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90 Minutes in Heaven
Faith-based film taken from bestseller is directed by Michael Polish
Film Review  September 11, 2015, by Marjorie Baumgarten

Germany Year 90 Nine Zero
It figures that if Jean-Luc Godard, the reigning film provocateur of the Sixties, were to make a sequel to one of his movies, it would take him 25 years to...
Film Review  April 5, 1996, by Marjorie Baumgarten

APD's Copeland Suspended 90 Days
Oft-mentioned cop disciplined for April detainment
DAILY News  October 21, 2015, by Chase Hoffberger

Glasgow's Punishment: A 90-Day Suspension
Family 'befuddled' by light discipline in Owens shooting case
News Story  February 13, 2004, by Jordan Smith

County Punts Coyote Plan for 90 Days
City will take that time to present county with alternatives to Texas Wildlife Services
News Story  October 5, 2017, by Lindsay Stafford Mader

SCTV Network 90: Volume 1
Screens Review  June 25, 2004, by Nick Barbaro

Restaurant Matriarch Janie Martinez Dies at 90
Food at Matt's El Rancho was based on her family recipes
DAILY Food  June 4, 2013, by Virginia B. Wood

Why Spend $90 Million on a New Library?
Postmarks  October 25, 2006

Ten Down ... 90% to Go
AISD votes to move the Liberal Arts Academy from Johnston to LBJ, a move that magnet parents support but many others question.
News Story  December 7, 2001, by Michael May

Austin Recommits to AIDS Epidemic
90-90-90 status targeted by 2020
News Story  June 21, 2018, by Sarah Marloff
" to sign the Paris Declaration. The goal: achieve 90-90-90 status by 2020..."

An HIV-Free Generation?
New clinic to help city, county eradicate HIV
News Story  July 26, 2018, by Sarah Marloff
"...And the timing couldn't be better. On June 20, Austin and Travis County together pledged to achieve 90-90-90 – that is, 90% of all county residents living with HIV know of their diagnosis; 90% of those diagnosed with HIV getting onto sustained treatment; and 90% of people on sustained treatment having an undetectable viral load (meaning they can no longer transmit the virus) – by 2020...."

Austin's 10 queerest highlights of 2018
Columns  December 27, 2018, by Sarah Marloff and Beth Sullivan
"...Austin and Travis County committed to achieving 90-90-90 by 2020, to help Austin reach its goal of eliminating AIDS as a public health threat by 2030. AIDS Services of Austin and the Wright House Wellness Center (now with a spiffed-up new name: ASHwell) both opened sexual health clinics, and Kind – for PrEP and gender care – now offers telehealth so you can talk to yer doc over the internet. 4) Showing Up For Each Other..."

Wright House Rebrands to Include Sexual Health Clinic
All's well that ends well at ASHwell
DAILY Qmmunity  December 12, 2018, by Beth Sullivan
"...It wasn’t until 2015 that Walker and Marcus Sanchez opened the city’s first PrEP clinic, Austin PrEP Access Project, which is today’s Kind Clinic. Just this fall, AIDS Services of Austin opened its first clinic, not long after Austin and Travis County pledged to achieve 90-90-90 status by 2020 (that is, 90% of all residents living with HIV will know their status; 90% of those will be receiving continuous treatment, and 90% on that treatment will have an undetectable viral load)..."

On making space and the return of two favorites
Columns  October 4, 2018, by Sarah Marloff
"...Fast-Track Cities Meetings The four groups will meet to continue working toward 90-90-90 by 2020. See schedule online..."

Going Vertical
The new VMU zoning could transform your neighborhood – and you have 90 days to help decide how
News Story  February 9, 2007, by Katherine Gregor

Breakin' All the Rules
Despite the title of this sugar-coated fluffbomb of an urban romantic comedy, precious few rules are broken, cinematically speaking, during its quick, painless 90 minutes.
Film Review  May 14, 2004, by Marc Savlov

New Best Friend
A remarkably bad film that's also remarkably entertaining by sheer anti-virtue of its oversexed awfulness, New Best Friend is the trashy teen-sleaze equivalent of Showgirls. It's easy to imagine this...

Film Review  April 12, 2002, by Marc Savlov

Resident Evil
Like your first frantic lay in a nightclub bathroom, Resident Evil feels fantastic while you're in its thrall, but considerably less so after the climax has come and gone. Midway...
Film Review  March 15, 2002, by Marc Savlov

The Long Dumb Road
The road may be dumb, but at least it's fun
Film Review  November 16, 2018, by Danielle White

The Final Year
Behind the scenes with the Obama foreign policy team
Film Review  January 26, 2018, by Richard Whittaker

Cranky loner (and beloved character actor) faces mortality
Film Review  October 13, 2017, by Kimberley Jones

The Only Living Boy in New York
A New York love triangle state of mind
Film Review  September 1, 2017, by Steve Davis

The Devil's Candy
Heavy metal and Satanism in a rural Texas town
Film Review  April 21, 2017, by Marc Savlov

Bitter Harvest
In 1930s Ukraine, young lovers fight Stalin and forced starvation
Film Review  February 24, 2017, by Marc Savlov

Bound for a distant planet, two persons awake prematurely
Film Review  December 23, 2016, by Kimberley Jones

Banal plot mars this toy marketing scheme
Film Review  November 4, 2016, by Marc Savlov

Council Takes Action on Municipal Court Reform
City has 90 days to evaluate how it handles indigent defendants
News Story  August 18, 2016, by Chase Hoffberger

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie
Edina and Patsy hit the big screen with mixed results
Film Review  July 22, 2016, by Steve Davis

Ratchet & Clank
This animated video-game spin-off fails on every level

Film Review  May 6, 2016, by Josh Kupecki

45 Years
A long-married couple begins to question their union
Film Review  January 29, 2016, by Kimberley Jones

Hotel Transylvania 2
The Universal monsters reunite for another animated kiddie fling
Film Review  September 25, 2015, by Josh Kupecki

Bloodsucking Bastards
Cubicle horrors: Vampires bloody the workplace
Film Review  September 4, 2015, by Marc Savlov

Taken 3
Liam Neeson's back in action.
Film Review  January 16, 2015, by William Goss

Land Ho!
This buddy comedy travels all the way to Reykjavik – but does it actually go anywhere?
Film Review  September 12, 2014, by Marjorie Baumgarten

Lee Daniels' The Butler
The stars shine bright in this broad yet moving overview of the last 90 years of African-American history.
Film Review  August 16, 2013, by Marjorie Baumgarten

The Queen of Versailles
How does 90,000 square feet sound?
Film Review  August 3, 2012, by Kimberley Jones

Magic Trip
This doc about Ken Kesey's famed bus goes all over the place but never seems to end up anywhere all that revelatory.
Film Review  September 16, 2011, by Marc Savlov

This locally made documentary looks at the city of Austin through the eyes of its working musicians.
Film Review  May 6, 2011, by Kimberley Jones

This animated film is vibrant and exceedingly clever, but also a rather slight thing for such mega-sized proportions.
Film Review  November 5, 2010, by Kimberley Jones

Good Hair
In this thoughtful documentary, Chris Rock touches on – if by no means produces a definitive telling of – many facets of the highly charged topic of African-American hair.
Film Review  October 23, 2009, by Kimberley Jones

Paranormal Activity
Should you believe the viral marketing hype about this techno-era haunted-house movie that's been playing sold-out midnight runs? Or Marc Savlov?

Film Review  October 9, 2009, by Marc Savlov

Balls of Fury
Goofy pingpong comedy gets by on the amiable nerd panache of chunky lead Dan Fogler.
Film Review  August 31, 2007, by Marc Savlov

The Night Listener
This taut, wiry exercise in eerie bad vibes, about a writer-cum-radio personality and a disturbing teenage literary sensation, is emotionally dense but never fully takes flight.
Film Review  August 4, 2006, by Marc Savlov

Beside the Point
Dollars in the details
News Column  May 12, 2006, by Wells Dunbar

Being Cyrus
This atypical Bollywood film is an English-language mystery drama that has no song-and-dance numbers and is a brief, 90-minutes long.
Film Review  April 21, 2006, by Marjorie Baumgarten

This Italian film presents a modern parable about a Palestinian family, whose home in the West Bank is abruptly taken over by Israeli soldiers.
Film Review  March 10, 2006, by Marjorie Baumgarten

Separate Lies
Julian Fellowes is two for two: The English actor’s first big screenwriting credit, Gosford Park, netted him an Oscar, and with this directorial debut, he again demonstrates a mastery of British uppercrust dramas.
Film Review  October 28, 2005, by Raoul Hernandez

The Cave
A crack team of cave divers encounters untold horror in the form of bloodthirsty sea slugs.

Film Review  September 2, 2005, by Marc Savlov

Howl's Moving Castle
The latest from animation master Hayao Miyazaki is ravishingly beautiful but narratively inferior to all his other films.
Film Review  June 17, 2005, by Marc Savlov

The Perfect Man
Less a feature film than 90 minutes of tweenage feminine wish fulfillment, The Perfect Man is like Teen People come to life.
Film Review  June 17, 2005, by Marrit Ingman

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