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GAyCL: Making Austin the Queer Music Capital of the World
The alternative showcase provides the queer answer to ACL
DAILY The Gay Place  October 12, 2017, by Beth Sullivan
"...As Austinites prep for the second weekend of that music festival on the south side of the river and mourn the demise of another (R.I.P. Sound on Sound), it’s important to remember the DIY, independent spirit that once infused Austin’s music festival scene...."

PWR BTTM Will Not Play Austin
Queer punk duo faces erasure in light of sexual assault allegations
DAILY The Gay Place  May 19, 2017, by Sarah Marloff
"...In less than a week queer indie darling duo PWR BTTM went from the next big thing in music – all music, not just subculture queer music – to being all but deleted from the industry’s existence...."

Passing the (Queer)Bomb
What's the future of the June celebration for Austin's LGBTQ community?
Arts Story  June 2, 2016, by Sarah Marloff
"...But with growth comes growing pains. Earlier this year, Austin's LGBTQ community saw GayBiGayGay, the unofficial queer music festival and celebration that marked the end of SXSW, go on indefinite hiatus after a decade, and rumors swirled that Queerbomb would follow suit..."

A Queer Renaissance in Austin?
AGLIFF's new mission and upstart QueerBomb
DAILY The Gay Place  June 3, 2010, by Steven Cheslik-deMeyer
"...And there is amazing queer performance and theater here, too – Camp Camp (the long-running queer talent show that took a hiatus but has started up again), Gay Bi Gay Gay (the queer music and performance love-fest that closes unofficial SXSW every year in East Austin), Paul Soileau's Rebecca Havemeyer and Christeene, just to name a few things off the top of my head. Why does it seem to be such a small segment of the "gay community" who know about and support this stuff?..."

Where the Girls Go/ATX: Music & Movies Edition
Dancin', jammin', or watchin' – this weekend is a queer smorgasbord
DAILY The Gay Place  September 12, 2014, by Sarah Marloff
"...Saturday: Yes, another day of apples and bananas. That queer music festival features the ever-awesome DJs GirlFriend and Malika, not to mention Big Freedia – as in the Big Freedia..."

The Austin Music Scene's Spectrum of Sexism
From sexual assault to all-female bills, women musicians face myriad issues in the live music capital
Music Story  January 19, 2017, by Libby Webster
"...During an overcast morning over coffee last summer, Miranda Fisher sat at a picnic table, visibly working out the best way to articulate her experiences as an Austin musician...."

The Music Lover's Guide to Austin
The essential sounds, sights, and settings of Austin music
DAILY Chronolog  March 3, 2017
"...So your plane just touched down and the pilot said, “Welcome to Austin: the Live Music Capital of the World.” Now you feel obligated to check out some of this vaunted music culture that everyone’s talking about, but you don’t want to waste your time doing the wrong thing. Don’t worry, we got you..."

Your Queer Guide to SXSW
Keeping things kweer in 2018
DAILY The Gay Place  March 2, 2018, by Sarah Marloff
"...Y'All Or Nothing: A SXSW Showcase Celebrating Female and Queer Musicians, 10pm, Cheer Up Charlies, No badge required [image-2]..."

Queer Events to Come
A guide to Austin's poppin' parties, fests, and art shows
DAILY The Gay Place  February 12, 2018, by Sarah Marloff

Welcome to Austin's Queer Side
Parties, bars, and so much pride: A guide to LGBTQ Austin
DAILY The Gay Place  September 29, 2017, by Sarah Marloff
"...Cheer Up Charlies: A queer-owned bar/music venue with a plethora of queer-of-center events scheduled monthly...."

The Queer Curator
Getting to know the Blanton's talented curator, Evan Garza
DAILY The Gay Place  April 11, 2016, by Dan Gray

Connecting the Dots With Queer Qumbia
Queer Qumbia branches out into their inaugural Night Market
DAILY The Gay Place  January 25, 2014, by Sarah Marloff
"...The 'dots' Bailey specifically chose for the Market's vendors include local POC (people of color) creators, makers, chefs, artists, and musicians. Bailey's intention is to introduce them to a broader community...."

OUTsider Review: Queer Animation
Curated short films offers varying perspectives on queerness
DAILY The Gay Place  February 22, 2017, by Courtney Naquin
"...Halperin, along with the other featured filmmakers, proved animation is a valuable medium of expression for queer artists. The flexibility and the incorporation of images and illustration, music, and storytelling allows for endless possibilities to manifest the depth of queer identity..."

DIY Queer Community
Can’t relate to what Austin’s gay scene has to offer? Make one of your own!
Features Story  June 2, 2006, by Kate Getty
"..."I went back to my roots as a musician and performer," Kitty recalls of those early Foodie labors of love. "If you want people to see your stuff, you've got to get it out to the public..."

100 Local SXSW Music Acts
A-Z list of 100 Austin acts showcasing at the Fest
Music Story  March 16, 2017, by The Music Staff
"...16, Hotel Vegas Patio, 10:15pm; Sat. 18, Russian House, 8pm Both a UT educator and veteran of the Black Angels' Levitation festival, sitarist Indrajit Banerjee plies prodigious technique and a keen sense of imaginative fun to traditional Indian classical music..."

Mo' Music Interview: Jace Clayton
An interview with the creator of the Julius Eastman Memorial Dinner
DAILY The Gay Place  March 7, 2014, by Rob Cohen
"...Jace Clayon, also known as DJ/rupture, had never heard of Julius Eastman, but quickly fell in love with his experimental, minimal music and confrontational, fiercely queer personality. Admiration turned into inspiration and now here we are at the first Southern performance of his tribute show...."

Is Austin's Growing Dance Music Scene in Need of Its Own HQ?
We talk to a dozen members of ATX’s electronic music community
Music Story  November 9, 2017, by Dan Gentile
"...Everyone from graphic designers to grandpas goes two-stepping, but even in 2017, walking into a dance club in Austin feels cheesy. Despite a recent electronic music boom, house and techno sprang far afield from the Third Coast and don't have the same cultural roots as dance music meccas like Detroit, New York City, or Chicago, where they renamed a street Hot Mix 5 Way in honor of pioneering house music DJs..."

Lady Gaga: SXSW Music Keynote
Pop queen’s crowning comes after months of speculation
DAILY Music  March 9, 2014, by Chase Hoffberger
"...After weeks and maybe even months of speculation and more than a few mega rumors – Neil Young, Paul McCartney, Pussy Riot – this week’s sponsor, South by Southwest, has finally put forth its Music fest keynote speaker. Prepare thyselves for Lady Gaga...."

1999 SXSW Music Festival
Music Story  March 18, 1999
"...JOE ELY: When Ely finally won a Grammy last month as part of Los Super Seven, to many Texans it was long overdue. Ely is one of the true gods of Austin songwriters, a Lubbock native who plied his Panhandle poetry into some of the most visionary music ever to come from Texas..."

Playback: Austin Music Awards (On Everything)
Austin Music Industry Awards down, here come the 2016/17 AMAs and a slew of SXSW buzz acts
Music Column  March 9, 2017, by Kevin Curtin
"...Blaze Foley's been added to the 2016/17 Austin Music Awards lineup!..."

The Austin Music Atlas
A primer for the musically inclined
DAILY AAN  June 14, 2016, by Emily Gibson
"...Living in Austin, it isn’t shocking for a waitress, professor, car repairperson, accountant, or barista to casually mention their band’s “sick show this weekend.” Everyone – and we mean everyone – plays music...."

Music Mo'nday: Dark Parts with Perfume Genius
Rob chats with Mike Hadreas about drugs, Whitney, and more.
DAILY The Gay Place  March 26, 2012, by Rob Cohen
"...In this age of artifice, honesty in art can be elusive. Music and messages go through so many channels that you rarely get anything as pure as the music of Perfume Genius..."

Mo' Music SXSW Picks: Part 1
Just the tip of the action
DAILY The Gay Place  March 7, 2014, by Rob Cohen
"...Confused as to what to do this week, dear queer? Cozy up and let's get filled in on the free and not-so-free official music happenings...."

Guide to Austin Improv
The venues, events, troupes, and individuals who have transformed Austin into a "Yes, and" boomtown
Arts Story  August 25, 2016, by Robert Faires
"...With its 2002 debut, Girls Girls Girls immediately distinguished itself on two fronts: as an all-female improv ensemble and as a group that focused on improvising musicals. Today, GGG distinguishes itself as not just the longest-running all-female musical improv troupe in Austin but also one of the longest-running improv troupes in town, period..."

Amateur Porn Film Festival Comes to Austin
Dan Savage's Hump! Tour rolls in for some kinky fun
DAILY Screens  September 25, 2015, by Sarah Marloff
"...For those curious Austinites wondering what exactly to expect – the best advice is to expect only the unexpected. Crocker promises everything from “bedtime stories being enacted by three ‘bears,’ sibling sex set to music and animated with stop-action cross-stitch, and a karaoke party that erupts into an orgy.”..."

This cram-packed week is kinda like Austin's mini-Pride
Columns  June 1, 2012, by Kate X Messer
"...TEXAS SWING MUSIC FESTIVAL Project Transitions transitioned its annual yee haw summer Swing into a yee haw dance music fest. This year, scoot your booty and your boots to Dale Watson, the Ghosts of Texas, Rooster Jenkins, Rough Riders, Whiskey Shivers, and a special performance by Kings N Things..."

Austin Pride 2009
Event listings
Features Story  June 5, 2009
"...QUEERS ON A BUS What do you get when you put eight crazy talented queers on a school bus to travel the country? Fingers!! With music, drama, video, miming, fantastical costumes, improv, grease, body parts, and more explosive cod-panties with special guest star Christeene. 7:30pm..."

Austin Pride 2008
The party goes on all month long ...
Features Story  June 13, 2008
"...PRIDE WOMEN'S DANCE Doing something a little bit different for the waltzing womens for womens, Equality Texas brings you some live music from Amy Cook, one of this year's Pride performers. Yeah, we thought it was righteous, too..."

Gay Place: Queer Waves
Listen to KOOP-FM's annual Stonewall show
Columns  June 25, 2015, by Kate X Messer
"...Remember that ol' KOOP radio show? Hosted by Taylor Cage? Well, every June, Dennis Campa's Adventures in Sound invites Taylor to join in for "Before Stonewall," a roundup of pre-1969 music of LGBTQ interest even before the birth of the modern gay liberation/pride movement. Tune in Saturday, 1pm. ON OUR GAYDAR..."

Gay Place's Top 10 Queer Doin's 2007
All the doors that opened from the closet to the men's room
Features Story  January 4, 2008, by Kate Getty and Kate X Messer
"...Just listless, bikini- and boot-clad Brit and, like, 99 dancers. Was it just us, or did Britney Spears on MTV's Video Music Awards look more sedated than usual? Not sedate..."

Nut'n but a Queer Thang, Baby.
Homohop hits Austin. OW!
DAILY The Gay Place  April 4, 2007, by Kate Getty
"...Or something. So, this is the event that will cap off Austin Relay Pride, the queered-off section of the Texas Relays, which, this weekend, will completely transform the landscape of Austin to just a shade sassier, with a soundtrack of muff(ler)-rattling bass lines and zippy race cats to give a whole new meaning to Live. Music..."

99 Luftballons (International Acts at SXSW Music)
South by Southwest by way of Sudan, Scotland, Colombia, and more
Music Story  March 8, 2018
"...Fri. 16, CU29, 11pm Club music for the masses of Guadalajara, Nacho Luquin and drummer Rodrigo di Vece drench heartbreak in the glitz and cheese of Eighties synths..."

Queer & Now
A roundup of Texas pride events
Features Story  May 31, 2002, by Verushka Gray
"...Like any Texas host worth a damn, the Lesbian Gay Rights Lobby of Texas has covered all the bases. The phone calls have been made, the music is set to go, and the libations are chilled..."

Gay Place: Music of Your Life
Stretch across the genres this Friday
Columns  June 11, 2015, by Kate X Messer

Queer Culture From the 1970s to 70
Three documentaries highlight a generation of gay icons
Screens Story  March 8, 2013, by Andy Campbell
"...Opened in 1968, the Baths famously hosted performances throughout the early Seventies from the likes of Bette Midler (known there as "Bathhouse Bettie"), Patti LaBelle, Barry Manilow, the New York Dolls, and even a Metropolitan Opera diva. Frankie Knuckles, aka the Godfather of House Music, got his start DJ'ing day and night at the Baths' in-house disco; he refers to the Baths as his "finishing school." But the primary function of a bathhouse is, and always was, the smooth facilitation of quick and easy sexual encounters between consenting men..."

Playback: Best Austin Music Controversies of 2017
The year in quarrel
Music Column  December 21, 2017, by Kevin Curtin
"...In March, South by Southwest hosted a showcase consisting entirely of musicians from the seven predominantly Muslim nations targeted in Trump's travel ban. The gesture of solidarity spoke to the conference's extensive cultural scope...."

Little Junior Puts Their Queer Spin on Punk
Canadian band is making pop punk fun (and political) again
DAILY The Gay Place  February 3, 2017, by Rivers Wright
"...But original doesn't mean they lack inspiration. In fact, Elliott-Armstrong credits both Weezer and the Pixies as Little Junior's musical influencers...."

A Guide to Austin Stand-Up: Comics
The stand-up people behind the city's comedy scene
Arts Story  March 30, 2017, by Wayne Alan Brenner, Ashley Moreno, Sean L. Malin and Robert Faires
"...The original Funniest Person in Austin (as in the contest's first winner in 1986), this Houston native moved to River City in 1970 and is in his fifth decade of blessing it with his music (he's a founding member of absurdist band Uranium Savages), art (he co-created the Austintatious mural on the Drag, served in the Armadillo World Headquarters' Armadillo Art Squad, and painted the massive mural at the Westgate Central Market), and wit. Wit? Years and years with Esther's Follies, holding court at the Velveeta Room (named for Awn's Ronnie Velveeta character) and brightening comedy mics all over town..."

Best of Austin – Thursday
BOA all day, erryday
Features Story  March 18, 2015
"...SXSW TIP: They've made a few appearances in the Austin Music Awards, to boot...."

Mo' Music: July 23
A fresh, tossed salad of new tunes.
DAILY The Gay Place  July 23, 2012, by Rob Cohen

Sheet Music
Summer Reading
Music Story  June 6, 2003, by Marc Savlov
"...The fact that Christe, who succinctly divvies up the epic scope of the book in chapters ranging from "The New Wave of British Heavy Metal" (Saxon, Tygers of Pan Tang) to "Death Metal Deliverance" (Cannibal Corpse, Florida's Godsmacking Deicide), has managed to craft a whirlwind ride through the convoluted span of metal is testament (or is that Testament?) to his fanatical love of the subject. Christe's examination of not only the bands and their twin-Flying-V's aural assault, but also the broader cultural context -- i.e., Ronald Reagan has his finger on the button, so why not form a band and call it Nuclear Assault? -- is eminently readable stuff, and little-discussed topics such as the impact of AIDS on MTV's faltering rotation of sexually turbocharged hair-metal acts like Poison and Warrant and former Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford's unambiguously queer onstage leatherman persona in such a teen-testosterone-charged musical arena are like a breath of fresh air in, well, a moldering crypt of Extreme Noise Terror..."

Queercore's Punk Media Subculture
Curran Nault’s book sheds new light on being queer and punk
DAILY The Gay Place  October 3, 2017, by Beth Sullivan
"...Though many would say the height of Queercore occurred some 30 years ago, it remains culturally and politically relevant today. In particular, bands like Against Me! use their music as a platform to discuss the unique challenges of transgender and genderqueer folks..."

The Gay Place Guide to a Kweer SX
LGBTQIA SXSW and why queering SXSW is a big f-ing deal
DAILY The Gay Place  March 9, 2016, by Sarah Marloff
"...Here at The Gay Place we couldn’t help noticing, however, how much gayer SX has grown. From actual celebrities (Ellen Page is giving a keynote), to the gaymous – “unconventionally masculine” – website, DapperQ, who’s hosting an interactive panel on queer fashion; plus loads of DIY and official LGBTQIA musical showcases, this certainly feels like the year we kweer’d SXSW..."

The Gay Place Guide to a Kweer SX 2017
SXSW: Another year queerer
DAILY The Gay Place  March 3, 2017, by Sarah Marloff
"...South by North Lamar: Celebrating the Power of Women in Music – BookWoman's annual showcase with host Jan Seides, A Proper Cup of Coffee, Dana McBride, Stefanie Fix, Kiya Heartwood, and more...."

OUTsider Begins
Hold on to your manties, Austin's premier queer fest is here
DAILY The Gay Place  February 18, 2015, by Blake McCoy and Kate X Messer
"...It's the creative queer conundrum: to live in a town of festival glut, to attend every last music-film-etc. orgy in the hopes of discovering some scintilla of sass, a figment of fabulous, one tiny thing that might speak to the $3 soul..."

Talking Shop With Curran Nault
The Polari artistic director on programming to bridge divides
DAILY Screens  October 10, 2013, by Kate X Messer
"...As Curran and I got to know each other, the radio-television-film and queer studies academic invited me to sit for an interview to pick my memory banks about the Queercore music and film scene for his dissertation. Now, as the current artistic director of Polari, Austin's LGBT film festival (née Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival aka aGLIFF) Nault readies to launch the fest's 26th year, and it seemed a great time to revisit the sit-down between ol' queer culture colleagues...."

Gay Place
SXSW keeps on trekking and we’re still here with your queer guide
Columns  March 14, 2018, by Sarah Marloff
"...Are you ready for round two? SXSW is still going strong – hell, music is just getting warmed up. With so much going on day and night, this week we're gonna let the listings mostly speak for themselves..."

Gay Place
This year's Top 10 local queer heroes & LGBTQ stories
Columns  December 29, 2016, by Sarah Marloff
"...5) GayBiGayGay died, but Queerbomb survived (for another year) By June, GayBiGayGay – the unofficial queer music festival marking the end of SXSW – was gone, and a Facebook feud broke out among organizers of the city's alt-Pride, Queerbomb. Despite threats of extinction, the event returned on June 4..."

The Pink Elephant (Radio) in the Room
Local LGBTQ advocates bring queer hip-hop to the radio and SXSW
DAILY The Gay Place  March 15, 2018, by Mikaila Rushing
"...Pink Elephant Radio is ready to address the pink elephant in the room: In a world that is slowly but surely introducing more queer elements to mainstream media, why does the music industry seem to be so behind the curve? [image-1-right]..."

Gay Place
Austin's Pride celebration is happening this Saturday!
Columns  September 28, 2017, by Sarah Marloff
"...L&B Outlaw Music Happy Hour Those L&B babes have a new trick up their sleeves with a night of performances by Emily Herring, Julie Nolen, and Barbara Nesbitt. Thu., Oct..."

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