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Austin Film Festival Snags Chappaquidick as Closing Night Film
Full lineup includes Call Me By Your Name, Three Billboards
DAILY Screens  September 26, 2017, by Kimberley Jones
"...The Toronto Film Festival may be the first stop for many of the fall film calendar’s biggest, most award-baity releases, but for local audiences, the Austin Film Festival is your best bet for an early look at your future Oscar pool picks. Today’s full lineup announcement includes plenty of bold-faced names, as well as under-the-radar indies...."

Austin Film Festival Review: Youth in Oregon
Family dramedy suffers from unnecessary subplots
DAILY Screens  October 22, 2016, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Youth in Oregon, the closing night film of the Austin Film Festival, turned out to be a disappointing family dramedy. Yet the oodles of Dove chocolates the festival sponsor handed out to patrons as they departed the Paramount Theatre had everyone ending the fest on a sweet note...."

Austin Film Festival Drops and Gives Us 10
Lineup includes latest from Jonathan Demme, Alexander Payne
DAILY Screens  August 19, 2013, by Kimberley Jones
"...The Austin Film Festival’s full slate drops in mid-September, but the screenwriting-centric fest served up a 10-film teaser today, as well as a quartet of retrospective screenings...."

Austin Film Festival: A Conversation With Chris Cooper
An evening with the notable "character actor"
DAILY Screens  November 1, 2015, by Caitlin Moore
"...Shortly after being presented with an Extraordinary Contribution to Film award by the Austin Film Festival on Saturday, actor Chris Cooper joined moderator Michael Noll for an hour of conversation and questions from the audience...."

Austin Film Festival Announces Jury and Screenplay Awards
Audiences still have chances to catch screenings
DAILY Screens  October 27, 2013, by Monica Riese
"...Though the 20th anniversary Austin Film Festival runs through Thursday, Oct. 31, you don't have to wait for some of the biggest news...."

Austin Film Festival Drops 20th Anniversary Lineup
'Inside Llewyn Davis' takes center stage
DAILY Screens  September 17, 2013, by Monica Riese
"...With just over five weeks to go before the Austin Film Festival kicks off, the AFF team today released the lineup for their big, 20th anniversary gig...."

Austin Film Festival Review: The Cliff
Spanish thriller adds political intrigue to cult horror
DAILY Screens  October 18, 2016, by Richard Whittaker
"...From Rosemary's Baby to The Sacrament, filmmakers have been obsessed with the twisted vision of cults. Austin Film Festival Dark Matters Features competition jury award winner The Cliff (aka Acantilado) continues the tradition with a distinctly Iberian twist...."

Austin Film Festival Announces Full Lineup
John Singleton and Chris Cooper to be honored
DAILY Screens  September 30, 2015, by Josh Kupecki
"...With a little over a month away until the Austin Film Festival, the AFF folks released their roster of films and panels today...."

Austin Film Festival Announces First Wave of Titles
Lineup drops the latest from Todd Haynes and a Hank Williams biopic
DAILY Screens  August 19, 2015, by Josh Kupecki
"...While the Austin Film Festival's full slate of films and panels doesn't drop until mid-September, today they provided a preview by announcing 10 films to be screened at the fest known as "the writer's festival."..."

Austin Film Festival Announces Second Wave of Films
Jeff Nichols' Loving gets a Texas premiere
DAILY Screens  August 23, 2016, by Josh Kupecki
"...The Austin Film Festival dropped more of its 2016 lineup today, announcing eight titles, many of which are world premieres...."

Austin Film Festival Puts Diversity First
Writer-focused fest plans to amplify more unheard voices
DAILY Screens  December 19, 2017, by Richard Whittaker
"...From mega-franchises like Star Wars to the smallest indie projects, diversity and representation have become the keywords in contemporary cinema culture. As the Austin Film Festival enters its 25th year, the writer-focused fest has recommitted to its program to bring traditionally overlooked artists center stage...."

Austin Film Festival Showcases Linklater, Cumberbatch
First round of films announced mixes world and Texas premieres
DAILY Screens  August 20, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...The Austin Film Festival has just announced its first wave of films for its 2014 gathering, with new movies starring Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, James Franco, and (calm yourselves) Benedict Cumberbatch. Plus, Austin's most famous director finds himself on the other side of the lens for once...."

Austin Film Festival Full Slate
Marquee names include Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Patton Oswalt
DAILY Screens  September 14, 2016, by Richard Whittaker
"...The Austin Film Festival has already made some big announcements, but the reveal today of their full feature lineup for 2016 saved the biggest for last. The list includes new features starring Bryan Cranston, Jennifer Garner, Patton Oswalt, Emma Stone, and Ryan Gosling, plus a special talk with legendary producer Frank Marshall...."

Austin Film Festival Gets With The Program
Lance Armstrong biopic closes out festival
DAILY Screens  October 13, 2015, by Josh Kupecki
"...The Austin Film Festival revealed its Closing Night film today, The Program, a biopic of controversial cyclist and local resident Lance Armstrong...."

Austin Film Festival Announces (Almost) Full Slate
Opening and closing night films still to come
DAILY Screens  September 17, 2014, by Kimberley Jones
"...With its prime perch in late October, the Austin Film Festival traditionally has gifted local audiences with their first shot at seeing the year’s Oscar bait...."

Austin Film Festival: Thursday TBAs Divulged
Festival announces three encore screenings for Thursday
DAILY Screens  October 29, 2014, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Just when you thought you were nearing the end, just when you were patting yourself on the back for your near-weeklong stamina, along comes the Austin Film Festival's announcement of three freshly slotted encore screenings for Thursday, Oct. 30...."

Austin Film Festival Announces Conference Slate
Panelists include Jenji Kohan, Rian Johnson, and more
DAILY Screens  September 3, 2013, by Monica Riese
"...Half the fun of any film festival is the, you know, films, but never forget that a strong conference slate can really make or break the event too...."

Austin Film Festival Announces Preliminary Lineup
Slumdog Millionaire, Synedoche, New York confirmed
DAILY Screens  September 20, 2008, by Marc Savlov
"...Is it just us or does Austin now have more film festivals per capita than Smurfville had little blue not-so-meanies? Here we are with aGLIFF barely behind us, Fantastic Fest is currently, gloriously redefining the limits of our imaginations (and livers), and as of yesterday the Austin Film Festival, which this year runs Oct. 16-23, has just announced their initial lineup of films, filmmakers, and a handful of the many events that continue to make it one of best fests in the country...."

Austin Film Festival 2017 Preview
The writers' festival goes big
Screens Story  October 19, 2017, by Josh Kupecki
"...Okay, that last one wasn't actually three names, but you get the idea. The Austin Film Festival is here, starting Thursday, Oct..."

Austin Film Festival Film Review: Homestate
Endearing local feature pops with authenticity and nuance
DAILY Screens  October 17, 2016, by Sean L. Malin
"...Love plays an unfortunately stereotypical character: a quirk-ridden, precociously smart child who makes meaningful drawings of her uncle and represents his ultimate salvation. Yet in her scenes with Miller, who perfectly fits the bill of a sloppy Texan millennial (the decisively dominant character trope at this year’s Austin Film Festival), Love anchors Homestate’s redemption narrative so honestly that we wish Josh the utmost success...."

Austin Film Festival Review: Almost Adults
Two friends grapple with relationships in this snarky charmer
DAILY Screens  October 16, 2016, by Sarah Marloff
"...The Austin Film Festival runs Thu., Oct. 13, through Thu., Oct..."

Austin Film Festival Presents Jason Reitman
Revisiting 'Up In the Air'
DAILY Screens  February 10, 2014, by Neha Aziz
"...Last night, the Austin Film Festival hosted writer/director Jason Reitman and crew members from the 2009 Oscar-nominated film Up In the Air...."

Austin Film Festival to Honor Kenneth Lonergan
Manchester by the Sea Oscar winner named Distinguished Screenwriter
DAILY Screens  June 28, 2017, by Jennifer Murphy
"...The Austin Film Festival announced today that Oscar winner Kenneth Lonergan will be honored at this year’s festival and writers conference with the 2017 Distinguished Screenwriter Award. The mission of AFF? To celebrate exceptional screenwriting and the writers who do it..."

The 22nd Annual Austin Film Festival
Hybrid film delves into the Mineola Swingers Club trials
Screens Story  October 29, 2015, by Caitlin Moore
"...Though not technically a documentary, Booger Red, which will have its North American premiere at the Austin Film Festival, explores the true story of a small East Texas community turned upside down when seven adults were accused, tried, and convicted of engaging in horrible acts of child abuse...."

Austin Film Festival Announces Awards Recipients
Jonathan Demme, Vince Gilligan, and Barry Josephson honored
DAILY Screens  April 24, 2013, by Monica Riese
"...The Austin Film Festival announced this morning the three big names who will accept awards at the festival's awards luncheon Oct. 26: Jonathan Demme, Vince Gilligan, and Barry Josephson...."

Austin Film Festival Announces First Wave of Awards
Paul Feig and Nancy Meyers recognized, plus panelists!
DAILY Screens  April 5, 2016, by Josh Kupecki
"...Does it ever end? Just when you think you're done (with SXSW), they pull you back in. Yes, there are plenty of other worthwhile film festivals in this overpopulated, godforsaken town, and a great one just dropped some news...."

Austin Film Festival: Breaking the Mold: Diversity in the Industry
Panel agrees that there is a lack of it
DAILY Screens  November 3, 2015, by Jessi Cape
"...See for info and tickets, and follow all of our AFF coverage here...."

Austin Film Festival: Jon Stewart Closes Out Fest
Jon Stewart caps his week in Austin with Rosewater debut
DAILY Screens  October 31, 2014, by Fernie Martinez
"...Jon Stewart completed his takeover of Austin last night at the Paramount Theatre. After a week here shooting episodes of The Daily Show, in which special segments playfully ribbed our city’s weirdo-hipster-foodie ethos, the Austin Film Festival closed out this year's event with a presentation of Jon Stewart’s directorial debut Rosewater...."

Austin Film Festival: A Conversation With Jay Duplass
On making movies and making babies
DAILY Screens  October 25, 2014, by Rod Machen
"...The Austin Film Festival set up a conversation between Duplass and the Austin American-Statesman’s Matthew Odam that spanned several decades, multiple cities, and lots and lots of hard work...."

Austin Film Festival Unveils Complete Lineup
David Chase's 'Not Fade Away' opens fest
DAILY Screens  September 19, 2012, by Kimberley Jones
"...Sopranos creator David Chase will bring his directorial feature debut, the 1960s-set coming-of-age piece Not Fade Away, to the Austin Film Festival in October...."

Austin Film Festival: 'Tobruk'
Winner of the Narrative Feature Jury Award, the Czechoslovakian film Tobruk is a moving war drama that draws inspiration from Stephen Crane's The Red Badge of Courage.
DAILY Screens  October 25, 2009, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...The cinematography and staging of the warfare are magnificently composed. with such stellar production values and terrific performances it is easy to see why this film received th Austin Film Festival's Narrative Feature Jury Award...."

Austin Film Festival Announces Full Lineup
AFF's finalized lineup
DAILY Screens  September 24, 2008, by Kimberley Jones
"...After last week's tease, the Austin Film Festival has announced its official lineup for the 2008 fest, which runs October 16-23. Joining previously announced Marquee Screenings of Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire, Charlie Kaufman's directorial debut Synecdoche, New York, and Kelly Reichardt's followup to Old Joy, Wendy and Lucy, are Paul Schrader's Adam Resurrected (starring Jeff Goldblum), videogame adaptation/fanboy-bait Max Payne (from local screenwriter Beau Thorne), and James Gray's Two Lovers, which netted a lot of attention at Cannes in May and closes out AFF on Oct..."

Austin Film Festival: “Spoke” & Crazy Carl and His Man-Boobs
Docs cheer a legendary dancehall and a favorite hometown weirdo
DAILY Screens  October 29, 2014, by Michael Agresta
"...“Spoke” is presented by Austin Film Festival as part of a double bill tribute to local institutions. The b-side, so to speak, is Crazy Carl and His Man-Boobs, a lighthearted portrait of Austin icon Crazy Carl Hickerson (yes, that’s his legal name)..."

Austin Film Festival Teases Lineup
AFF releases first titles scheduled for 2017 fest
DAILY Screens  August 22, 2017, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...The Austin Film Festival, set to take place October 26-November 2, has announced the first 10 titles scheduled to screen during its 2017 edition, its 24th. Included among the selected works are nine films and one television episode: the season finale of HBO’s The Deuce, created by David Simon and George Pelecanos, who will be in attendance...."

The Austin Film Festival Calendar
Plan out your 2018 Fest schedule
Screens Story  January 25, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...Film festival season is almost on us, and in Austin that means a jam-packed schedule for all tastes and genres. With some festivals still to confirm dates (including the Austin Polish Film Festival and the Austin Asian American Film Festival), the 2018 calendar is already filling up fast. February..."

2016 Austin Film Festival Spotlights
AFF has some big names, but never loses sight of its hometown
Screens Story  October 13, 2016, by Josh Kupecki
"...In what we here at the Chronicle dub the "fall festival convergence," aka overtime, it can get a bit overwhelming hopping from aGLIFF and Fantastic Fest to Austin City Limits and beyond. And now we have arrived at one of the highlights of the season with the Austin Film Festival..."

Austin Film Festival Review: An Acquired Taste
Locavore youth documentary debut aims to please
DAILY Screens  October 16, 2016, by Sean L. Malin
"...Ostensibly a family film about teenagers learning to hunt in the wilds of North America, Lemaire turns their experiences into a cinematic testing ground for those curious about locavorism, ethical diets, and marksmanship. That this brief feature ultimately becomes an educated advertisement for the firearms industry ensures a long tenure on the national screening circuit, the best evidence to this being its energetic premiere Saturday at the Austin Film Festival...."

In the Blue Corner: Austin Film Festival
The festival dedicated to every part of storytelling on screen is back for its 20th anniversary
Screens Story  October 25, 2013, by Monica Riese
"...There's plenty to celebrate in any given year of the annual Austin Film Festival, but seeing as this year marks the fest's 20th anniversary, there's an extra whiff of celebration in the air. For the past two decades, AFF has dedicated itself to exploring every facet of the filmmaking process – and it's ultimately about the best stories, onscreen and off..."

Austin Film Festival Review: The Big Spoon
Love lost and found in this bittersweet local feature
DAILY Screens  October 18, 2016, by Jessi Cape
"...The Austin Film Festival runs Thu., Oct. 13, through Thu., Oct..."

Austin Film Festival Review: Shorts Program 10 – Everything’s Shorter in Texas
Series highlights strong range of local filmmakers
DAILY Screens  October 16, 2016, by Sean L. Malin
"...The Austin Film Festival runs Thu., Oct. 13, through Thu., Oct..."

Austin Film Festival Announces Audience Awards
Congratulations to all of the competition filmmakers
DAILY Screens  November 4, 2013, by Monica Riese
"...Here are the winners of the 2013 Austin Film Festival Audience Awards...."

At the Austin Film Festival
Harold Ramis and Mike Judge receive awards; plus, go to for a list of film competition winners
Screens Story  October 28, 2005, by Joe O'Connell
"...For a list of Austin Film Festival competition winners, see"

Austin Film Festival Review: Two Trains Runnin'
Freedom Summer and the blues align in this informative doc
DAILY Screens  October 19, 2016, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...The Austin Film Festival runs Thu., Oct. 13, through Thu., Oct..."

Austin Film Festival: Filmmakers of the World, Unite!
Why film commissions are really your friend
DAILY Screens  October 24, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...That off-the-cuff gag from Austin Film Commission chief Gary Bond summed up the Lone Stars: Film in Texas panel at the Austin Film Festival. The independent filmmaker has a pretty heavy load to heft around, but the speakers from an assortment of local and statewide offices suggested that, if they can't exactly shoulder the load, at least they can make sure the weight is distributed sensibly...."

Austin Film Festival Picks
Local flavor and Texas ties
Screens Story  October 26, 2017, by Josh Kupecki
"...Sure, you could jockey for a spot in some of the big releases hitting town this weekend for AFF (perhaps not as intense as those Astros World Series tickets, and nowhere near as expensive), but there are so many films that, in general, get lost in any given film festival, that it's always helpful to have a road map. Here are a few local and worthwhile signposts to light your way, but as anyone with experience in navigating the wilderness of film festivals knows, usually the best sights are the ones you stumble upon...."

Austin Film Festival Review: Long Live Death
German crime TV show makes the jump to the big screen
DAILY Screens  October 19, 2016, by Richard Whittaker
"...The Austin Film Festival runs Thu., Oct. 13, through Thu., Oct..."

Austin Film Festival Review: Chronesthesia
The time-travel romance you’ve been waiting for (or is it just déjà vu?)
DAILY Screens  October 18, 2016, by Marc Savlov
"...The Austin Film Festival runs Thu., Oct. 13, through Thu., Oct..."

Austin Film Festival Review: Brave New Jersey
Orson Welles' alien-invasion broadcast turns a town upside down
DAILY Screens  October 17, 2016, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...The Austin Film Festival runs Thu., Oct. 13, through Thu., Oct..."

Austin Film Festival Review: Gimme Danger
A real cool time hanging in Iggy Pop’s fun house
DAILY Screens  October 17, 2016, by Marc Savlov
"...The Austin Film Festival runs Thu., Oct. 13, through Thu., Oct..."

Austin Film Festival Review: Holding Patterns
A great ensemble supports this tale of twentysomething ennui
DAILY Screens  October 16, 2016, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...The Austin Film Festival runs Thu., Oct. 13, through Thu., Oct..."

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