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An Amarillo State of Mind
The Plutonium Circus Comes to Town
Arts Story  October 20, 1995
"...Set in the Texas Panhandle town of Amarillo, The Plutonium Circus focuses on the gargantuan Department of Energy Pantex plant, which looms over the sprawling North Texas Plains like some evil, radioactive monarch. Since the 1950s, Pantex has been the final assembly point for every nuclear weapon made in America..."

Amarillo Too Much for the Wranglers
DAILY Sports  April 16, 2008, by Christopher Bond
"...The Austin Wranglers’ struggles continue as they lost to the Amarillo Dusters 65-40 on the road last Saturday. Austin has given up more than 60 points in every game this season, but they have yet to reach the 50-point mark even once..."

Casino el Camino: The Amarillo burger
Casino el Camino - the Amarillo burger!
DAILY Food  May 20, 2009

High Plains Chamber
The Harrington String Quartet, which makes its third appearance with the Austin Chamber Music Center's annual summer festival in July, is based in Amarillo, and though that may not seem like a likely spot for a chamber music ensemble, the members of the Harrington Quartet feel quite at home on the range.
Arts Story  July 11, 2003, by Jerry Young
"...Amarillo is in that part of Texas that gets overlooked. Not so many people travel there, but millions have passed through it: Francisco Coronado in the early 1500s, cattle drives north, and wagon trains heading west..."

The Plutonium Circus
This is a reprint of the Austin Chronicle review that ran in March when this film premiered in Austin at the SXSW Film Festival. Texas mystique will receive a boost...
Film Review  October 20, 1995, by Hollis Chacona
"...Texas mystique will receive a boost as big as anything since the Dallas heydays if The Plutonium Circus gets the audience it deserves. Ratliff opens his film conventionally enough, with black-and-white graphics giving solemn voice to the history of Pantex, a Department of Energy nuclear weapons plant located in the Texas Panhandle just outside of Amarillo..."

Bomb City
Infamous 1997 Amarillo punk murder exposes social division.
Film Review  February 9, 2018, by Danielle White
"...12, 1997, 19-year-old Brian Deneke was killed after being run over by a Cadillac driven by 17-year-old Dustin Camp during a rumble between punks vs. preps in a parking lot across the street from an IHOP in Amarillo, Texas (nicknamed Bomb City for being the only place in America with a plant that assembles & disassembles nuclear weapons)..."

Day Trips
RV Museum in Amarillo shows how Americans take the edge off of roughing it
Columns  March 7, 2014, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...Jack Sisemore's RV Muse­um in Amarillo is a timeline of America on the move. The story of recreational vehicles started simple and became a tale of ever-increasing luxury...."

Waking Up in Reno
Not reviewed at press time. After sitting on the picture for more than a year, Miramax has finally seen fit to release Waking Up in Reno ... although, given the...
Film Review  November 15, 2002, by Kimberley Jones
"...A Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice for the hillbilly set, Waking Up in Reno details the partner-swapping of two couples on the road to a monster truck rally in Nevada. Texans take note: Along the way, the gang stops off at Amarillo's the Big Texan for one of the restaurant's legendary 72-ounce steaks...."

Cadillac Ranch
Cadillac Ranch -- The Pitch: Feisty, nubile chicks on the lam/Red convertible/Suitcase full of stolen boodle/Cross-country pursuit by psychotic villain/Hunky, sensitive male collaborator/Female empowerment generously seasoned with T&A… Jaded studio...
Film Review  April 18, 1997, by Russell Smith
"...Your money'll be in the bank Tuesday.” As fervently as we might wish otherwise, originality is a virtual non-factor in modern Hollywood's red light/green light decisions, and lackluster echo-films like Cadillac Ranch are the result. Thelma & Louise is the most obvious touchstone for Lisa Gottlieb's debut feature about three sisters (Amis, Ashby, and Feeney) who are racing a fearsome bad guy (Lloyd) to the titular Amarillo tourist shrine, where their jailbird father has stashed money from a robbery..."

Simple Man, Simple Dream
Part of the Seventies Southern California songwriting cabal that produced Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Browne, and the Eagles, J.D. Souther brings his craft to the Dripping Springs Songwriters' Festival
Music Story  October 15, 2015, by William Harries Graham
"...Born in Detroit, raised in Amarillo, today he lives on a farm outside Nashville. He's become the epitome of his hit for Ronstadt, "Simple Man, Simple Dream." In May, Souther released only his seventh studio LP, Tenderness, a breathtaking call back to his roots..."

Bomb City Retells the Tensions Behind the Killing of a Texas Punk
Brian Deneke’s life and death story comes to local screens
Screens Story  February 8, 2018, by Marc Savlov
"...Hinton's 1967 classic narrative of teen-on-teen pathos and hormone-fueled class warfare, pitted Tulsa's clean-cut "Socs" against the troubled but deep-down sweetheart greasers Ponyboy Curtis and his pals. Thirty years later, in the parking lot of Amarillo's now-demolished Western Plaza, 19-year-old punk rocker and artist Brian Deneke was run over and killed by 17-year-old Dustin Camp, driving a 1983 Cadillac during a "jocks versus punks" melee across from mutual teen hangout IHOP..."

Color of Justice
A drug bust in tiny Tulia, Texas opens up old racial wounds and raises questions about the veracity of the undercover cop-for-hire who orchestrated it all.
News Story  July 28, 2000, by Nate Blakeslee
"...Last year's most talked-about drug bust didn't take place in the high-volume inner-city cocaine rings of Houston or Dallas, or in a major trafficking hub like Laredo. It happened about halfway up the hot, dusty highway from Lubbock to Amarillo, in a Panhandle county with more cows than people..."

Who Killed Father Ryan?
A 1981 Odessa murder haunts crime researchers, the Catholic Church, and an ex-con determined to prove his innocence
News Story  June 17, 2005, by Jordan Smith
"...Along the way he has earned strong support of a wide range of people – including a former Ector Co. prosecutor, a former bishop of the Amarillo Catholic Diocese (once Father Ryan's superior), a retired police detective, and a recently deceased investigative reporter from The Dallas Morning News, Howard Swindle, who spent years looking for Ryan's real killer...."

The Whole Bow
Alvin Crow fiddled it his way
Music Story  November 12, 2004, by Margaret Moser
"...Both sides of Crow's family spread out between Amarillo and Oklahoma City, a situation that allowed them to live in Sweetwater, Okla., and license farm trucks and equipment in Texas because it was cheaper. Crow moved to Amarillo for the first time after he graduated high school, but returned to Oklahoma City to pursue rock & roll...."

Naked City
Amarillo ISD Superintendent warns Forgione: Greater accuracy in dropout reporting doesn't necessarily mean better ratings under the TEA's accountability system.
News Story  December 24, 1999, by Kevin Fullerton
"...An Amarillo school official has words of warning for Austin school superintendent Pat Forgione, who's now laboring to restore credibility to AISD's dropout reporting system: Don't expect big rewards for your diligence, at least not from the Texas Education Agency. Amarillo ISD annually accounts for the whereabouts of more than 99% of its students, says superintendent Bob Moore, but TEA's accountability system routinely pegs his district a notch below other districts that have less complete records...."

Texas Titles in Toto
Music Story  November 28, 2003
"..."Amarillo," Big House..."

Braying for Plutonium
The U.S. Dept. of Energy visits Amarillo in search of friendly site for manufacturing nuclear warheads.
News Story  July 11, 2003, by William M. Adler
"...And it's not enough for the Panhandle's Big Mules, the business elite, who see only gold in the deadliest stuff on earth. On a pleasant evening in late June, the Mules are packed like, well, livestock, into a conference room at Amarillo College...."

Reefer Madness
Medi-pot patient acquitted after 11-minute deliberation
News Column  April 4, 2008, by Jordan Smith
"...Amarillo resident Tim Stevens knew he was going to get sick...."

Dead Man's Curse
Simon Rumley mines horror from a real-life death row case
Screens Story  March 10, 2016, by Marc Savlov
"...This is what's not in dispute: On Halloween night, 1981, 76-year-old nun Sister Tadea Benz was stabbed, raped, and left for dead in Amarillo, Texas. Johnny Frank Garrett, a 17-year-old, mentally handicapped resident of the then-smallish and righteously conservative Panhandle town was fingered for the crime and sentenced to death..."

Panhandle Rambler
Walkabout with Joe Ely
Music Story  September 17, 2015, by Kevin Curtin
"..."I love to mow," he confirms, surveying his 18-acre ranch. "I always wanted to mow the side of the highway between Amarillo and Lubbock."..."

Day Trips
Tyler's Barbecue in Amarillo ain't fooling around
Columns  April 4, 2014, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...Tyler's Barbeque in Amarillo is the real deal. When you step through the doors of the former fast-food joint you're transported into a roadhouse barbecue restaurant that could be on any Texas back road..."

Day Trips
Cadillac Ranch is the most popular art installation in the Texas Panhandle
Columns  September 2, 2011, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...Cadillac Ranch off I-40 west of Amarillo is the most democratic art installation in the nation. Visitors who pull off of the interstate for a closer look at the 10 classic Caddies half-buried nose-down in a cow pasture are invited to add their own messages on the upended tail fins..."

Day Trips
The Texas Panhandle has many treasures to behold
Columns  January 23, 2009, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...While you're in the neighborhood of Amarillo, don't miss Cadillac Ranch off I-40 west of town. Have your picture taken among the vintage-car tail fins sprouting from the flat cotton field...."

Naked City
Headlines and happenings from Austin and beyond
News Story  May 20, 2005, by Lee Nichols and Cheryl Smith
"...• Amarillo held its own smoking-ban referendum on May 7, and unlike Austin, the attempt to ban smoking in most public places – and within 25 feet of any venue where smoking is banned – failed by 556 votes among about 30,000 ballots. The group supporting the tougher ordinance, Amarillo Clean Air Now, said they would be considering their options, and Mayor Debra McCartt said the City Commission may review the current ordinance for revision..."

Texas Towns & Places
Music Story  November 28, 2003, by Margaret Moser
"...The lyrics are nonsense, but the music was an irresistible command to rock out, duuuude, with chunky chords and a steam-engine rhythm that helped establish the band's string of hits. A well-placed rumor has it that the song was inspired by a late-night hunt for drugs after the band's San Antonio debut.8 "Amarillo by Morning," George Strait Songwriters: Terry Stafford, Paul Fraser Year Charted: 1982 Highest Billboard Chart Position: No..."

Day Trips
Get your kicks on -- that's right -- Route 66.
Columns  August 17, 2001, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...In Amarillo, the old highway wound through town with the course being changed several times. On the eastern edge of Amarillo on I-40 the Big Texan Steak Ranch still offers a free dinner to anyone who can eat a 72-ounce steak with all the trimmings in an hour..."

Day Trips
The geologic magnificence of Palo Duro Canyon.
Columns  January 12, 2001, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...There are few other formations in the state to compete with its uniquely spectacular beauty. Traveling south from Amarillo, the Great Plains are almost billiard-table flat until you reach the great gash in the earth that signals the beginning of the rolling geological diversity of the rest of the state...."

Letters at 3AM
The stakes were suddenly higher. There was more possibility in the night and in their lives than they'd yet considered. The work of art itself gave them the energy to fulfill its expectations...
Columns  September 3, 1999, by Michael Ventura
"...Thirty years ago a friend of mine -- we'll call her Jane -- was living in Amarillo. The city had three, maybe four, single-screen movie theatres and four TV channels..."

Short Cuts
Screens Column  March 20, 1998, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...A while back I noticed a post in an online indie film newsgroup about a theatre in Amarillo that was soliciting film and video work to show on its screens. The theatre turns out to be called Secret Garden/BeanBag and it is indeed looking for some alternative fare..."

Conflicts and Contradictions
The Choices of Terry Allen
Music Story  February 16, 1996, by Lee Nichols
"...-- Terry Allen, "Amarillo Highway"..."

Terry Allen Revisits His Definitive Albums
Lubbock musician on Juarez and Lubbock (On Everything)
Music Story  October 20, 2016, by Jim Caligiuri
"...He befriended Dave Hickey, an arts journalist who was also working with Waylon Jennings and Tompall Glaser at a publishing company in Nashville. Hickey played demos of Allen's songs for country star Bobby Bare, who recorded "Amarillo Highway" and "High Plains Jamboree" on 1975's Cowboys and Daddys..."

Perry's Veto Axe Comes Down
Democrats and Republicans of all stripes and experience hit
DAILY News  June 17, 2013, by Richard Whittaker
"...On the numbers: – Out of the 28 bills vetoed, 15 were Republican-authored and Republican sponsored; 10 were by Democrats; And the remaining three were bipartisan measures. – The biggest single loser seems to have been Sen. Kel Seliger, R-Amarillo, who faced the veto on three bills (two as author, one as senate sponsor.) – Austin lawmakers lost two bills, both via Sen..."

Day Trips
Gourmet pizza on the High Plains
Columns  October 12, 2012, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...575º Pizzeria in Amarillo is an enigma wrapped in a riddle in a land of steak houses. Why shouldn't the good folks on the High Plains have gourmet pizza? But who knew they could do it so well?..."

'Where I'm From,' and What It Looks Like
Semifinalists for short film contest online now
DAILY Screens  July 19, 2011, by Kimberley Jones
"...Stuart McSpadden's short "Now Leaving Amarillo" just about gutted me. McSpadden conducted phone interviews with members of his family about their push/pull relationship with Amarillo, and then used those recordings to complement the brutal beauty of the unbearably flat, bleak Texas Panhandle..."

That One Sad One
Second place
Books Story  February 17, 2006, by Will Furgeson
"..."I had a gig up in Amarillo. With an old songwriting buddy."..."

Day Trips
The Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo might be the most famous steak house in the world, or at least in Texas
Columns  December 3, 2004, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...The Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo might be the most famous steak house in the world, or at least in Texas. During the last 40 years, the restaurant has built an international reputation on giving away 72-oz..."

Naked City
Who'll be shooting whom between now and March 9?
News Story  January 9, 2004, by Mike Clark-Madison and Michael King
"...20, the day after the Iowa presidential caucuses -- two state Senate special elections will be held (early voting has already begun), for Districts 1 and 31, where Sens. Bill Ratliff, R-Mount Pleasant, and Teel Bivins, R-Amarillo, have announced their resignations..."

Tale of a Tale Spinner
How a ballplayer, a piano player, beatnik poetry, and Lubbock made Terry Allen an epic storyteller.
Arts Story  December 19, 2003, by Robert Faires
"..."I'll tell you a funny story about my mother," offers Terry Allen, grinning wryly like he does. "I was born in Kansas and moved almost immediately to Amarillo, where I lived the first two years of my life..."

Day Trips
Columns  November 22, 2002, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...The GoldenLight Cafe and Cantina in Amarillo sits in a row of post-World War II era nondescript block buildings that disguise the true character within the brick walls. The oldest restaurant in the Panhandle city, and one of the oldest still in existence at the same location on the old Route 66, still serves a juicy hamburger and a bowl of chili that will remind you of its presence long after the meal is finished...."

Day Trips
Columns  September 13, 2002, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...Austin to Amarillo is 478 miles, but the journey can have the highlight of visiting the second-largest canyon in the continental United States. Palo Duro Canyon is a sight to behold..."

100% Texan
Kevin Fowler is among the brightest of the Young Texas rising stars.
Music Story  August 9, 2002, by Margaret Moser
"...Onstage, the opening band is going through its routines. In addition to a passel of traditional country favorites like "Cotton-Eyed Joe" and "Amarillo by Morning," music includes AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long," the Chili Peppers' version of "Love Rollercoaster," the Commodores' "Brick House," and the Rolling Stones' "Start Me Up." It's hardly the standard country fare, but it keeps the young 'uns happy...."

Day Trips
The Devil's Rope Museum in McLean chronicles the closing of the Great American Plain with barbed wire.
Columns  October 19, 2001, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...The perimeter was surrounded by more than 120 miles of barbed wire fence. Portions of the ranch were later subdivided and became the city of Amarillo...."

Lege Lines: Yes, Dan Patrick Is Really That Petty
Committee assignments spawn high-school drama in the Senate
News Story  January 24, 2019, by Mary Tuma and Mike Clark-Madison
"...Dan Patrick and Sen. Kel Seliger, R-Amarillo, a more moderate voice in the upper chamber..."

Top 10 Most Read Screens Stories
What TV and movie news lit up your search engines?
DAILY Screens  December 28, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...1: “Bomb City Retells the Tensions Behind the Killing of a Texas Punk” (Feb. 9, 2018) [image-1] The 1997 murder of Amarillo punk Brian Deneke under the wheels of a Cadillac driven by a high school jock may seem like Hollywood make-believe, but it’s a true story, once poignantly recounted in Jameson Brooks’ scalding feature..."

Inka Chicken's O.G. Peruvian Fare
The South American cuisine is having a moment in Austin's scene
Food Column  May 17, 2018, by Emily Beyda
"...There's the Manor Road newbie, Yuyo, where an extensive menu features jewel-like ceviches, pisco sours, and gorgeous haute takes on Lima street food. We've already mentioned how smitten we are with Eastside brunch bus Killa Wasi's considerable charms, and their masa-breaded chicken & quinoa waffles and the breakfast sandwiches smeared with aji amarillo..."

Review: Yuyo
Manor Road is now home to upscale Peruvian fare
Food Story  February 22, 2018, by Melanie Haupt
"...My first visit to Yuyo was a happy hour with some girlfriends, where we enjoyed a quiet hour before resuming our work and family obligations. We snacked on a variety of items from both the appetizer and happy hour menus, starting with the chifles – long, slender surfboards of fried plantains with a zingy ají amarillo dipping sauce..."

Road-Tripping for the 2017 Texas Biennial
To curate this edition of the contemporary art survey, Leslie Moody Castro took an epic road trip across the Lone Star State
Arts Story  September 28, 2017, by Robert Faires
"...I learned, too, that borders are very blurry. There's this idea that our wonderful president wants to define these borders, but when I was in Amarillo – and I'd never been there, and in my brain, Amarillo felt really far away – but when I was there, it was so close to Lubbock, so close to Plainview, and I was talking to Jon Revett about being there, and he was like, "Well, you know, I can drive three hours in any direction and be in a major city center and have art references in all of these city centers." And I was like, I guess borders idealistically can stop movement, but they don't...."

SXSW Music Live: Garth Brooks
Stage antics get winded but not his bestselling catalog
DAILY SXSW  March 19, 2017, by Doug Freeman
"...Given his shortened set time, Brooks' decision to lead his encore with Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” and George Strait’s “Amarillo by Morning” confounded, but the five-song reprise rose with “Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)” and “Standing Outside the Fire.” Brooks no longer matches the stage energy of a new generation of popular country stars, but with his catalog of hits, he hardly needs to rely on antics anymore...."

Terry Allen’s Manifest Monographs
Lubbock don stages a vintage show for the ages
DAILY Music  January 16, 2017, by Raoul Hernandez
"...At the center bearing down on an electric keyboard sat the pater familias, wringing words set to music as all one piece of literature. The whole state somehow boiled down into a single song (“Amarillo Highway”), only the tune begat another and another, and five more after that..."

The Luv Doc: In Favor of Waxing
There is far too much hair in the world already
Columns  November 23, 2016, by The Luv Doc

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