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Mayor's Roundtable Benefits Austin History Center
Luncheon named for Angelina Eberly
DAILY Music  January 31, 2012, by Margaret Moser
"...1, is the Angelina Eberly Luncheon at the Driskill Hotel, 11am. Reservations are still available at $125, with proceeds benefiting the Austin History Center...."

Correct Name: Austin History Center
Postmarks  August 18, 2003
"...In your article on the interactive history project titled Austin Past & Present, you committed a grievous error against the organization that has contributed so much to the creation of that wonderful project. First, I will reprint what you wrote: "Most of the photos and films in the project come from the Austin Historical Society ..." As a producer on Austin Past & Present, I use the Austin History Center on a regular basis and am well aware that The Austin Chronicle does, too..."

How to Prepare a Possum: 19th Century Cuisine in Austin
Austin History Center exhibits local food history
DAILY Food  May 16, 2013, by MM Pack
"...In the view of Michael Miller, archivist at the Austin History Center, the beginning of our city was rooted in a meal...."

The Natural Center of Gravity
Utter Reading Series at the Austin History Center
Books Story  May 9, 1997, by Phil West
"...Yet Osborn and Lozano, for the past year, have placed themselves in the host role in establishing Utter. The monthly reading series, held at the Austin History Center, is unlike any other regular reading series in town in that it seeks to place writers from the academic community into a room where they can read to the community at large..."

"Juntos/Together" Ties Austin's Activist Past and Present
Shedding light on action & initiatives by local minority communities
DAILY Arts  March 28, 2018, by Acacia Coronado
"...These are just some of the elements presented in "Juntos/Together: Black and Brown Activism in Austin, Texas From 1970-83" on display through April 6 at the George Washington Carver Museum, Cultural and Genealogy Center. The exhibit focuses on issues faced by minority communities in Austin through the Seventies and early Eighties and draws parallels to current social issues. [image-1] A Combination of Creativity and Creative Freedom..."

History's Closet
Making the case for an Austin gay barchive
Features Story  June 5, 2009, by Kate X Messer
"...A trip to the Austin History Center yielded less than it should have but more than we expected. Less, in that the collections filed under keywords such as "gay," "lesbian," and "homosexual" are thin..."

Amplify Austin 2015: Under the Rainbow
We hat-tip the Amplify nonprofits that serve and support LGBTQIA
DAILY Qmmunity  March 3, 2015, by Blake McCoy
"...• Austin History Center Association We salute our history center's LGBT archives outreach. We've written about them more than a few times: Here, here, and here..."

Your Queer Guide to Austin
A crash course on the city's LGBTQ parties, prides, and resources
DAILY Qmmunity  September 5, 2018, by Sarah Marloff
"...Second, unlike most major cities, there is no “gayborhood,” but we do have Fourth Street, which is home to a handful of gay bars. And while we lack an LGBTQ community center, you’ll find sober spaces and youth spaces along with QTPOC, trans, HIV-support, and LGBTQ resources within city limits..."

Austin @ Large: Reading the Riot Act
I want a new central library, and I want it now
News Column  February 27, 2004, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...As of last month, for the first time in more than 11 years, I have no "official" role to play in the world of Austin or Texas libraries. (I went from the State Library, to the Texas Library Association, to the city Library Commission, to the boards of the Austin Public Library Foundation and the Austin History Center Association.) So now, as a friend and fan of libraries in general and APL in particular, I guess I'll just have to be a pest the best way I know how...."

“Taste of Black Austin” Explores Cultural Foodways
New photography exhibit showcases Austin’s African-American chefs
Food Story  January 26, 2017, by Jessi Cape
"...Adewumi partnered with the Austin History Center to curate a photography exhibit of Austin's black food businesses from as far back as 1870. "Guests have the opportunity to see the photos and read stories from families, and get some context about black farmers and restaurants..."

City Looking for Faces of Austin
Film competition could mean SXSW screening
DAILY Screens  November 22, 2016, by Richard Whittaker
"...Here's one of the previous successful entrants: 2013's "The First Picture Show: Historic Austin Moviehouses," commissioned by the Austin History Center and Austin Public Library, and directed by Mike Miller and Steve Schwolert...."

Austin Waaaaaay Back in the Day (Photos)
Austin chronicled
DAILY Chronolog  June 14, 2012, by Shelley Hiam
"...When I first moved here, the old-school Austin test was based on how many shows you attended at Liberty Lunch. The Austin History Center has us all beat with photographic evidence to prove it...."

History's Morgue
We choose whether to let our stories live or die
Features Story  June 4, 2010, by Kate X Messer
"...Dan is Daniel Alonzo, photo curator for the Austin History Center. Alonzo is taking me on a tour through the vaults of our city's archive...."

Downtown Puzzle: HOT History
Projects under consideration for the historic preservation “funding bucket”
News Story  September 21, 2017, by Michael King
"...• Mexican American Cultural Center: The full master plan for the MACC is in development, but without dedicated funding for implementation and construction...."

Preserving Austin's Natural Mecca
Interactive documentary project Living Springs celebrates Barton Springs
Screens Story  July 30, 2015, by Jessi Cape
"...In 1997, the tiny endangered Barton Springs salamanders were federally listed as a threatened species, and with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service protection came a mandate for an education center on-site..."

Rename Austin? Not Likely.
City name not going anywhere anytime soon
News Story  August 2, 2018, by Mary Tuma
"...treasurer, and scrap Jeff Davis Avenue for Will Holland, a former Travis County commissioner who was once a slave. The office partnered with other groups including archivists with the Austin History Center and spent months reviewing other markers around town...."

Point Austin: Beside the Point
Final City Council budget readings and votes this week
News Column  September 9, 2005, by Michael King
"...While the extraordinary scenes proceed at the convention center and elsewhere throughout town, the City Council remains on its annual budget schedule, with the final readings and votes to proceed this coming Monday through Wednesday (Sept. 12-14)..."

35 Years of the Austin Music Awards
Living in a dream
Features Story  March 2, 2017, by Doug Freeman
"...Thanks to video unearthed late last month by Tim Hamblin at the Austin History Center, there’s now historical documentation of the Big Boys’ 1984 AMA set devolving into a maelstrom of profanity and punches...."

Point Austin: Breaking Down the Bonds
Affordable housing headlines, but there's plenty in the package
News Column  September 6, 2018, by Michael King
"...• Prop B (Libraries/Cultural Centers): $128 million. This bond would provide $56.5 million for improvements to the Mexican American Cul­tural Center, Asian American Resource Cen­ter, Carver Museum and Cultural Cen­ter, and Mexic-Arte Museum; $34.5 million for branch library renovations and initial adaptation of Faulk Central Library for an Austin History Center annex; $25 million to replace the aged-out Dougherty Arts Facility; and $12 million for acquisition of "creative spaces" supporting the arts...."

Austin Pride 2009
Event listings
Features Story  June 5, 2009
"...Sat., June 6, 8pm; Sun., June 7, 2pm. Long Center for the Performing Arts, 701 W..."

Austin's Political Ecosystem
Swearingen's Environmental City tells the inner history of city politics
News Story  April 23, 2010, by Nora Ankrum
"...Those local progressives who found their way into politics through the civil rights struggle, argues Swearingen, are the ones who eventually landed in the environmental movement because they believed "you should not be able to pollute the air or the water for private profit to the harm of other people." Unlike the more traditional political battles that have defined progressive movements in other cities, says Swearingen, Austin's have centered on preserving the city's natural features as a public good. That means Environ­mental City is as much a lesson in how Austin's politics work – and why they work that way – as it is a narrative about visionaries who could see beyond urban sprawl...."

Playback: The Mayor's Plan to Save Austin Music
Mayor Steve Adler addresses the elephant in the club, Susan Antone honored, and Henry Gonzalez goes to the head of the Austin poster artist altar
Music Column  March 3, 2016, by Kevin Curtin
"..."We have to own our own dirt for our concept to work," says Redman of the business, a community center for bands and industry professionals that features rehearsal rooms, office space, vinyl pressing, a tech incubator, and music trade classes for its members. "Our goal from the very beginning was doing it privately so it's not something the community has to subsidize."..."

"Neighborhood Bound: Austin's Mobile Libraries" & Unbound: Sin Fronteras
Arts Story  July 9, 2015
"...We caught up with part of the library's active transportation outreach team – Betsy Evans, Andrew Murphy, and Conor Walker – to view "Neighborhood Bound: Austin's Mobile Libraries," an exhibit of photographs organized by the Austin History Center, currently on view at the APL Terrazas Branch, 1105 E. Cesar Chavez..."

Point Austin: Farewell to the Seven
The end of an era, and the beginning of another
News Column  December 11, 2014, by Michael King
"...The official 175th anniversary of the city's founding is not until Dec. 27, but since Mayor Lee Leffingwell and the folks at the Austin History Center were cutting the birthday cake this week, I thought I'd note the occasion...."

A Walk in Austin's Shoes
Curious tidbits and Austin arcana
News Story  March 19, 2010, by the News Staff
"...The easiest in range of Downtown are Thread­gill's World Headquarters just south of the river (near the site of the short-lived but still legendary Armadillo World Head­quarters and run by former AWHQ proprietor Eddie Wilson) or Hoover's, east of the UT campus on Manor Road. Yankees in particular really need to try this thing called "chicken-fried steak." For barbecue, Iron Works has the advantage of being right next to the Convention Center; Sam's on East 12th was a favorite of Stevie Ray Vaughan; Uncle Billy's south of the river will offer you a fine microbrew with your meat; and Ruby's, just north of UT, offers a great vibe and all-natural meats..."

Austin Toros Run to First Playoff Appearance
A preview of the Austin Toros' first-ever playoff home game.
DAILY Sports  April 15, 2008, by Matt Moore
"... Well, you're wrong. Because this Saturday at the Austin Convention Center, the Austin Toros are hosting an NBA D-League playoff game for the first time in franchise history..."

Austin Most Covertly Racist City in Texas
Postmarks  May 3, 2005
"...Plez A. Wooley is the author of "Momma's Crystal Ball.” The main library downtown has the book, and it's in bookstores or at the Austin History Center. The last line of Mr..."

Austin Public Library Is Hot
Postmarks  June 14, 2004
"...The library's technology team implemented the wireless connectivity using the library's existing infrastructure. Currently, 14 branch libraries, the Faulk Central Library, and the Austin History Center, as well as Wooldridge Square Park, located between Eighth and Ninth streets on Guadalupe, have wireless connectivity..."

UFC Fight Night Pounds the Erwin Center
Edgar dominates, but it's a mixed night for Texas fighters
DAILY Sports  November 24, 2014, by Mac McCann
"...With over 10,131 people in attendance, UFC Fight Night 57 on Saturday at the Frank Erwin Center proved entertaining from start to finish. In the very first fight of the night, lightweight Dooho “The Korean Superboy” Choi knocked out Juan Puig in 18 seconds, the third fastest KO in featherweight history...."

Point Austin: The Legacy of Solidarity
Film of the 'Austin Chicano Huelga' recounts a city's transformation
News Column  October 15, 2010, by Michael King
"...Retired Austin state Sen. Barrientos was introducing the documentary film Economy Furniture Strike, the first to be produced by the Austin Community Col­lege Center for Public Policy and Political Studies, where Young is executive director..."

Celebrity, South Austin Style
The Mayor of South Austin
News Story  December 4, 1998
"...But this wasn't just any piece of prime South Austin real estate -- the property was the friendless porno house, Cinema West Adult Theatre, long hated by police, neighbors, shop owners, teachers, and school principals. When Benedict -- a veteran of the South Austin real estate game -- decided to carry out a dream and convert the adult theatre into a family movie house and community events center, "Benedict" quickly became the name spoken at dinner tables and in supermarkets all over town...."

Downtown Austin Is Getting a Fresh Coat of Museums
Arts Story  November 27, 1998, by Sam Martin
"...In January of this year, the Austin Museum of Art (AMOA) officially scrapped its plans for a new museum in downtown Austin that was to be built by the renowned architect Robert Venturi. What had started in 1984 as an exciting, though somewhat solitary, prospect for the visual arts community in the center of the city had over the years deteriorated into a frustrating bureaucratic mess burdened by a lack of funding and indecision by both the city and the museum itself..."

Austin Asian American Film Festival Announces Full Lineup
The four-day festival drops 11 feature films and even more shorts
DAILY Screens  October 31, 2017, by Reanna Zuniga
"...At the center of this year’s festival is the Academy-Award nominated film Who Killed Vincent Chin?, which tells the story of the 1982 murder of Vincent Chin. The documentary examines the aftermath of the attack, how the killer avoided prison, and the consequent mobilization of a pan Asian-American civil rights movement..."

Photos as Objects of Art and History
Magnum Photos collection gets read in new book
DAILY Arts  November 26, 2013, by Rod Machen
"...The Magnum Photos collection that now resides at the Harry Ransom Center is a beast. The new book Reading Magnum is an attempt to tame it..."

Playback: Austin's Revamped Record Convention
The Austin Record Convention – the biggest in the country – returns Downtown
Music Column  May 21, 2015, by Kevin Curtin
"...Hanners has rented out 275 tables, the most in the ARC's 34-year history, with dealers jetting in from Japan, Ireland, Australia, Sweden, and Korea to contribute to the labyrinth of LPs, CDs, and vintage music ephemera. Like them, Hanners, a former Discount Records employee who occasionally issues the Not Fade Away zine, will pluck and truck vinyl to the Palmer Events Center...."

Austin Past and Present Blows Your Mind
"City to unveil, launch electronic historical kiosk project linking Austin’s past, present and future" – whoa!
DAILY News  September 26, 2007, by Wells Dunbar
"...Attention headtrippers: This morning an interactive history kiosk, part of the Austin Past and Present project, will blur the boundaries of space and time at the Convention Center (a place not beholden to man's petty laws of physics – or accounting, for that matter). And who else to bridge the present to the past than Betty Dunkerley? The revelation: City to unveil, launch electronic historical kiosk project linking Austin's past, present and future Mayor Pro Tem Betty Dunkerley will join with creator and producer Karen Kocher Wednesday, Sept..."

Austin @ Large: Austin at Large
Can a super-sized Long Center fit in Austin's Happy Meal box of civic dreams?
News Column  February 14, 2003, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...Austin voters may get to make one May 3 -- to reallocate $25 million in bonds approved in 1998 for the Waller Creek Tunnel flood control project to the Long Center for the Performing Arts. The latter, also authorized in 1998 -- allowing the private nonprofit formerly known as Arts Center Stage to convert city-owned Palmer Auditorium into a world-class concert venue -- was supposed to be built entirely with private money, which five (or even three) years ago seemed a realistic enough goal...."

A Bigger, Better Convention Center
News Story  May 24, 2002, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...Perhaps Daryl Slusher spoke for everyone in his remarks at the Austin Convention Center ribbon-cutting Saturday: "I know this has been a well-managed project, because I just spent seven months on the campaign trail, and nobody mentioned it once." As the city celebrated the Center's new, $110-million-plus expansion -- with bands, balloons, and souvenir travel cups emblazoned "Bigger is better!" -- it also rejoiced that "Convention Center" was no longer a fightin' phrase in City Hall circles. At least not as much...."

Austin's Active Shelf Life
Can Our Public Library Keep Up the Pace?
News Story  September 20, 1996, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...While we're shaking the money tree, we should add another half-mil to bring the existing tech at APL into the current decade -- the typical middle-school library has electronic information tools comparable to our downtown flagship. And top that off with, say, another $1 million a year for the next 10 years, to pay for the increased capacity we need, and the inevitable upgrades, and for Internet services that are now free but will soon cost money, and for making some of the library's own collection (especially that of the History Center) available on-line..."

How Austin Handles Mental Health Emergencies
Police, EMS, and Integral Care work together to serve people in psychiatric crisis
News Story  December 14, 2017, by Sarah Marloff
"...When a police officer brings someone to the Judge Guy Herman Center for Mental Health Crisis Care, they're greeted in a clean, white, and sterile space that does not lack for warmth. The officer is offered a cushioned seat and granola bar while an on-call nurse whisks the potential client away to determine whether they're in the best place to receive care..."

Lake|Flato's Impact on Austin
The firm behind the new library has changed our city's look
DAILY Arts  October 31, 2017, by Robert Faires
"...At best, these sleek skyscrapers provide spectacular views of the city and surrounding countryside, and their mirrored surfaces reflect the Austin in which they're planted like shiny stakes from some giant surveyor. But what they really reflect is a late 20th century sensibility of what buildings should look like in a metropolis, and it's a sensibility that owes more to East Coast urban centers than our region..."

Day Trips: SPI Nature Center
South Padre Island Birding & Nature Center gives a rare look at coastal wetlands
Columns  May 12, 2016, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...The South Padre Island Birding & Nature Center is a noisy place. A chorus of birdsongs fills the wetlands that are accessible by a boardwalk that winds through the reeds and tall grass...."

Austin Jewish Book Fair: Larry Tye
'Superman' historian reveals Man of Steel's Jewish roots
DAILY Books  November 5, 2013, by Robert Faires
"...Larry Tye will speak on Superman: The High-Flying History of America's Most Enduring Hero Tuesday, Nov. 5, 7pm, at the Austin Jewish Community Center, 7300 Hart..."

Real Austin Stories
Austin's Exploding Documentary Scene
Screens Story  March 13, 1998, by Jerry Johnson
"...First, they are committed to living, working, and producing here. Second, they have a goal: to develop Austin into a thriving, working documentary center..."

Senate Votes to Close Austin State Supported Living Center
Despite guardian opposition, Senate passes bill to close Austin SSLC
DAILY News  April 14, 2015, by Mary Tuma
"...Against the wishes of dozens of family members of the intellectually and physically disabled, the Texas Senate passed legislation that would allow for the closure of the Austin State Supported Living Center yesterday, April 13...."

Five Years of No-Kill in Austin
What has the city learned about animal welfare, and how far does it have to go?
News Story  December 22, 2016, by Nina Hernandez
"...Before the policy was instituted, the city's live outcome rate – that is, the rate of animals who leave the shelter to foster or permanent homes, or third-party organizations like APA, hovered around 60%. When Patricia Fraga, a media liaison at the Austin Animal Center, began working at the shelter in 2009, animals were routinely euthanized for space...."

Austin Film Society Announces 2015 Grants
Newcomers and established names get AFS boost
DAILY Screens  September 1, 2015, by Richard Whittaker
"...Wolves Paul Gordon (Austin) AFS Powered by Dell Technology Grant (Up to $7,500 value) $5,000 AFS Powered by Dell Grant for Production Ashley, a young idealistic woman, takes in a homeless performance artist/chef couple – Brandi and Theo – after meeting Brandi at a therapeutic laughter class at the community center where she works...."

The Downtown Austin Plan
The city unveils its Downtown Plan in progress
News Story  January 11, 2008, by Katherine Gregor
"...Happily, many are located in districts – along Waller Creek, near homeless shelters and social services, and in the state parking garage wasteland – where new affordable housing is desirable and a good fit. (Musicians and artists enjoying subsidized apartments should be much more open-minded than $1 million condo investors, for instance, about having the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless as a neighbor.)..."

Other Worlds Austin Goes to an Alien Nation
Sci-fi and horror fest releases full, final lineup
DAILY Screens  November 9, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...The Other Worlds Austin film festival has always been dedicated to science fiction being the genre of ideas. With the announcement today of the complete roster of films for 2018, the team is putting that front and center with a 30th-anniversary screening of a classic sci-fi political allegory: Alien Nation...."

Other Worlds Austin Hits The Dead Center
Sci-fi and horror film fest adds centerpiece film and more
DAILY Screens  October 20, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...Other Worlds Austin was founded as a science-fiction film festival: However, its Under Worlds Austin horror strand takes a little of the spotlight with the announcement today that The Dead Center, starring Upstream Color director Shane Carruth, will be the centerpiece film...."

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