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Rocketing Through Hard Times
Yellow Tape and other small theatre groups blast past the black hole of the recession
Arts Story  February 20, 2009, by Elizabeth Cobbe
"...Jonathon Morgan and Amanda Butterfield are the two of the peppiest theatre artists in Austin. You know this because they use the word "awesome" in every other sentence...."

Come Home
Yellow Tape Construction Company's self-styled indie folk musical 'Come Home' plays out like a quaint indie film with Midwestern melancholia and harmony
Arts Review  October 7, 2005, by Patti Hadad
"...Yellow Tape Construction Company heads out on the highway but stays at home with their production Come Home, a self-styled "indie folk musical." Yellow Tape artistic directors Jonathon Morgan and Amanda Butterfield are new to Austin but have that do-it-yourself attitude that endures in local theatre. They crashed at the Redhouse Art Space – Chris Humphrey and Ben Johnston's living room, to be exact – which has wood floors and dark bookcases nesting in country home nostalgia...."

A Thumping Raging Explosion of Light and Marvelous Texture
Yellow Tape's latest doesn't thump or rage but whispers something wonderful to you
Arts Review  October 10, 2008, by Elizabeth Cobbe
"...Choreographer and dancer Amanda Butterfield has developed an idiosyncratic style that draws heavily on that fanciful sense of play. She balances movements and patterns well across her stage..."

Nominations for the 2006-2007 Austin Critics Table Awards
Arts Story  May 18, 2007, by Robert Faires
"...Amanda Butterfield, I Love My Dead Gay Son: The Musical!/I Am Not Tartuffe..."

We Are Normal, Cha Cha Chaaa
The dance 'We Are Normal, Cha Cha Chaaa' is such a whirl of motion, bursting with youthful exhilaration, that it suggests nothing so much as five girls hard at play on a long summer's day
Arts Review  October 13, 2006, by Robert Faires
"...That tension between who's in and who's out figures prominently in the early part of the dance, with four of the women – Lisa Del Rosario, Vidya Ramirez-Wheeler, Holly Wissmann, and the show's choreographer, Amanda Butterfield – moving together as a group and the fifth, Melissa Ann Rentrop, observing them from a distance, then tentatively seeking a place among them. In places, We Are Normal, Cha Cha Chaaa seems to focus on rituals of acceptance, those rites of initiation that we're sometimes required to pass before we can be considered one of the gang, in the community, normal..."

I Love My Dead Gay Son: The Musical!
With 'I Love My Dead Gay Son: The Musical!', the energy-to-burn Yellow Tape Construction Company turn this cult film 'Heathers' into a loud, amped-up send-up of everything Eighties
Arts Review  June 30, 2006, by Robert Faires
"...The film's fans will recognize the story: Veronica is accepted into the Heathers ruling class but hates it; Veronica meets bad boy J.D., who helps her give the Heathers a taste of their own medicine; Heathers (among others) start dropping like flies; murders are masked with phony suicide notes; jittery, clueless parents and teachers suspect a suicide epidemic. But in the playing out of that story, authors/company members Amanda Butterfield, Tim Doyle, Jonathon Morgan, Breanna Stogner, and Juliane Taylor take the opportunity to celebrate (and denigrate) assorted cultural excesses of the Greed Decade, piling on commentary about Eighties fashion, Eighties adolescent angst (as depicted in movies and TV shows of the day), Eighties politics, and, of course, Eighties music..."

Free Night of Theater: The List
These Central Texas theatre companies are offering free tickets as part of the national Free Night of Theater campaign
Arts Story  October 7, 2005
"...Yellow Tape Construction Company: Come Home, by Amanda Butterfield and Jonathon Morgan (6:30pm); The Vortex Lobby, 2307 Manor Rd., 478-5282..."

Look to local businesses for help with your holiday feastivities
Food Column  November 30, 2007, by Virginia B. Wood
"...6, 13, & 20; $90-110 per head, depending on the menu chosen. For reservations, contact Amanda Butterfield, co-artistic director, at 466-5221 or"

Another Round of Praise
Nominations for the 2007-2008 Austin Critics Table Awards
Arts Story  May 9, 2008, by Robert Faires
"...Amanda Butterfield, The Ultimate Christmas Musical:..."

Top 10 Dance and Classical Music Events That Made 2006 a Year to Remember
Arts Story  January 5, 2007, by Robert Faires
"...9) We Are Normal, Cha Cha Chaaa (Yellow Tape Construction Co.) Five women in a whirl of motion – running, rolling, racing – almost nonstop for 45 minutes. Who knows where they got all that energy, but their youthful exuberance and fierce commitment to Amanda Butterfield's choreography – suggestive of girls at play on a summer's day – was deliriously infectious...."

Top 10 Stage Excitements of 2006
Arts Story  January 5, 2007, by Patti Hadad
"...10) We Are Normal, Cha Cha Chaaa (Yellow Tape Construction Co.) It wasn't just millions of down feathers in colorful lighting or Amanda Butterfield's kinetic choreography of a hip, all-female cast but Cari Palazzolo's movement-inspired pop that beamed throughout the show...."

Austin Power and Light
A guide to 10 new companies that are charging up Austin's theatre scene
Arts Story  June 16, 2006, by Elizabeth Cobbe

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