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2017 Austin Dance Festival
This year's showcase of two dozen dances proved how Austin's dancing has risen to the level of its dance making
Arts Review  April 6, 2017, by Jonelle Seitz
"...When I was still new to Austin, in 2008, I interviewed Ellen Bartel about the dance festival she directed, Big Range Austin. Austin was a choreographer's town, not a dancer's town, she told me..."

Austin Dance Festival
The debut of this new dance fest offered a range of interesting work, the best being fluent in musicality
Arts Review  April 23, 2015, by Jonelle Seitz
"...For a city crazy with festivals, our dance festival history is kind of shaky. For much of the past decade, we enjoyed Hot September Flurries and then Big Range Austin Dance Festival, thanks to Ellen Bartel's Spank Dance Company..."

Big Range Austin Dance Festival
Choreographer Ellen Bartel is stirring up the local dance scene again with a bigger, more sophisticated dance fest
Arts Story  June 6, 2008, by Jonelle Seitz
"...Three years after pulling Austin's contemporary-dance scene out of the gutter with the Hot September Flurries festival, which was commended by both critics and the local dance community, Austin choreographer Ellen Bartel is stirring things up again. This year's festival has a strapping new name, a streamlined schedule, new venues, and a more sophisticated – but still indie – sensibility..."

Austin Dance
Some Austin dance artists will be getting out of town this summer – way out of town: Innsbruck, Jacob's Pillow, and Hong Kong – thanks to special invitations
Arts Story  June 23, 2006, by Robert Faires
"...Like most everyone, dance artists like to get out of town during the summer. This season sees some traveling farther than others, however, thanks to special invitations..."

The Austin Arts Hall of Fame Class of 2018
Actor/director Norman Blumensaadt, dance artists Kathy Dunn Hamrick and Anuradha Naimpally, and philanthropists Jeanne and Michael Klein join the ranks of cultural heroes
Arts Story  May 24, 2018, by Robert Faires
"...When you look at the vitality of the arts and culture in Austin, it isn't just the current crop of creators who are responsible. It's the artists, educators, patrons, and arts advocates who have devoted their time and effort into making the work, founding the institutions, and providing the support for the visual arts, classical music, dance, and theatre, over many years, who have made the difference..."

Vincent Mantsoe and Dance Theatre X
Defining African-derived contemporary dance with professor Charles O. Anderson
Arts Story  September 20, 2013, by Jonelle Seitz
"...When modern-dance pioneers like Mary Wigman and Martha Graham appropriated bits of indigenous movement and rhythm from Africa, Asia, and North America, they did so in a formal way, extracting the movements from their cultural contexts, curating, framing, and polishing them as acquisitions to a modern dance lexicon, where they were blended with ballet and anti-ballet to form new passages of expression. But for other choreographers, culture is stickier..."

Dance of the Prodigal Son
Soft-spoken and self-effacing choreographer Stephen Mills seems an unlikely candidate for rebellious Prodigal Son. But he was, breaking away from Ballet Austin in 1996, only to return two years later. Now the newly named artistic director of Ballet Austin, Mills talks about his departure, his return, and the future of the company.
Arts Story  April 28, 2000, by Robert Faires
"...And it's the story of Stephen Mills. In 1987, Mills made his artistic home in a former firehouse on Guadalupe Street, the building housing the studios of Ballet Austin, and over the next nine years, did a significant amount of "growing up" there: first as a principal dancer, then as a dancemaker..."

2016 Austin Festival of Dance
The second round of Kathy Dunn Hamrick's streamlined contemporary dance festival is as carefully curated as the first
Arts Story  March 3, 2016, by Jonelle Seitz
"...Leave it to Kathy Dunn Hamrick, choreographer of resonant dances and developer of a solid audience base for her own 17-year-old company, to streamline the contemporary dance festival into a one-day, gem-studded event. Tickets are cheap for three carefully curated programs – just $40 for a day pass or $15-25 each – that balance emerging artists with established ones, from near with far...."

Kathy Dunn Hamrick Dance Company
An impossible symphony and a manipulated dance challenge our experience of time and memory
Arts Story  July 26, 2013, by Jonelle Seitz
"...The Big Small, a dance choreographed by Kathy Dunn Hamrick and performed by her company last month, might be understood as a performance of memories. Its vignettes seem to be the crystallized, mind-made recollections of experience..."

Kathy Dunn Hamrick Dance Company's Disrupted
KDHDC and Dark Circles Contemporary Dance used classical music to launch into playful patterns and absurd rituals
Arts Review  December 8, 2016, by Jonelle Seitz
"...Choreographer Kathy Dunn Hamrick invited the Dallas-based Dark Circles Contemporary Dance, a youthful troupe that has appeared at Hamrick's Austin Dance Festival, to share the program for her company's winter show. For the first half of the performance, Hamrick's company presented her new The Four (3) Seasons, danced to a recording of Vivaldi's The Four Seasons as recomposed by Max Richter..."

Ballet Austin
Before revving up the jackhammers to renovate its downtown dance center, Ballet Austin is inviting the public to go Dancin' in the District
Arts Story  March 3, 2006, by Robert Faires
"...That revving of jackhammers you hear is another cultural construction project kicking into high gear. This one is Ballet Austin's new Dance Education Center at Third and San Antonio..."

Five Recommended Arts Events in Austin This Weekend
In which your local cultural FOMO is subdued via this handy listicle
DAILY Arts  April 6, 2018, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...3) Another festival, the Austin Dance Festival, kicks out the jams this weekend, with a vibrant array of modern dance showcases by professional local, state, national, and international artists right here in the heart of Austin. And, well, not just performances, but classes and workshops and even a dance-oriented film screening are part of this kinetic hullaballoo that’s sure to lively up the streets and stages of our little (ha!) river city...."

Austin Creative Alliance Honors 2015
Third class of honorees: Moser, Mexic-Arte, Esparza, Harden
DAILY Arts  November 10, 2015, by Robert Faires
"...The focus of the evening is on the honorees, of course, but the ACA has ensured that there's a lot more to the festivities, including free food and drinks, as well as a host of impressive performances. Contributing their talents to the event will be: • John Pointer of Live Music Capital Foundation • Minor Mishap Marching Band • Amphion Youth Choir • Dance Waterloo • Austin Dance India • Puppet Improv Project and • Aytahn Benavi of Young Performing Artists..."

Sharing the Dance
A new generation of Austin choreographers is expanding our concept of dance through the combination of movement styles and traditions from across the globe, and Barbejoy Ponzio talks to them about the part fusion plays in their work.
Arts Story  January 21, 2000, by Barbejoy A. Ponzio
"...Toni Bravo is herself a fusion of different cultures, so why shouldn't the dances she creates be the same? "I am part Italian, French, Spanish, and Mexican-Indian," says the choreographer who directs Kinesis Dance Theatre Projects, "which gives me four ways to view the world. I have gone to India -- that is why I've been working with the Bharata Natyam dancer Anuradha Naimpally -- and in doing so, I have been able to get to the roots of the movement that better expresses why or how I feel the Latin world has developed..."

Speaking of Dance
The difficulty of describing dance inspires choreographer Kathy Dunn Hamrick to create an ingenious 30-minute dance out of phrases from dance reviews.
Arts Story  April 25, 2003, by Sarah Hepola
"...Kathy Dunn Hamrick was reading a dance review when a phrase caught her eye: "multiple cuppings of dipped heads." Huh? She had seen the show, too, but the reviewer's description left her baffled. What was a cupping? How many cuppings were there? And did she somehow miss them all? She stood up in her office and began dancing out whatever came to mind -- "funny, bizarre images" -- trying to re-enact the vivid and peculiar phrase..."

Dance/USA Convenes in Austin
The national arts organization brings honors for the Butlers and big questions about the form's future
Arts Story  June 9, 2016, by Jonelle Seitz
"...How do you finance art that often leaves no tangible record of its occurrence? How can digital technology augment practices that are as organic as rhythm itself? What responsibility do dancemakers and dance companies have to their societies and communities? And how can dance undo reputations of esotery and exclusivity to work toward inclusion and diversity?..."

Dance of the Century
Rhoda Winter Russell reflects on a historic life in dance and the Mary Wigman connection
Arts Story  August 10, 2012, by Jonelle Seitz
"...It was 60 years ago when Russell, now 82, flew to Europe to take a summer course with Wigman, the German expressionist dancer and choreographer who was one of the mothers of 20th century modern dance. Russell, having just earned her bachelor's degree from the Department of Women's Physical Education and Dance at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, was impressionable but confident, and Wigman (1886–1973) had a profound influence on her..."

School of Dance
Post-MFA, Ellen Bartel has a brand-Spankin' new choreographic point of view
Arts Story  May 11, 2012, by Jonelle Seitz
"...The dancers were unhurried as they paced and pivoted, evoking the human machine of mass transit in Ellen Bartel's MFA thesis dance, "Watch the Gap," presented in March by the University of Texas. Awash in asphalt gray, accented with yellow and red, the stage setting merged with a looming video projection of a commuter rail station, multiplying the volume of the performance space..."

Who Gives a Damn About Big Range Austin?
The answer might be a lot closer than you think
Arts Story  June 24, 2011, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Here comes the Big Range Austin Dance Festival again, for the fourth annual time, but what difference does it make if I tell you that?..."

Dance Fever
With Hot September Flurries, a corps of Austin choreographers burn up the Blue all month long
Arts Story  September 16, 2005, by Robert Faires
"...Or, say, a month. Because this town boasts enough dance makers to fill a page of the calendar with a different one for every doggone day...."

Trash Dance
The process used by Austin choreographer Allison Orr to create this dance piece for garbage trucks and sanitation workers is revealed in this fascinating documentary record.
Film Review  May 3, 2013, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Initially, the beauty and grace of the garbage trucks and the routine motions of the sanitation workers were but a twinkle in the mind’s eye of this choreographer. Orr envisioned a dance piece, performed by the workers and their machines, a celebration of the interplay between humans and machines, and the rhythms, movements, physicality, and precision teamwork that go largely unnoticed..."

Free Dance!
Complimentary classes at Ballet Austin and Tapestry, plus a free monthly tap show
Arts Story  September 10, 2010, by Robert Faires
"...• Ballet Austin holds its annual day of free dance classes this Sunday, Sept. 12, 2-6pm..."

Big Range Austin
The festival that packs a year of contemporary dance into two weekends
Arts Story  June 25, 2010, by Robert Faires
"...Most of the year, Austin's contemporary dancemakers are pretty far-flung, across the calendar and across the city: a midwinter show at the Off Center here, a late spring show at the Dougherty Arts Center there, a couple of autumn showcases at the Boyd Vance Theatre and Austin Community College, and so on. So if you were of a mind to take the pulse of the city's choreographic community, you'd pretty much have to devote a year to the task and count on touring a dozen different performance venues scattered around town...."

Fourth Annual Ultimate Book & Dance Affair
Kathy Dunn Hamrick's casual fundraiser gives pros and amateurs alike room to move
Arts Story  July 17, 2009, by Jonelle Seitz
"...Martha Jones, 72, has been taking dance classes two or three times per week since her college days. But as a nonprofessional, she can count on one hand the number of times she's had the chance to perform..."

Paul Taylor Dance Company
Call them contemporary or modern, but Paul Taylor's dances are always masterful
Arts Story  March 27, 2009, by Andrew Long
"...The origin of modern dance is usually attributed to the barefoot dance-makers who rebelled against ballet from the 1930s to the early 1960s. After that, the Judson Church movement (which included Austin's own Deborah Hay) ushered in the new avant-garde, further unraveling dance..."

Gotta Dance!
Kevin Archambault came late to dance, but his love of it and commitment to it have brought the young dancer and choreographer a long way in a short time.
Arts Story  November 17, 2000, by Lindsey Schwartz
"...He wanted to act, and he followed his instincts, which brought him to Austin and opened up an entirely new world. Within one year, he went from having minimal dance experience to choreographing musicals for St..."

Ongoing Dance Events
News Story  March 14, 1997
"...Austin Ballroom Dancers play swing, Latin, rock, and ballroom classics weekly. Smoke- and alcohol-free..."

Dance Visionary Charles Santos Heads to NYC Life Cycles
Arts Story  November 24, 1995
"...But the man himself is cool. He sits calm and poised as he talks about spending half his life in Austin, founding the Austin Festival of Dance, his impending move to New York City, his new job, his new life, and the cycles within life..."

Rodeo Austin: Your Guide to All the Bands, Barrel Racing, and Buckin' Broncs
Ludacris, Young the Giant, and mutton bustin’ top the bill
DAILY Chron Events  March 10, 2018, by Savannah Opre
"...Saturday, March 10 KASE/KVET stage, 11:30am: Fuse A Cappella KASE/KVET stage, 3pm: Carson McHone KASE/KVET stage, 5pm: The Powell Brothers KASE/KVET stage, 7pm: The Statesboro Revue Arena stage, 7pm: Josh Turner 100X Dance Hall, 10pm: Monte Good & the Honky-Tonk Heroes..."

Top Nine Big-Bang Dance Concerts of 2015
Each of the top dance performances of 2015 created a universe of its own
Arts Story  December 31, 2015, by Jonelle Seitz
"...Each one of these 2015 dances created a universe of its own. In chronological order:..."

Mother-Daughter Dance
Anuradha Naimpally and Purna Bajekal are of two generations, but they share one timeless tradition
Arts Story  March 29, 2013, by Jonelle Seitz
"...Wearing richly colored, bejeweled garments handmade in India, she stamped her feet in intricate rhythms and shaped her hands in exquisite gestures, bells and bracelets jingling softly. I marveled at her physical beauty and the combination of delicate precision and strength required by Bharata Natyam, the style of classical Indian dance that Naimpally has performed, taught, and promoted under her organization, Austin Dance India, for two decades...."

Robert Faires' Top 10 Classical Music / Dance Treasures of 2016
The richest work in dance and classical music this year ran the gamut from a dance in a backyard pool to an opera about Cold War brainwashing
Arts Story  December 29, 2016, by Robert Faires
"...4) ONE STEP AT A TIME: A JOURNEY TOWARD PRESENT GRACE (Tapestry Dance Company) A necessary work in this election year, spotlighting the troupe's dancers – their diversity, histories, and hopes – in ways that gave their artful steps personal and political context, especially when embellished by Zell Miller III's urgent, trenchant spoken word...."

The 2014-15 Austin Critics Table Awards
Top honors to Salvage Vanguard's Thr3e Zisters, LOLA Austin's Femme Bohème, and Texas State's Kiss Me, Kate
Arts Story  June 4, 2015, by Robert Faires
"...That irreverent riff on Chekhov earned the most love in the Table's 23rd presentation of honors for notable artistic achievements, but close behind were LOLA Austin's La Femme Bohème and Texas State University Department of Theatre and Dance's Kiss Me, Kate with three awards each. Nine projects took home two prizes each: Ballet Austin's Belle Redux; Zach Theatre's Cenicienta; Half & Half Productions' Chicago; Hyde Park Theatre's The Christians; Theatre en Bloc's Cock; Physical Plant Theater's Everything Is Established; the Austin Classical Guitar/Conspirare/Texas Performing Arts collaboration How Little You Are; Performa/Dance's Ignite: Three Works; and Trouble Puppet Theatre's The Wars of Heaven, Part I..."

Day Trips: Twin Sisters Dance Hall
The oldest dance hall in Texas?
Columns  January 8, 2015, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...Twin Sisters Dance Hall, outside of Blanco, could be the oldest dance hall in Texas, depending on how you make the assessment. Considering it was built eight years before Gruene Hall, which claims the title of oldest, Twin Sisters ought to at least be an asterisk on the bragging rights chart...."

Top 9 All-In Dance Concerts (Plus 3 Short Works) of 2013
This year, dancers took on weighty matters – gender, the body, grief – exploring them with remarkable depth
Arts Story  January 3, 2014, by Jonelle Seitz
"...4) 'THE BIG SMALL'/'THE UNDOING OF NONET' (Kathy Dunn Hamrick Dance Com­pany) Separated by months but related in mood, these works were an argument for season-based funding...."

Galaxy Dance Studios
Can Lorn MacDougal save South Lamar's movement space?
Arts Story  June 14, 2013, by Jonelle Seitz
"...You might think Lorn MacDougal is crazy for taking on the duties of artistic director of Galaxy Dance Studios, a position that six other competent professionals have left in the organization's four-year history. You might think she's even crazier for doing it for free...."

Shay Ishii Dance Company
In 'New Moon,' a dance to remind us how to let go
Arts Story  July 6, 2012, by Dawn Davis Loring
"...Each time the dancer Erick Hawkins saw the new moon, he was reminded of the closing lines of an e.e. cummings poem:..."

Top 10 Dance Phenomena
Chronicle Arts writer Jonelle Seitz recalls 2008, in dance
Arts Story  January 2, 2009, by Jonelle Seitz
"...1) Sharon Marroquin The nuance and precision of this dancer-choreographer's movement and thinking left most of the audience in tears following the cathartic "Crandall Canyon Mine," based on the 2007 Utah mine collapse. On the flip side, she had Marcel Marceau charm in her clownish "Garden."..."

Sharir + Bustamante Danceworks: Save the last dance for me
When the curtain falls on the final performance of its 24th season, Sharir + Bustamante Danceworks will dance away into history and an era of dance in Austin will end
Arts Story  June 8, 2007, by Robert Faires
"...An era in Austin dance is ending...."

Robert Faires' Top 10 Dance and Classical Treasures of 2017
Much outstanding new dance and music this year took its cue from the world around us and pressing social issues
Arts Story  December 28, 2017, by Robert Faires
"...4) MIDSUMMER OFFERINGS (Performa/Dance) Three choreographers working from different places, but all proving that whether it's warm and fluid, cool and abstract, or as tense as Hitchcock, new dance can compel...."

Revolve Austin: A Movement Display
This party / showcase allowed attendees to move through a historic house and observe the work of nine dance companies
Arts Review  November 10, 2016, by Jonelle Seitz
"...Revolve Austin, an event presented by NunaMaana Immersive Dance Theatre and Verge Dance Company, gathered nine dance groups at the 19th-century Charles Johnson House, near Austin High. Advertised as a "party," the event began with pre-show mingling – lubricated by a signature cocktail, the grapefruit-and-vodka greyhound, or "Sparklehound" in this context, ladled out with red plastic cups – in the expansive front yard of the house..."

Day Trips: Coupland Inn and Dance Hall
Something’s new at the old dance hall and eatery
Columns  May 17, 2018, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...The Coupland Inn and Dance Hall looks like a red brick fortress surrounded by the rolling hills of the Blackland Prairie north of Elgin. The new owner is sprucing up the iconic restaurant and ballroom to its historic proportions...."

Austin's Queer Dance Freakout Returns for the Texas Primaries
Why we want Cruz out and how to make your perfect protest sign
DAILY The Gay Place  February 23, 2018, by Sarah Marloff
"...A gaggle of queers are about to descend on the Capitol. A year after bringing their dance party protest to Gov..."

Top 10 (+1) Dance Classical Music Treasures of 2013
In 2013, dance and classical music were distinguished by their breadth of expression and eloquence
Arts Story  January 3, 2014, by Robert Faires
"...1) 'MOZART DANCES' (Mark Morris Dance Group/Texas Performing Arts) Startlingly virtuosic dance, so spectacularly in sync with both the notes and playful spirit of the Austrian composer's scores that it felt as if music and movement flared from the same creative spark...."

Top 10 (+1) Dance/Classical Music Treasures of 2012
In 2012, dance memorably explored profound topics, and classical embraced Charlie Brown and George Washington
Arts Story  January 4, 2013, by Robert Faires
"...1) 'SOLO SYMPHONY' (Forklift Danceworks) A revelation – of the dance at the heart of an orchestral conductor's movements, of Peter Bay's love for his work and courage as an artist, and, through his artistry and that of choreographer Allison Orr, of the Creator as a dancer and musicmaker...."

Dance Card
Arts Story  June 9, 2016, by Jonelle Seitz
"...Performa/Dance: 4x3: Four Works by Three Choreographers June 10 & 11, Fri. & Sat., 8pm..."

The Austin Arts Hall of Fame Class of 2016
These inductees – Ballet Austin's Cookie Ruiz and Stephen Mills, and the Austin Symphony Orchestra's Peter Bay – are cultural heroes who lead by example
Arts Story  May 5, 2016, by Robert Faires
"...That the vitality of Austin's cultural scene is owed to its leaders – those artists, educators, patrons, and arts advocates who made the work and founded the institutions and provided the support that allowed theatre, dance, classical music, and the visual arts to take root and flourish here – may go without saying, but leadership takes many forms. At times, it looks like Shakespeare's Henry V, vigorous and magnetic, rallying the troops with words of inspiration..."

Big Range Austin
A new-to-town dance duo pushes movement–music fusion further
Arts Story  June 5, 2009, by Jonelle Seitz
"...In a Saturday rehearsal, choreographer Lorn MacDougal is pondering a dance-music problem. Dancers Ann Berman and Theresa Hardy are in a tangle with dancer/choreographer/composer Alain Le Razer, who plays an aqua-finish ESP Telecaster guitar..."

The Music Lover's Guide to Austin
The essential sounds, sights, and settings of Austin music
DAILY Chronolog  March 3, 2017
"...Now you’re ready to go dancing. The national dance of Texas is two-steppin’ and there’s two essential spots to learn and enjoy the art..."

Top 10 Dance/Classical Music Treasures of 2015
Leaving deep impressions from 2015's dance and classical music works were the unexpected elements, like screen doors, trees, and car horns
Arts Story  December 31, 2015, by Robert Faires
"...Twelve guitars, embodying nature in all its beauty and cruelty, and scores of singers representing settlers of the American West – awestruck, grief-stricken, and lonesome past description – forged a riveting tension in this haunting premiere by composer Nico Muhly. 6) The Trees Of Govalle (Forklift Danceworks)..."

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