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"Rosie's Law" Takes Bold Stand for Choice, Women's Health
Sheryl Cole's bill would cover abortion care for Medicaid enrollees
DAILY News  February 15, 2019, by Mary Tuma
"...Like most pro-choice measures, Cole’s bill faces an uphill battle, but she remains determined. “Every person regardless of race, income, or minority status should come together to support family values, including the right to have or not have a child, and that decision should not result in death,” Cole told the Chronicle..."

Defend Our Hoodz Gets Mixed Up With Arts District, Presidium, Chronicle
News Story  February 14, 2019, by Michael King
"...The attack on the building was associated with "Defend Our Hoodz," a "revolutionary" anti-gentrification cadre, but DOH denies responsibility. Instead, on its Facebook page, the group "applaud[ed] the hood for defending itself from greedy sellouts," while condemning the Chronicle and other media for implying any connection..."

More Community Feedback on Renaming Reagan High
Northeast Austin school will drop all connections to Confederate postmaster general
News Story  February 14, 2019, by Austin Sanders
"...The board has already voted on new names for the former Allan Center and Fulmore Middle School, but has delayed a vote on Reagan at the request of newly elected Trustee LaTisha Anderson, whose District 1 includes the campus, so she could learn more from her constituents. She appears to have done that work; in a conversation with the Chronicle, Anderson said, "There will be a complete name change" and she would not support simply dropping "John H." "I respect the alumni community's concerns," she said..."

State LGBTQ Chambers Form First-of-Its-Kind Alliance
The new Texas LGBT Chambers of Commerce will represent Austin, Greater Houston, North Texas, and San Antonio
News Story  February 14, 2019, by Beth Sullivan
"...The LGBTQ chambers of commerce representing Texas' four major metro areas have formed a statewide coalition to advocate for business issues important to Texas' LGBTQ community. The first of its kind in the nation, the Texas LGBT Chambers of Commerce – comprising the Austin, Greater Houston, North Texas, and San Antonio chambers – speaks for more than 1,000 LGBTQ-owned and -allied businesses, Chase Kincannon, chair of the Austin chamber, told the Chronicle..."

Four Suspects Charged in Brutal Assault on Gay Couple
Austin police are investigating the case as a potential hate crime
News Story  February 14, 2019, by Sarah Marloff
"...Last month, Deehring told the Chronicle he believed he and his boyfriend Perry were targeted for holding hands as they left Rain on 4th, a popular gay bar on Fourth Street, in the early hours of that Saturday morning. Deehring recalled a man yelling a homophobic slur, to which he and Perry verbally responded as they continued to walk to their car..."

Faster Than Sound: Multidimensional Production Team Musically Reimagines Fantastic Planet
Lifted Traces rescores classic films, Harlem re-emerges locally with Oh Boy, and more
Music Column  February 14, 2019, by Rachel Rascoe
"...KUTX DJs admitted defeat to the Chronicle team last Tuesday following Music Trivia at the Cactus Cafe. Featuring competing teams from C3 Presents, KUT News, and more, KUTX's Taylor Wallace hosted the music nerd-off, the trickiest inquiry being: What Chronicle-reviewed quartet was Britt Daniel in before Spoon? (Answer: Skellington.) Don't miss a "Roots of Indie Rock" edition in April, with proceeds benefiting the local nonprofit...."

On the Edges of Gentrification, Planning a Different East Riverside Drive
City’s declared goals for the corridor and those of private developers do not necessarily coincide
News Story  February 14, 2019, by Michael King

AISD Trustees Push Back on Campus Closure Plan
“When we start messing with people’s schools, we start messing with their communities”
News Story  February 14, 2019, by Austin Sanders
"...The superintendent expects normal staff attrition to make layoffs unnecessary as schools are reconfigured, but emphasized that this is a process he thinks needs to happen no matter what. "When we look at the amount of money going toward recapture, the student enrollment that has dropped over time, the expectations around student learning that are different today," Cruz explained, "all of that contextualizes our decision-making." On Friday, Board President Geronimo Rodriguez told the Chronicle the plan was "part of the journey" regarding "difficult budget choices," and that the process should "not be about urgency" but would "provide opportunities to set our sights on the future and invest educational dollars toward student outcomes."..."

Defend Our Hoodz Denies Responsibility for Vandalism at Austin Creative Alliance
Group “applauds the hood for defending itself from greedy sellouts”
DAILY News  February 12, 2019, by Michael King
"...The attack on the building was associated with “Defend Our Hoodz,” a “revolutionary” anti-gentrification cadre, but DOH denies responsibility. Instead, on its Facebook page, the group “applaud[ed] the hood for defending itself from greedy sellouts” while condemning the Chronicle and other media for implying any connection..."

Georgetown Man Charged in Attack on Gay Couple Downtown
Frank Macias being charged with two counts of aggravated assault
DAILY News  February 12, 2019, by Sarah Marloff
"...Last month, Deehring told the Chronicle he believed he and his boyfriend were targeted for holding hands as they left Rain, a busy gay bar on Fourth St., in the early hours of Saturday morning. Deehring recalled a man yelling a homophobic slur, to which he and Perry verbally responded as they continued to walk to their car..."

More to the Story
Postmarks  February 12, 2019
"...Dear Editors, Thank you to Nina Hernandez and the Chronicle for the excellent reporting on the Austin Animal Center ["In the Doghouse," News, Feb. 8]. I am a six-year volunteer at both Austin Pets Alive! and AAC. For the last four years, I have also fostered difficult-to-adopt dogs from both AAC and APA. The challenges with Austin’s “No Kill” goals extend beyond AAC, so I hope the Chronicle will continue to report on them. Only with more public attention on the issues will the lives of Austin’s shelter animals improve.   Your article may leave readers believing that AAC (the city/county shelter) should bear the brunt of achieving “No Kill.”  But “No Kill” is a community-wide goal.  It’s unfair to place that burden on the only open-intake shelter in Travis County. No Kill was promoted vigorously by Austin Pets Alive!, a private nonprofit. APA also convinced the city to let it use the old Town Lake Animal Center – in decrepit condition, but in a prime location in central Austin – for free. (Can you imagine Major League Soccer getting a similar deal for McKalla Place?) In exchange, APA committed to help the city improve its live outcome rate by taking animals from the city shelter. If APA was supposed to serve as the city’s key partner, why then has AAC been dealing with constant overcrowding? Part of the answer lies in the fact that APA has been taking in more and more animals from outside of Travis County, including places outside of Texas. As the saying goes, we should put on our own masks first. There's no question we need improvements and better leadership at AAC..."

At the Crossroads: Joe Nick Patoski’s Austin to ATX
Book, launching Feb. 13, tracks Austin’s evolving character
DAILY Arts  February 11, 2019, by Lauren Jones
"...Patoski, a Fort Worth native, moved to Austin in 1973 to write about music. From writing briefly for the Austin American-Statesman in the late Seventies to working as a staff writer at Texas Monthly for 18 years to reporting on icons such as Ray Benson and Clifford Antone for the Chronicle (and even appearing on the cover in the early Eighties), Patoski has seen the city transform in more ways than he could chronicle in his book...."

Keep On Keepin' It Weird
Postmarks  February 10, 2019
"...There could be a bunch given out every year for various people, places, things, unclassifiables, etc., along with a few yearly inductees to the "Weird Hall of Fame." Who should go in first? Maybe Leslie, Eeyore's Birthday Party, or the Cathedral of Junk? Having readers vote yearly would be one way to do it, and maybe a panel of resident weirdos too. Yeah, I know you probably groan at the prospect of another "Special Issue" where you have to count ballots, but it seems like the Chronicle is the most logical place for this kind of idea..."

Fire Chief Goes Easy on Accused Harasser
Wrist-slap for captain’s rude, sexist “horseplay”
DAILY News  February 9, 2019, by Nina Hernandez
"...She said she had been denied a chance to explain her point of view to department leadership or to even have a woman present when Scarcliff was questioned. “It is unconscionable that the Fire Chief would conclude that unwelcome and unsolicited statements attacking someone’s gender and insinuating that a woman is a bitch and a whore is merely horseplay.” Neither Baker nor the City Manager’s office provided comment when contacted by the Chronicle...."

Austin Animal Center Strains to Maintain Its No-Kill Status
City shelter struggles with overcrowding and volunteer dissatisfaction
News Story  February 7, 2019, by Nina Hernandez
"...Volunteers tell the Chronicle that the shelter never quite regained its footing after that influx. Because the Animal Center operation depends so much on volunteer effort, the workload led to volunteers feeling stressed, unappreciated, and ignored by a staff reckoning with an insurmountable task and with no true leader to guide them...."

Faster Than Sound: Spider House Ballroom Will Cease Live Entertainment
Longtime local venue converts to arcade bar following co-owner misconduct allegations, code violations, and artist payment delays
Music Column  February 7, 2019, by Rachel Rascoe
"...This week's news follows a Chronicle cover story detailing alleged sexual misconduct by Dorgan, who is banned from the property (see "Tangled Web," Dec. 21, 2018)..."

Altamesa Maps Lone Star Existentialism on Sophomore Stunner Idol Frontier
Evan Charles and Sean Faires brave the myth of the Southwest
Music Story  February 7, 2019, by Kevin Curtin
"...The ensuing full-length of the same title, patient, deep-thinking Americana that earned a four-star rave in the Chronicle, served as a troubadour turn for then-26-year-old Evan Charles, who formerly fronted pure, homegrown rock & roll acts the Sweet Nuthin and the Daze. Producer Jonas Wilson, keen on the Austin native's distinct voice and poetic lyrics, all but dragged Charles into the studio to document a subdued DIY vision on the order of Leonard Cohen's Songs From a Room...."

Eastside Parents Want Bus Routes Back
Reduced service in Montopolis, Johnston Terrace bad for students, activists claim
News Story  February 7, 2019, by Austin Sanders
"...At a Cap Metro board meeting last week, Eastside Memor­ial PTA Vice President Ofelia Zapata told the board, "Access continues to disrupt the education of our students and community ... Public education should not suffer because of public transportation." In a conversation with the Chronicle, Zapa­ta said the changes have impacted extracurricular activities (Eastside Memorial staff could not provide data on student participation in these programs by press time) and made it harder for parents to be involved in the school lives of their children..."

Behind the Wheel With Documentary The Gentleman Driver
The world of millionaire endurance racers in The Gentleman Driver
DAILY Screens  February 6, 2019, by Richard Whittaker
"...Austin Chronicle: So how do you balance the needs of running a company with the price tag of being a gentleman driver?..."

Far East Fest Celebrates Asian Food and Culture in Austin
All-you-can-eat bites from every corner of Asia
DAILY Food  February 6, 2019, by Caitlin Davis
"...Attendees and judges (the Chronicle’s own Wayne Alan Brenner is on the judging panel this year) rate each chef and restaurant based on flavor and creativity. The festival will also include a much larger stage than the previous year with numerous singers and dancers, making the stage more of a centerpiece and creating a far more immersive experience..."

Pet Sematary Remake to Close SXSW Film
Midnighters, Festival Favorites, plus shorts all announced
DAILY Screens  February 6, 2019, by Richard Whittaker
"...SXSW runs March 8-17. For full coverage of the entire fest, visit"

Austin Resident Named in Texas Voter Purge Debacle, Files Suit
"They basically accused me of committing fraud"
DAILY News  February 5, 2019, by Mary Tuma
"...It’s so irresponsible and disrespectful. They basically accused me – and thousands of others – of committing fraud,” Garibay tells the Chronicle..."

PR Newman’s Small Town Meet-Up
New video coincides with extensive tour announcement
DAILY Music  February 4, 2019, by Kevin Curtin
"...PR Newman has concocted an amusing, homespun video for “Let’s Go Meet in a Small Town,” which Chronicle scribe Libby Webster recently described as “a winking, brutal takedown of hipster Austinites’ obsessions with rural living.”..."

Catherine Hardwicke Unloads With Miss Bala
Twilight director and UT grad heads across the border for new film
DAILY Screens  January 31, 2019, by Richard Whittaker
"...Austin Chronicle: There's a real lean, mean, run-and-gun feel to the film...."

Experimental Response Cinema’s Scott Stark Bids Farewell to Austin
Our interview with the filmmaker and programmer
Screens Story  January 31, 2019, by Josh Kupecki
"...Austin Chronicle: Well, I never thought I'd have to think about the George Clooney/Nicole Kidman 1997 film The Peacemaker ever again, but here we are. Your use of recontextualizing old film trailers and videos while inserting these discourses on various topics makes for a pretty heady and entertaining brew in "Love and the Epiphanists." How did this epic come about?..."

Council Set to OK New Contract for Downtown Homeless Shelter
Council ready to take next (Front) Steps
News Story  January 31, 2019, by Nina Hernandez
"...The star attraction of the 79-Item agenda is CM Alison Alter's resolution requesting a third-party audit of the Austin Police Department's handling of sexual assault cases, in the wake of unflattering national headlines and a concerning review by the Texas Department of Public Safety (for more on that continuing story, see But it will also be an important meeting on the topic of homelessness – identified last year as Council's No..."

AISD and City: Let’s Work Together!
Looking for mutually beneficial uses for publicly owned land
News Story  January 31, 2019, by Austin Sanders
"...Austin City Council is set to approve a resolution at today's meeting to affirm the city's "support of Austin ISD" and direct the city manager to "prioritize collaborative planning" with the school district on mutually beneficial uses of publicly owned land. The resolution language is vague, and one of its sponsors, District 9 CM Kathie Tovo, noted to the Chronicle that it would not initiate any new work – but both AISD and the city hope a renewed commitment will lead to projects that could provide housing and services to families struggling to make it in an increasingly unaffordable Austin...."

Texas Institute of Letters Honors Chronicle Arts Editor Robert Faires
Longtime writer and critic one of 17 inducted in TIL
DAILY Arts  January 30, 2019, by Kimberley Jones
"...The expression “man of letters” has somewhat fallen out of fashion, but we think the way it suggests both erudition and elegance is a most apt description for Chronicle Arts & Culture Editor Robert Faires. How fitting, then, that he’ll be inducted into the prestigious Texas Institute of Letters this spring...."

Zack Carlson Cracks the Vault on Terror Tuesdays at the Drafthouse
Wild and weird movie expert on the underground horror phenom
DAILY Screens  January 29, 2019, by Marc Savlov
"...A resounding success, Carlson’s stroke of genius led directly to his overseeing the Alamo Drafthouse’s Terror Tuesdays and the rest is, of course, history. Or so the story goes (in this week's The Austin Chronicle: Read all about his successor running the show, Joseph Ziemba, in this week's issue)...."

2019 SXSW Film Venue Guide
Where to go, how to get there, and how to navigate the lines
DAILY SXSW  January 29, 2019
"...Looking to know more about Austin's vibrant queer community? You want Qmmunity, where you'll find the Chronicle's LGBTQ+ coverage, event listings, resources, and more...."

Deserves "Best Of"
Postmarks  January 25, 2019
"...This is the sign of an honest business which is more interested in my safety than money. I would encourage Chronicle readers to patronize their garage..."

Arturo Sandoval Sounds His Horn
Cuban trumpet great on Eastwood, Gillespie, and God
DAILY Music  January 24, 2019, by Jeremy Steinberger
"...Austin Chronicle: You’re coming off a busy year. How are you doing today, Arturo?..."

Storied Austin Drummer Hunt Sales Gets His Shit Together
Forty years of junkiedom ends in debut solo album for Tin Machine drummer
Music Story  January 24, 2019, by Kevin Curtin
"...Austin Chronicle: You're releasing your first solo album in your 60s. How did that come about?..."

Sex and the Senate
What will it take to curb sexual harassment at the Texas State Capitol?
News Story  January 24, 2019, by Mary Tuma
"...Women, both anonymously and publicly, have put the Capitol on notice with their stories of inappropriate behavior, harassment, and even sexual assault in various publications covering the Lege, including The Daily Beast, Texas Observer, and The Texas Tribune. Former legislative intern Taylor Holden and former aide Genevieve Cato shared their experiences facing indecent behavior at the state Capitol with the Chronicle in December 2017, right as the House released its first draft policy ("State Capitol Sexual Abuse Policies Remain a Work in Progress," Dec..."

Controversial SOAH Chief Judge Takes Her Leave
Lesli Ginn will not seek reappointment to State Office of Administrative Hearings
News Story  January 24, 2019, by Michael King
"...In her letter to SOAH staff, Ginn did not mention these controversies except indirectly, thanking the governor for the appointment: "As an administrative law practitioner for my entire career," she wrote, "I can think of no greater honor." Otherwise, she said she would work to ensure a "smooth and efficient transition" and continue to serve until a successor is appointed. Ginn did not respond to a Chronicle request for further explanation of her decision...."

Faster Than Sound: City on the Fence Regarding Red River’s Homeless Problem
Red River merchants push to finally enclose dangerous alley with 10-foot fence, electro-pop diva p1nkstar touches down at Fuego ATX, and more
Music Column  January 24, 2019, by Rachel Rascoe
"..."The alley should be a slam dunk," Cowan tells the Chronicle. "This should be the easiest step in what long-term involves providing more support and shelter for our homeless citizens..."

Mixing Race, Gender, and Improv Is a Heady Cocktail for Two
Shannon Stott and Quinn Buckner bid some basic boundaries bye-bye
DAILY Arts  January 22, 2019, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Austin Chronicle: Wait, is the perspective full of those things, or is the process of doing it full of them?..."

Roppolo’s Pizzeria Trailer to Close After 16 Years
One of Austin’s first stationary food trucks shutters before SXSW
DAILY Food  January 22, 2019, by Jessi Cape
"...Owner Marc Roppolo informed the Chronicle that he’ll be closing his 4th and Colorado Roppolo’s pizza trailer after 16 years to make room for a new high-rise building. The news is particularly remarkable because of the food truck’s history...."

Austin Music Awards Reveals 2019 Lineup
Punk icons, big name scions, viral rappers, and more top the talent
DAILY Music  January 22, 2019, by Kevin Curtin
"...Long shepherded by late local music lynchpin Margaret Moser, the AMAs continue to grow in unprecedented unification of ATX music industry entities. The Austin Chronicle, South by Southwest, Stratus Properties, C3 Presents, Margin Walker, Circuit of the Americas, Austin Music Movement, KUTX, Giant Noise, the Clifford Antone Foundation, the Recording Academy, SexHawkeBlack Records, YepRoc Records, Kessler Presents, and Gibson Guitars are all sponsors and/or partners in the AMAs...."

Hi, How Are You Day: Wayne Coyne
Flaming Lips’ singer talks Daniel Johnston ahead of Tuesday megashow
DAILY Music  January 21, 2019, by Rachel Rascoe
"...Austin Chronicle: Congrats on your wedding!..."

Austin’s Least-Loved Landfill May Be Poised to Grow Again
The other ACL: The Austin Community Landfill
News Story  January 17, 2019, by Lindsay Stafford Mader
"...When our Chronicle photographer asks if we can see the expansion area, Jacobs curtly responds, "What expansion?" and a moment of silent tension hangs in the truck. He then explains that, yes, WM is considering expanding the landfill but hasn't spent "any money whatsoever" developing an expansion application, which he says would take about one year to prepare and two to five years to go through the TCEQ and public-input process..."

¡Dale, Austin FC! MLS Makes It Official
Austin finally is a major league town, with soccer taking the pitch in 2021
News Story  January 17, 2019, by Austin Sanders
"...Garza pointed to her childhood in San Antonio, where Spurs fandom stretched across class lines, and Casar recalled PTA meetings where parents urged him to help bring an MLS team to town so their children could feel the impact of living in a city with a professional sports team. But both told the Chronicle they would carefully watch Precourt to ensure he delivered on the community benefits he promised "to the entire city," as Garza put it...."

Village Idiot Alex Jones Must Spill His Secrets
Lawsuits by Sandy Hook families want to look at Infowars’ books
News Story  January 17, 2019, by Austin Sanders
"...We at the Chronicle try to make this space an Alex Jones-free zone, but report the news we must. Austin's homegrown conspiracy clown, now an international embarrassment, had a bad day in court last week..."

Faster Than Sound: Music Lab Explores Consolidation
Rehearsal space’s Oltorf location posted for sale; Hi, How Are You Day draws the Flaming Lips; and Esme Barrera tribute launches Girls Rock El Paso
Music Column  January 17, 2019, by Rachel Rascoe
"...Music Lab's Oltorf location, a default rehearsal space for Austin musicians, is up for sale. In an exclusive email statement to the Chronicle, president Dan Cabela and secretary Joe Cabela explained the listing on commercial real estate site LoopNet as "an attempt to understand whether consolidation is a good move for us." Such a plan would move all business to their second location on St..."

The Duchess of Palms
Remembering Texas trailblazer Nadine Eckhardt
News Story  January 17, 2019, by Michael King
"...One thread running through Duchess of Palms (and, more recently, through Tracy Daugherty's new biography of Billy Lee, Leaving the Gay Place) is that of a "Fifties girl" conditioned to be overshadowed by the life of her man, and of men generally. Sarah Eckhardt asked, "What does it say about our time that we still describe a woman's life by her relationships to men?" She told the Chronicle that for her mother's generation, an adventurous woman was seen as "flighty or irresponsible." [inset-1-right]..."

Top 10 Festival Films You Haven't Seen Yet
From charming zombies to pompous actors, 10 films to seek in 2019
DAILY Screens  January 11, 2019, by Richard Whittaker
"...It's become a trope that you couldn't do Lord of the Flies with teenage girls, and writer/director Amanda Kramer blows that conceit apart with this brutal analysis of the specific ways that women turn on each other. "Feminine tedium is a big theme in my work," she told the Chronicle..."

Van Boven Fallout Continues
While appeals proceed, Baylor professor campaigns to save SOAH
DAILY News  January 10, 2019, by Michael King
"...Beal also wrote to Nichole B. Bunker-Henderson, chief of the attorney general’s administrative law division, saying he had “never seen such a blatant case of agency bad faith,” and urging her to intervene to “end this matter now.” (Neither the assistant AG's nor Bunker-Henderson responded to the Chronicle’s request for comment.)..."

Austin FC's New Neighbors Take Over Push to Put Soccer on the Ballot
Group looks to take anti-stadium petition to the polls
News Story  January 10, 2019, by Austin Sanders
"...The identity of who sent the email, however, remains a mystery. No one has responded to messages sent to "Friends of McKalla" by the Chronicle..."

Celebrating the Women of Flatbed Press at PrintAustin 2019
Elisabet Ney Museum gives Austin’s world-class press its historic due
Arts Story  January 10, 2019, by Robert Faires
"...Smith, Flatbed co-founder and Brimberry's business partner at the time, on a series of monotypes in the summer of 1990. The next year, Brimberry worked with a female artist for the first time when former gallery owner and Chronicle Arts writer Rebecca Cohen sponsored a project with Sydney Yeager at Flatbed..."

Chronicle Recommends: Memory Loss
Films for when you're trying to forget everything
DAILY Screens  January 8, 2019, by The Screens Staff
"...Every month, the Chronicle's film critics select a theme and offer movie recommendations. We're trying to forget the misery of 2018 with a selection of films about amnesia...."

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