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GAyCL: Making Austin the Queer Music Capital of the World
The alternative showcase provides the queer answer to ACL
DAILY The Gay Place  October 12, 2017, by Beth Sullivan
"...Just as the early years of the Austin City Limits Music Festival recognized lesser known artists and performers in and around Texas, queer artists are coming together in the Capital City for a one-night-only celebration of their work...."

Amplify Austin 2015: Under the Rainbow
We hat-tip the Amplify nonprofits that serve and support LGBTQIA
DAILY The Gay Place  March 3, 2015, by Blake McCoy
"...• ALLGO Our statewide queer people of color group is all that …and a bag of chips (and a case of mangos)."

Waxing Queer
Performance artist Silky Shoemaker opens the doors to queer culture's lost past with her gay wax museum
Arts Story  February 12, 2015, by Andy Campbell
"..."The funny thing is," says Shoemaker, "the project hasn't really evolved or changed much in 10 years; it's only now that I have the opportunity to realize it." Equal parts pedagogy and party, Shoemaker's installation will debut opening night of upstart film and arts festival, OUTsider. She describes it as consisting of human-scaled dioramas, each inhabiting a 5'x5' footprint, depicting lost and overlooked moments of queer history (see "On Display")..."

Welcome to Austin's Queer Side
Parties, bars, and so much pride: A guide to LGBTQ Austin
DAILY The Gay Place  September 29, 2017, by Sarah Marloff
"...Let me tell you right now: Austin is a great place for queers – despite the whole Texas thing...."

Passing the (Queer)Bomb
What's the future of the June celebration for Austin's LGBTQ community?
Arts Story  June 2, 2016, by Sarah Marloff
"...If there's one thing the LGBTQ community excels at, it's throwing a damn good party. In the 47 years since the first high heel was lobbed at the Stonewall Riots, queers have found a way to intertwine revelry with rights..."

The Queer Curator
Getting to know the Blanton's talented curator, Evan Garza
DAILY The Gay Place  April 11, 2016, by Dan Gray
"...It’s the first major museum exhibition to historically examine emerging art of the decade, open now through May 15. For the Blanton presentation of the show, Garza built on the existing checklist to include artworks produced during the AIDS crisis by such important artists as Felix Gonzalez-Torres, San Antonio native Donald Moffett, and New York queer agitprop collective Gran Fury...."

Dynasty: On Being Black and Queer in Austin
The Mahogany Project's newest show dives into QPOC lived experience
DAILY The Gay Place  August 1, 2017, by Iman Shah
"...Austin has a thriving LGBTQ+ community, but that doesn't mean it's always easy to call Austin home. The challenges queer people of color face while navigating predominantly white spaces often go overlooked and unheard, while few public spaces exist for queers of color...."

PWR BTTM Will Not Play Austin
Queer punk duo faces erasure in light of sexual assault allegations
DAILY The Gay Place  May 19, 2017, by Sarah Marloff
"...In less than a week queer indie darling duo PWR BTTM went from the next big thing in music – all music, not just subculture queer music – to being all but deleted from the industry’s existence...."

Connecting the Dots With Queer Qumbia
Queer Qumbia branches out into their inaugural Night Market
DAILY The Gay Place  January 25, 2014, by Sarah Marloff
"...Who didn’t play connect the dots as a child? Well Queer Qumbia en Tejas founder, Kanoa Bailey still wants to play, grown-up style. And with tonight’s Night Market that’s just what he intends to do...."

OUTsider Review: Queer Animation
Curated short films offers varying perspectives on queerness
DAILY The Gay Place  February 22, 2017, by Courtney Naquin
"...Queer Animation, a short film collection curated by Judith Foster, left the audience amazed and inspired at Sunday's screening on the last day of the 2017 OUTsider Festival...."

Gay Place: Texas Is a Queer State of Mind
UT goes balls-out on Queer State(s)
Columns  September 23, 2011, by Kate X Messer
"...The catalog for the balls-out exhibit of queer expression currently up at UT's Visual Art Center delicately refers to the video of Austin's beloved Christeene as a "mashup of gender tropes." God, we love art fags. Tropes! Christeene, for those of you who've seen, felt, or been spat upon at a show, skews more toward gender gropes, we'd say..."

A Queer Renaissance in Austin?
AGLIFF's new mission and upstart QueerBomb
DAILY The Gay Place  June 3, 2010, by Steven Cheslik-deMeyer
"...There's some kind of groundswell of change. It feels like Austin is on the verge of a queer Renaissance...."

UT's Queer Greek Life
An all-inclusive queer sorority founded at UT-Austin
DAILY The Gay Place  January 25, 2017, by Courtney Naquin
"...For many people in the queer community, Greek life on college campuses can seem rather frightening. Fraternities and sororities, by tradition, have been built on heteronormative structures and strict gender binary codes...."

SXstyle: Queer Fashion
The visual activism of dressing how you feel
DAILY SXSW  March 12, 2016, by Sarah Marloff
"...Queer fashion is dawning on a renaissance, but it’s not all “androgynous” joggers and a-line tees. It’s much more complex and at the root of SXSW’s first ever queer style panel, Queer Style: Visual Activism and Fashion’s Frontier...."

DIY Queer Community
Can’t relate to what Austin’s gay scene has to offer? Make one of your own!
Features Story  June 2, 2006, by Kate Getty
"...It was such a buzz kill from her days in San Francisco and New York, where she rubbed shoulders with such indie film and theatre heavy hitters as cinema gurus John Sloss and Christine Vachon and Greater Tuna maven Ed Howard. Queer Austin suddenly seemed stagnant compared to her own wild times here in the Nineties..."

Four Years of Queer Storytelling
Queer Mountain celebrates their fourth anniversary tonight
DAILY The Gay Place  March 29, 2017, by Ezra Edwards
"...I know all about anniversaries. It's been six years since I began DJing in Austin – and what a journey it's been! Another entertaining journey that comes to mind is Greetings, From Queer Mountain..."

Austin Black Pride Wraps a Successful Second Year
Celebrating the evolution of Austin's Black LGBTQ community
DAILY The Gay Place  April 4, 2017, by Sarah Nicholus
"...In Jones’ opinion, the east-of-35 locations were more “chill, laid back, and authentic” than those of other popular social districts, such as the Domain or Downtown, where he has attended other meetups for black queer men. “Being black, being gay – maybe not being affluent – and being in those spaces … someone is bound to give a micro-aggression, like you’re not supposed to be there,” explained Jones..."

Black Queer Studies Collection at UT
Groups partner to create new research resource
DAILY The Gay Place  May 13, 2010, by Ricky Hill
"...The Black Queer Studies Collection is a cataloged creation that makes searching for works by queer people of color much less time consuming. With the addition of this new tool to the University's library system, a localized note will now appear in the online catalog listings of works by, for and about Black Diasporic LGBTQ people..."

Breaking Down Barriers and Building Community With Impulse Austin
“Grassroots business directory” hosts queer networking event
DAILY The Gay Place  December 14, 2016, by Sarah Marloff
"...Terese Rusher believes in karma – the idea that putting out good energy into the world will bring good energy back. It’s the foundation behind “what goes around, comes around,” and Rusher wants to make her go-round a safe and thriving space for Austin’s queer community...."

Your Queer Schedule
Christeene and the Femme Mafia take over your weekend
DAILY The Gay Place  January 29, 2010, by Andy Campbell
"...Friday night Christeene will be having her EP release party at Elysium ($3-$8 sliding scale for entry). The queer musical improv outfit Disco Plague will be opening..."

UT Student Launches Queer Journalists Association on Campus
The NLGJA hopes to educate budding writers on LGBTQ issues
DAILY The Gay Place  May 12, 2017, by Katie Walsh
"...During his near three years at UT, Milburn said he’s witnessed students misgender sources and burn bridges with members of the LGBTQ community because they were not properly educated on how to write about LGBTQ topics. The UT NLGJA chapter hopes future UT graduates will have a greater knowledge and familiarity with the queer community, which will help writers cover these LGBTQ stories in a compassionate and accurate way...."

Polari: Unabashedly Queer
Gays descend on Downtown for Polari's opening night
DAILY The Gay Place  October 17, 2013, by Sarah Marloff
"...Lights, camera, action! Opening night of Polari (the film festival formerly known as aGLIFF) lit up the State Theater last night to honor queer film, Austin's queer community, and the film festival founder, Scott Dinger...."

Gay Place: Austin Pride Parade
A look back at the 2009 Pride Parade as we prepare for 2012
Columns  September 14, 2012, by Kate X Messer and Anne Harris
"...LEZRIDE! They'll be screechin' up on two wheels (each!) and you won't have any other option but sheer submission. It's a weekly social bike ride for queer women (and on second Tuesdays, all Qs welcome!)..."

Gay Place's Top 10 Queer Doin's 2006
Queers look back at 'Brokeback' fever and forward to Mary Cheney's baby
Columns  January 5, 2007, by Kate Getty and Kate X Messer
"...6) The annual International Drag KingCommunity Extravaganza celebrated its eighth year with its first trip across the Mason-Dixon to Austin, showing the global community of red-hot gender benders what happens when you go waaaaay down South. The event's main show at Palmer Events Center occurred just down the hall from Project Transitions' popular Style Cup, making for quite the queer twofer...."

Austin Film Festival Review: Almost Adults
Two friends grapple with relationships in this snarky charmer
DAILY Screens  October 16, 2016, by Sarah Marloff
"...Continuing in the latest (and greatest) trend in queer film, Almost Adults is not your typical lesbian movie. Written and directed by Adrianna DiLonardo and Sarah Rotella, the creators of YouTube’s The Gay Women Channel, this coming-of-age comedy is ultimately the story of best friends, growing up, and making room...."

Queer Comedian Smackdown
Both Adelina Anthony and Margaret Cho in one weekend? Surely this is some form of sign of the gaypocalypse?
DAILY The Gay Place  January 18, 2008, by Kate X Messer
"...It's like a reality show, America's Next Top President." Honey, she's just warming up. This weekend's gigs are tonight and tomorrow, Fri.-Sat., Jan 18-19, 8pm & 10:30pm. Come out right here in Austin and make fun of what we're not supposed to by way of Spanglish humor that flirts with all kinds of cultural taboos from the purported Lesbian Gang Epidemic (The Pink Mafia!) to queered religious icons to the semi-sacred courtship that happens only among queer womyn of color. Trust us, if you missed last year's squatting-room-only "Sex & Tortillas" show at the Victory Grill (I keep wanting to call it "Sex With Tortillas"…), DO NOT MISS La Angry Xicana..."

Austin Film Society Announces 2017 Film Grants
$143,000 in cash and support awarded to 34 filmmakers
DAILY Screens  August 28, 2017, by Kimberley Jones
"...THE TROUBLE WITH RAY Documentary Feature Director: Travis Johns $5,000 cash for Post-Production The Trouble With Ray exposes the wild, untold history of LGBT activism in ultra-conservative Texas and its impact on the national stage as told by the movement’s ultimate outsider, Ray Hill: a labor activists’ son, ex-con, and “loud-mouthed queer,” whose 50 years of fearlessly protesting for LGBTQ equality energized a grassroots movement to take powerful, political action...."

Amateur Porn Film Festival Comes to Austin
Dan Savage's Hump! Tour rolls in for some kinky fun
DAILY Screens  September 25, 2015, by Sarah Marloff
"...This year’s final selection promises a little bit of somethin' somethin' for everyone. Queer films, straight films, kinky films – you name it...."

Playback: Austin Music Awards (On Everything)
Austin Music Industry Awards down, here come the 2016/17 AMAs and a slew of SXSW buzz acts
Music Column  March 9, 2017, by Kevin Curtin
"...Muna If Bruce Springsteen was a queer female synth-pop trio, he'd be Los Angeles' Muna, whose lyrics boast grounded, heartfelt poetry. Half Notes..."

The Music Lover's Guide to Austin
The essential sounds, sights, and settings of Austin music
DAILY Chronolog  March 3, 2017
"...Barbarella rages loud with big crowds almost every night. The Red River nightclub rolls with staple weekly events including Tuesgayz – a queer curated mix of indie, electro, and dance music – and Grits & Gravy Thursday, spinning records from the Fifties through the Seventies..."

Guide to Austin Improv
The venues, events, troupes, and individuals who have transformed Austin into a "Yes, and" boomtown
Arts Story  August 25, 2016, by Robert Faires
"...But that isn't where you'll find this TNM leader. If he isn't teaching classes and workshops to fledgling improvisers or coaching new troupes, he's on the stage, either improvising with comedy partner Vanessa Gonzalez in the duo Handbomb (Tuesdays, 8pm, at TNM), honing his stand-up chops, or co-hosting the ongoing LGBTQ storytelling show Greetings, From Queer Mountain with fellow comic Ralphie Hardesty...."

LGBTQ Kitchens Make Austin Proud
Sundaze and Texas Chili Queens are rising stars in Austin’s food truck universe
Food Story  August 25, 2016, by Shaun Lee
"...Nevermind. Queer people have been making their own way since long before the first brick was lobbed at the Stonewall..."

The Austin Music Atlas
A primer for the musically inclined
DAILY AAN  June 14, 2016, by Emily Gibson
"...With the illustrious Stubb’s (801 Red River) hosting the bigger names that pass through town, smaller clubs have established themselves in the surrounding buildings. Among them is Cheer Up Charlies (900 Red River), an unofficial HQ for queer culture that often hosts local indie and rock music for little to no cover..."

Austin Film Society Announces 2013 Grants
$116,000 awarded to Texas filmmakers
DAILY Screens  August 28, 2013, by Richard Whittaker

PRIDE Weekend 2010: I Am QueerBomb. I Am Austin Pride.
How queer is your Pride? How Austin is your bomb?
Features Story  June 4, 2010, by Kate X Messer
"...Enter: QueerBomb. I, personally, Kate Messer (the person, not the Chronicle), was consulted early on in the formation of QueerBomb, and after enjoying the manic energy and prankster ethos, have been loosely affiliated since..."

Kitty Makes Austin Lezzie Scene (and the Big Cats at HRC) Purrrrr
Kitty takes HRC title!
DAILY The Gay Place  January 26, 2008, by Kate X Messer
"...The Kitty prize, however, came out of a very welcome left field. Her approach to community, has been a refreshing kick in the Austin queer scene's ass, and we respect and salute HRC for recognizing it..."

DSA Queer Coalition Organizes and Mobilizes
Democratic Socialists subgroup has the LGBTQ community's back
DAILY The Gay Place  February 7, 2017, by Sloane Smith
"...In this topsy-turvy world, one place to turn is the ATX Democratic Socialists of America (ATX DSA) Queer Coalition. A subgroup of the Austin chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America – the largest socialist organization in the U.S..."

Queer Queer Queer Movies
SXSW films for homos, films for this homo.
DAILY The Gay Place  March 13, 2009, by Andy Campbell
"...So I wanted to let you in on screenings and film events that queers might really love… now, of course, this list is by no means comprehensive and represents only my own tastes and proclivities. This year there are precious fewer than last, but the selections are sweet...."

Mx. Justin Vivian Bond Comes to Austin
The queer cabaret legend is the friend we all need right now
DAILY The Gay Place  September 7, 2017, by Beth Sullivan
"...The legendary performer – who’s starred in John Cameron Mitchell's Shortbus, won the Lambda Literary Award for their memoir Tango: My Childhood, Backwards and in High Heels, and was nominated for a Tony – is coming to town for just one night (and a quick symposium at UT-Austin) to help build a stronger and brighter community bond at a time when queer and trans folks need it most...."

Austin Pride 2008
The party goes on all month long ...
Features Story  June 13, 2008
"...Like the neighbor's dog. Not only will the shores be scorching with queer after queer after darling-lovely queer, but the lineup will keep the masses packed to the front of the stage..."

Gay Place: Queer Waves
Listen to KOOP-FM's annual Stonewall show
Columns  June 25, 2015, by Kate X Messer
"...Queer Youth Media Project Registration Austin School of Film and aGLIFF host this summer's Queer Youth Media Project for students ages 14-20. Register now online..."

This cram-packed week is kinda like Austin's mini-Pride
Columns  June 1, 2012, by Kate X Messer
"...We hope you've been doing your push-ups. We'd hate to see you run out of gas for Texas Swing, Trannyshack!, Queerbomb, or anything else that's packing this week's calendar like a drag king in heat. ON OUR GAYDAR..."

Gay Place's Top 10 Queer Doin's 2008
Gay Place recounts 2008: the year of hope and impact
Columns  January 2, 2009, by Ash Bell, Andy Campbell, Kate Getty, Kate X Messer and Dacia Saenz
"...15, 10:30am PST. The result? More than 1 million protesters in every state and beyond rose to bear witness to the creation of a freshly energized queer rights movement...."

Out Youth Offers Queer Adults a Second Chance at Prom
Local org for LGBTQIA teens throws their first ever adult prom
DAILY The Gay Place  May 16, 2016, by Sarah Marloff
"...Out Youth would like to rewrite those histories for the queer kids of yesteryear with their first-ever Second Chance Adult Prom. Though not exclusively for gay of center adults, this night is designed to do several things: introduce a greater audience to Out Youth, get more people connected, and “throw a fun party,” says board member and prom co-chair Nathan Michaud...."

Gay Place: Austin's Gay Days
We've got all the Pride info and sneak peeks into a very gay fall season.
Columns  August 27, 2015, by Kate X Messer, Neha Aziz, Sarah Marloff and Blake McCoy
"...Let Love Land Dance Party Launch for interactive art splash with Alexis Pauline Gumbs and Julia Sangodare Wallace, queer choir practice, and dance party. Fri., Aug..."

Queer Vid From the Great Beyond
An upcoming night of queer video art.
DAILY The Gay Place  January 21, 2009, by Andy Campbell
"...The collective of local video artists Austin Video Bee and aGLIFF are presenting a nationally touring night of queer video art. CHANNELING: An Invocation of Spectral Bodies and Queer Spirits happens this Saturday, January 24, 8:30-10:00pm at the Hideout Theater on Congress..."

Top Ten Queer Sh*t
Andy's Top Ten queer things, happenings, people, etc. etc.
DAILY The Gay Place  December 31, 2008, by Andy Campbell
"...6. Hooray California! Boo California! For us queers in Texas, we live vicariously (sometimes) through the lives of gays in different states..."

Queer Culture Valuable to All
Postmarks  June 27, 2008
"..."sex positive" dichotomy without questioning. As a queer parent, I believe that queer cultural values are among the most important things that I can bequeath to my son..."

Gay Place's Top 10 Queer Doin's 2007
All the doors that opened from the closet to the men's room
Features Story  January 4, 2008, by Kate Getty and Kate X Messer
"...From Air America's Dr. Rachel Maddow's guest appearances on network and cable news programs and whispers of CNN's hunky metrosexual Anderson Cooper's orientation to daring and darling straight allies like Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Cyndi Lauper's awesome True Colors tour, cable "out"-lets like Logo and Here! were not the only repositories of queer voices heard..."

Queer as Folk, Charles Mcdougall
The Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival (aGLIFF) presents one of the favorites from last year's festival: the gay British TV soap opera Queer as Folk. Produced by Channel...
Film Review  April 6, 2000, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Starring: Aidan Gillen, Craig Kelly and Charlie Hunnam. The Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival (aGLIFF) presents one of the favorites from last year's festival: the gay British TV soap opera Queer as Folk..."

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