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Acia Gray
Local rhythm tap legend to be honored with a major national award
Arts Story  July 2, 2010, by Robert Faires
"...The great American art form of rhythm tap couldn't ask for a more graceful practitioner or more committed advocate than Acia Gray, and now it's giving her a great big thank you. On July 10, the American Tap Dance Foundation will honor the co-founder and longtime artistic director of Tapestry Dance Company with a Hoofer Award, presented to prominent tap artists for "their unique contribution to the form and for inspiring future generations." Those of us who have been fortunate to see Gray's masterful footwork on local stages for three decades, her skill as a choreographer of tap, and her company memers' proficiency in the form know how deserving of such an honor she is..."

Acia Gray: From Austin, an Ambassador of Tap to the World
The artistic director of Tapestry Dance Company has just been named president of the International Tap Association
Arts Story  July 18, 2008, by Robert Faires
"...First, Acia Gray was a leading force of rhythm tap in Austin, then around the country. Now, the co-founder and artistic director of Tapestry Dance Company will be a leading force for tap in the world, by virtue of her new position as president of the International Tap Association..."

Finding a New Rhythm
After a health crisis, Tapestry's Acia Gray slows things down
Arts Story  February 27, 2004, by Robert Faires
"...Acia Gray never expected dance to be the death of her...."

She Got Rhythm
In the world of rhythm tap, female dancers are a minority, and women who are masters of the form, as Acia Gray is, are merely a fraction of the whole. But with the debut of the Soul to Sole Festival, Gray hopes to give women who tap their due.
Arts Story  May 18, 2001, by Robert Faires
"...Acia Gray has been dancing in this community for so long, it might not occur to most people that there's something radical about her. But there is, and it's this: She's a woman who taps...."

Tapestry Dance Company
Acia Gray takes medical leave, but the shows go on
Arts Story  November 23, 2012, by Robert Faires
"...Anyone who knows Acia Gray knows it takes a helluva lot to keep that tenacious hoofer off her feet. In her 30-plus years of dancing professionally, you can probably count the times that something's kept her out of her tap shoes on one set of toes..."

In the Middle of It
Where Tapestry's Acia Gray Likes to Be ó and Is
Arts Story  February 20, 1998, by Robert Faires
"...photograph by Kenny Braun It isn't exactly the best time to be talking with Acia Gray. As a rule, three weeks out from a big performance is not the point when an artist working on that performance is going to be just bursting with confidence about what he or she is doing..."

What's Past Is Prologue
Recreating classic tap routines from the screen and stage opens an exciting new future for Tapestry Dance Company
Arts Story  March 9, 2007, by Robert Faires
"...Tapestry set itself quite the challenge when it took on the task of re-creating more than a dozen historic rhythm tap routines from Hollywood's golden age and the heyday of vaudeville for its 2006-2007 season. Artistic Director Acia Gray and her company members wouldn't be just trying to dance like Fred Astaire and the Nicholas Brothers and Eleanor Powell and Bill "Bojangles" Robinson..."

The Souls of Our Feet 2008
Tapestry's new program of classic tap routines continues to reveal the form's vitality and the troupe's growing skill
Arts Review  March 14, 2008, by Robert Faires
"..."Always leave 'em wanting more," goes the old showbiz adage, and you could have accused Tapestry Dance Company Artistic Director Acia Gray of violating this sacred precept with her revised edition of The Souls of Our Feet: The program boasted eight new re-creations of classic rhythm-tap routines from the vaudeville stage and silver screen, adding up to four more numbers than the honored original had. But the show itself proved no less rousing than before..."

In the Pocket
Tapestry Dance Company's season premiere was a swingin' jazz affair that made the Paramount Theatre feel like a smoky little club between Birdland and heaven
Arts Review  November 5, 2004, by Robert Faires
"...Last fall, Acia Gray could scarcely move, the pain and exhaustion from aggravated health problems having crippled the Tapestry artistic director. Eight months ago, she led her dance company through a comeback show, the intensity of which signaled a fierce resolve to survive..."

'XXV – Anticipation of Next'
A decade after joining Tapestry, Matthew Shields choreographs the kickoff to its 25th season
Arts Story  November 1, 2013, by Robert Faires
"...It's a work that combines rhythm tap, live jazz, and spoken word by guest artist Ebony Stewart to spin its story of youthful dreams and inspiration. The Chronicle checked in with Shields to find out what kind of dreamer he was when he came to Tapestry, how he and the company have changed, and how it feels to be the first person besides Tapestry founders Acia Gray and Deirdre Strand to create an entire stage production for the company...."

The Distance Danced
Between its old and new versions of 'Swingin' Then & Now,' Tapestry Dance Company has swung a long way, baby
Arts Story  April 21, 2006, by Robert Faires
"...The last time Tapestry Dance Company presented the program Swingin' Then & Now, the multiform dance troupe had just turned pro, and Acia Gray was still in her first season of flying solo as artistic director, her co-founder and partner Deirdre Strand having surrendered her co-artistic directorship for a position at St. Stephen's School..."

Free Dance!
Complimentary classes at Ballet Austin and Tapestry, plus a free monthly tap show
Arts Story  September 10, 2010, by Robert Faires
"...• Speaking of free dance classes, Tapestry Dance Company has started offering free introductory dance classes for adults and teens every Saturday at 11am. The first Saturday of each month is introduction to rhythm tap, taught by Tapestry co-founder and Artistic Director Acia Gray..."

The Best of Tapestry, Too: Persistent Joy
Local Arts Reviews
Arts Review  February 25, 2000, by Robert Faires
"...If one dance had to stand for the history of Tapestry Dance Company -- and given the varied styles and moods this troupe encompasses, that's asking an awful lot -- it might well be this one: Acia Gray's Biorhythms, taken from solo series From the Inside Out. In it, Gray's beleaguered dancer is an accomplished artist whose movements inspire joy but whose labors and achievements are consistently challenged, diminished, dismissed..."

Tapestry Dance Company's new paean to our fair city, Austintatious, made clear this company's innovative spirit and amalgamation of serious talent; we're lucky this sterling organization calls Austin home.
Arts Review  November 1, 2002, by Molly Beth Brenner
"...The show's first half featured a tour of Austin's carousing spots, starting early in the evening "On the Banks of Auditorium Shores" and winding up at "2:00 AM, Somewhere on Sixth Street." These superbly performed and choreographed pieces succeeded in capturing the spirit of some of Austin's premier haunts. Take "One Too Many at the Broken Spoke," a drunken riff of a Texas two-step set to the Derailers tune "Country-a-Go-Go." It featured casual, wobbly-legged, and, well, wasted-looking choreography (by company members Tasha Lawson and Poet Powell, with Acia Gray) that belied the control and technique required of the dancers (Lawson and Powell)..."

Tap That Nut
In Tapestry's Of Mice & Magic, dance is more than the medium; it's the message
Arts Story  December 11, 2009, by Robert Faires
"...And now it's Tchaikovsky's irresistible rhythms – and, in fact, rhythm itself – that is inspiring the latest dance variation on The Nutcracker, what Tapestry Dance Company Artistic Director Acia Gray considers an Austin-tatious spin on the yuletide perennial. In Of Mice & Music, which opens at Salvage Vanguard Theater on Monday, dance isn't just the medium for telling the story, it's the message, with the tale's enchanted cracker of nuts now representing tap and introducing girl heroine Clara to a world of rhythm, embodied in a new hepped-up version of Tchaikovsky's score by local jazz trio Blue J...."

Tapestry Dance Company:Getting those tap shoes re-'Soul'ed
The troupe's thrilling Souls of Our Feet program is back, with more reconstructions of classic rhythm tap routines
Arts Story  March 7, 2008, by Robert Faires
"...In 2006, Tapestry Dance Company Artistic Director Acia Gray set her company the daunting challenge of re-creating live onstage a number of classic rhythm tap routines immortalized on film. We're talking routines by top-of-the-line masters: Eleanor Powell, Fred Astaire, the Nicholas Brothers, Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor, Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, et al..."

In the multiform company's new production, the dancers move between cultures as well as dance styles
Arts Story  November 16, 2007, by Jonelle Seitz
"...It's a Friday afternoon in early November, and Acia Gray, director of Tapestry Dance Company, is clearly disturbed by the escaping time. Back in the rehearsal studio after a two-city tour, the company has only two weeks to put together its new evening-length piece, Footprints..."

Tapestry Dance Company's April Fools
This remount of the tap troupe's valentine to vaudeville brought the old art form back with delights in abundance
Arts Review  May 10, 2018, by Robert Faires
"...Of course, this being presented by the only full-time repertory rhythm tap troupe in the world, April Fools leaned heavily toward dance. Artistic Director Acia Gray had excavated more than a dozen vintage tap routines from the Twenties, Thirties, Forties, and Sixties to set on her current company members, and they took to these old numbers as if they'd been born to dance them: feet flying, arms spinning, heels and toes clicking like a mad telegraph sending an "SOS," but with no trace of effort evident in the dancers' faces – indeed, their countenances were calm as cats' on a Sunday, save for when they'd turn to the audience and flash a wry smile, as if to ask, "Ain't this somethin'?" You felt that you were in the presence of performers who'd been executing these steps for ages, on stages large and small all across the land, just like vaudevillians used to do...."

Tapestry's 'JASS'
In remounting Tapestry Dance Company's 'JASS,' Artistic Director Acia Gray is seeing how dancers, like jazz musicians, take their time as they get older
Arts Story  January 20, 2006, by Robert Faires
"...The first one, JASS, was originally staged just after September 11, and in the four years since, the company has seen almost a complete turnover in the corps of dancers. The Chronicle checked in with Artistic Director Acia Gray to find out what it's been like revisiting an old show with new dancers...."

A Shared Love of Dance
My Funny Valentine is Tapestry Dance Company's second show following the addition of five new dancers, and their stories are as varied as the dance styles the multiform company employs.
Arts Story  February 14, 2003, by Sarah Hepola
"...On a Monday afternoon, tap legend Acia Gray watches two Tapestry Dance Company members run a routine. As they swing through the song's irresistible chorus -- "Strangers in the night/Two lonely people, we were strangers in the night" -- the company's other dancers clap and cheer..."

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