nora Ankrum
"...Ah, the Chronicle-Fadó Adult Spelling Bee. This Austin Public Library fundraiser comes around every fall, and the Chronicle proofreaders scramble to compile a new list of words tricky enough to stump the eerily smart hordes who show up and whose spelling abilities always belie the incredible amount of beer they’re drinking..."

'Chronicle's Biases Loses Readers
Postmarks  July 17, 2006
"...After reading the letter, I decided to add a few comments of my own: 1) Freedom of the press is a right retained by those who own the press. Therefore the Chronicle is not required to cover what happens to the Back Room or any other Austin music venue. 2) The Austin Chronicle is primarily regarded by readers as an arts and entertainment paper..."

'Chronicle' Running Away From Important Stories
Postmarks  July 15, 2005
"...Dear Editor, Austin Chronicle's Louis Black, like News Editor Michael "Small Testicles" King, has decided he should label outraged Austin Chronicle readers who push for more informative journalism on big issues as conspiracy theorists [“Page Two,” July 15]. Black's excuse that "the Chronicle devotes more space to politics and news than do most weeklies" has the same logic as the pathetic American excuse used for not doing more to fight global AIDS and poverty..."

I'm on the Cover of the 'Chronicle'!
Postmarks  June 24, 2012
"...Dear Editor, Imagine my surprise when I found myself on the cover of The Austin Chronicle [“Summertime Blues,” Music, June 22]! My mom made sure I wouldn't find out before looking at the cover myself. She even went as far as taking my phone away in case any of my friends texted me..."

The Austin Ch30nicles
Shannon Sedwick recalls the Chronicle's recognition of Esther's Follies' first star
Arts Story  September 2, 2011
"...Esther's Follies and The Austin Chronicle have always had a close relationship. The Chronicle was the one to proclaim the Follies' first "star," William Dente, aka Dame Della Diva, as a unique Austin phenomenon, a man equally at home honking like a goose, shrieking a high C, and wearing white athletic socks under his beaded ball gown as he hiked up his skirt to pee outside the old Esther's two-story dressing room..."

The Austin Ch30nicles
How landing in Austin after Katrina was made just a bit easier
Features Story  September 2, 2011
"...Desperately I searched for other sources, for a point of view that didn't make me want to set something on fire. I had missed The Austin Chronicle intensely when I discovered that NOLA's weekly equivalent didn't quite match up to the journalistic standards to which I had grown accustomed..."

The Austin Ch30nicles
The time when the 'Chronicle' stated the wrong outcome of Kirk Watson's testicular cancer
News Story  September 2, 2011
"..."Back in 1997, right after I was elected mayor of Austin, the Chronicle did a brief story on one of my defining life experiences: my successful fight against testicular cancer...."

Kudos to the 'Chronicle'
Postmarks  February 28, 2008
"...Dear Editor, I have been in the throes of putting some events together on behalf of Alan Pogue in Albuquerque, N.M.; Santa Fe, N.M.; and out here where I am living currently, on the Navajo Nation, at the tribal college Diné College in Tsaile, Ariz. (It isn't on all maps – the local PO is a double-wide.) Thus, I have been studying publications that have adopted a similar layout style to that of The Austin Chronicle..."

Club Chronicle and Zen!
DAILY Promotions  October 3, 2007
"...My waist size is 46 and shirt size is 4 to 5x tall, I huff & puff when running more than 10 steps, I ‘m a 10yr diabetic (I received permission from my doc, lol). I am hear still alive and ready to take a new approach on life and try to live to the fullest. So what do I plan to get out of this? 1--Pushing my diabetes out of my life 2--Being able to be more physically fit 3--Start reducing my clothing size 4--Start eating the right foods 5--Run or jog this 5K (Trail of Lights) 6--Keep my Chronicle team as friends for life I want to thank Chronicle, The Zen Team, and Run-Tex for making this all possible..."

'Chronicle' Fan!
Postmarks  August 12, 2003
"...1 "Page Two" column deconstructing the misadventures of Tom DeLay and his attempts to "Perrymander" the district lines was nothing short of genius. When I opened the Chronicle from that week and saw you'd used so many column inches to express yourself I wondered what had gotten you so hot and bothered..."

Austin @ Large: Austin at Large
The Chieftains of the Green Tribe need to remember that City Council represents all Austinites.
News Column  May 3, 2002, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...My title here at the Chronicle is "city editor." That "city" is Austin. It is not Central Austin..."

Chronicle Recommends: Memory Loss
Films for when you're trying to forget everything
DAILY Screens  January 8, 2019, by The Screens Staff
"...Every month, the Chronicle's film critics select a theme and offer movie recommendations. We're trying to forget the misery of 2018 with a selection of films about amnesia...."

Chronicle Recommends: Crime and No Punishment
For Crime Month, our favorite films about getting away with it
DAILY Screens  July 9, 2018, by Chronicle Film Staff
"...[image-1-right]July is Crime Month around here, so as part of our celebration of all things nefarious, dastardly, and devious, the Chronicle screens crew has pocketed their favorite films where the criminals get away with it...."

Louis Black Announces Chronicle Retirement
Co-founder and co-owner departs after 36 years at helm
DAILY Screens  August 8, 2017, by Chase Hoffberger
"...Chronicle co-founder and co-owner Louis Black announced in an internal email to staff this morning that he is leaving the paper effective immediately. "It has been a 36-year adventure, a remarkable experience, producing and editing a paper I am proud of beyond reason," Black wrote...."

'Chronicle' Headline on Patterson Misleading
Postmarks  March 23, 2010
"...Dear Editor, As a longtime fan of The Austin Chronicle, I was distressed to see the misleading headline you used for the story reporting that 3rd Court of Appeals Justice Jan Patterson had been cleared of Glen Maxey's complaints to the State Commission on Judicial Conduct. Your headline said, "Patterson Partly Cleared" ["Primary Post-Mortem," News, March 12]..."

Chronicle Recommends: The Best of Austin
Our recommendations of the finest movies from and about the ATX
DAILY Screens  November 4, 2018, by Chronicle Film Staff
"...Every month, the Chronicle's film critics select a theme and offer movie recommendations. In celebration of this week's "Best of Austin" awards, we picked a handful of our favorite Austin movies...."

Virginia Wood, Champion of the Austin Food Community, Dies at 67
Our colleague and friend will be greatly missed
DAILY Food  March 2, 2018, by Jessi Cape
"...Virginia B. Wood, the Chronicle’s food editor from 1997- 2014, died today in a San Antonio care facility..."

'Chronicle' Endorsements 'Lockstep With the Establishment'
Postmarks  May 8, 2012
"...Dear Editor, I am an Austin Chronicle reader, as well as an Austin voter, and I have been appalled by the hostile politics your circulation has promoted against Laura Pressley, candidate for Austin City Council in Place 2. (See the April 19 News article by Michael King,"Point Austin: Money and Minds.”) Dr..."

Why Is the 'Chronicle' Not Covering the Moser Story?
Postmarks  March 28, 2009
"...Dear Austin Chronicle, I find it a bit bizarre that aside from a small bit in "Headlines" [News, March 27] and a mention in "After a Fashion" [March 27], there is no other speak of Stephen Moser's meltdown in the latest issue. He [allegedly] set fire to a car in a parking garage! In a fur coat! Terminal illness aside (which excuses nothing), this guy has much to answer for..."

Opposed to 'Chronicle' Position on Prop. 2, Will Rethink Advertising Contract
Postmarks  October 17, 2008
"...Dear Editor, I am writing to express my concern about the fact that The Austin Chronicle has endorsed the "No" to Proposition 2 on the upcoming ballot ["'Chronicle' Endorsements," News, Oct. 17]..."

Play Fair, 'Chronicle'
Postmarks  October 7, 2008
"...Dear Editor, I enjoyed the listings of restaurants, and quite a few of my suggestions made your follow-up article, but your "our game, our rules" thing is just wrong [“Landmark Eateries,” Food, Sept. 12]! You've included establishments in Driftwood, Bee Cave, and Lakeway/Lake Travis, but you don't consider equally close establishments because of your "rules." You should do a follow-up article with the most logical, commonsense rules – consider any place in any area that gets copies of The Austin Chronicle..."

Movie Reviews Are a Blight on Already Failing 'Chronicle'
Postmarks  January 1, 2008
"...Dear Editor, Historically I have found the movie reviews in The Austin Chronicle to be a bit off-base and amateurish, but after reading the review for I Am Legend by Josh Rosenblatt [Film Listings, Dec. 14], I felt the need to write this letter..."

Appalled at the 'Chronicle'
Postmarks  March 13, 2007
"...Dear Editor, Here's hoping that Sammy Allred and the entire Austin Chronicle News editorial staff will get a clue and understand that what they did was wrong [“Quote of the Week,” News, March 9]. It’s not a surprise that Allred is stupid enough to try and make a racial joke on live radio, but I am appalled that The Austin Chronicle News editors defended his stupidity by calling KVET's management spineless for suspending Allred. KVET did the right thing, and if you can't see it that way, then you are living in the dark ages and need to review American history to see that this kind of behavior only hurts us as a people..."

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