gAyTX Fun Guide

Austin's gay bars and then some...

Arts & Entertainment

AFS Cinema

An ample and convenient venue to host your next party, film screening, or big, gay fundraiser.

6406 N. I-35 #3100, 512/686-3823

Austin Gay Basketball League

Bounce balls. Shoot hoops. Sign up to play or come out and support Austin's LGBT bball league.


Austin Gay Nudists

Whether you got that buff stuff or junk in the trunk, nurture the nature of this all-nude, all-dude group.

1500 Village West Drive #47,

Austin Symphony Orchestra

The high art part of the Live Music Capital of the Planet.

1101 Red River, 512/476-6064,

Ground Floor Theatre

For the love of theatre – local, live, community theatre. Local icon Lisa Scheps finally has her own digs.

979 Springdale, 512/840-1804

Highland Lounge

Austin's newest dance mecca. Come on in, baby, the water's wet.

404 Colorado, 512/649-1212,

The Iron Bear

When the teddy bears leave the picnic, they hit up their favorite party spot, The Iron Bear.

121 W. Eighth, 512/482-8993,

Lone Star Lambdas

Grab your 5-gallon, squeeze into your Wranglers and boot scoot on over for a country & queer lovin' good time.

5903 Spartan Cove, 512/418-1629,

The Octopus Club

Raising the big bucks through fabulous parties for AIDS Services of Austin.,

Oilcan Harry's

The godfather of all Austin gay establishments, OCH has made Fourth Street what it is today. At the fag/fag-hag headquarters, the dancing is dirty, and so are the martinis, if you ask real pretty.

211 W. Fourth, 512/320-8823

Rain on 4th

Some nights, this center of urban slick has the fashion-forward standing around defining aloof, imbibing colorful cocktails, wondering exactly where everyone bought their shoes. Other nights? It's just a parrrrrrrty.

217 W. Fourth, 512/494-1150,

Texas Gay Rodeo Association

This is Texas, darlin'. Of course there is a gay rodeo.


Topfer Theatre at Zach

Austin's home for intimate musical theatre and the Wilde Party, special LGBT community nights named for that Oscar guy.

202 S. Lamar, 512/476-0541,

The United Court of Austin

Monarchical fundraisers of the most supreme order.

PO Box 2567, 512/689-5609,

V Nightclub

Exactly what kind of haven is V? It's a goddessgamin', what-the-Buckin', Jungle-lovin', dance-clubbin' style-coven, that's what.

409 Colorado, 512/450-3835,

Volleyball Austin

Set and spike the night away with these volley-lovin' Q-ballers.,

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ACC Gay-Straight Alliance

An all-inclusive federation in the ACC community that raises awareness of LGBT issues through promotion of national campaigns and local activism.


AIDS Services of Austin

The grandpappy of HIV/AIDS care in Austin.

PO Box 4874, Austin, TX 78765, 512/458-2437,


Our prime resource for LGBTQ people of color, statewide Austin Latino/a Lesbian/Gay Organization is all that and a bag of mangos.

701 Tillery Ste. A-1, 512/472-2001,

The Austin Chronicle

Independent, locally owned and operated, free alternative newsweekly that reflects the heart and soul of Austin, Texas. Visit each day online or weekly at one of over 1,800 stands carrying the print version all across Central Texas.

4000 N. I-35, 512/454-5766,

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Arts & Entertainment

Austin Front Runners

Austin's LGBT running group providing training for 'mo fitness levels.

1811 Santa Clara, 512/453-8878,

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Austin Gamblers Bowling League

We promised ourselves that we would not make cheap jokes about balls. But come on. You know they've got big ones. See for yourself at their next recruiting day at Dart Bowl.


Austin Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

Austin's colorful rainbow umbrella for gay-owned and gay-friendly businesses. Also home to the Austin LGBT Toastmasters Club.

PO Box 49216, 512/761-5428,

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Arts & Entertainment

Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival

Over a quarter century of bringing the best in LGBT programming to Central Texas. There's still time to get in on this year's fest, October 3-7.

1107 S. 8th St., 512/275-6227,

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Austin Gay & Lesbian Pride Foundation

Austin + Pride x You = The LGBTQ community's biggest party of the year.

PO Box 162924, Austin, TX 78746, 512/468-8113,

Austin Gay and Lesbian Senior Services

To ensure everyone's golden years are rainbow hued and vice versa.

1700 Rutherford, 512/628-1694,

Austin Roundup

Sobriety in the LGBTQIATX.,

Austin Weird City Sisters

These brides of the Son of Man have a word or two for that Benedict fellow, we bet. And like real nuns, they are all about the service (and the getting down on the knees, and the habits, and the rulers across the knuckles, etc. etc.).

Bobcat Pride Scholarship Fund

Support for our LGBTQ Texas Staters. Go, Bobcats!

PO Box 2532,

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Arts & Entertainment

Capital City Men's Chorus

From booming baritones to tenacious tenors, CCMC is Austin's beloved full range of gay musical community.

PO Box 50082, 512/477-7464,

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The Care Communities

Caring for those living with HIV/AIDS and cancer through the support of big-hearted volunteers and you, if you care to give.

314 E. Highland Mall Blvd. #495, 512/459-5883,

City of Austin HIV Counseling, Testing & Outreach

When it comes to HIV, knowing your status sooner is better than knowing later.

15 Waller, 512/972-5580,

Equality Texas

Equality Texas is ground zero for LGBTQIA politics, Lone Star-style. Our front line at the Texas Lege.


Gay Place Online

Steer here, queers. Moooooo.


Hippie Hollow

Welcome to Austin's nude-friendly party zone. While this isn't a "gay beach," per se, you sure wouldn't know it on certain holidays. Leave the kids at home.

7000 Comanche Trl., 512/854-7275

Human Rights Campaign – Austin

The Austin steering committee of the national organization (you know, yellow equal sign/blue box).,

L Style G Style

One side L. One side G. Flip the mag, so you can see. Now, online only.

1412 Collier, Bldg. B, 512/443-3663,

Log Cabin Republicans of Austin

Rainbow-toned conservative, moderate and libertarian Republicans, including LGBT Americans and straight allies.


Out Youth

Oh to be young and gaaaaaaaay! Actually, most of us wouldn't go back to 17 if you paid us, but at least now, there is support of our LGBTQ (for questioning) kids.

909 E. 49th½, 512/419-1233,

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Arts & Entertainment

OutCast Austin, KOOP 91.7FM

Tune your FM to 91.7 for ATX's premiere radio program for, by, and about the LGBTQ community.

3823 Airport Blvd #B, 512/472-5667,

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Project Transitions

Devoted to serving Austin's HIV/AIDS community through hospice, housing, and loving support.

7101 Woodrow, 512/454-8646,

Q Austin

Sex-positive, safe-sex let's-talk-about-sex, baby. Drop in, tune in, turn on.

2906 Medical Arts, 512/420-8557,

Queer Ride

Search Team ProHomo on Facebook for up-to-date details on meeting spots and stops of this weekly ride. Wednesdays, 7pm.


Softball Austin

Nothing soft about these balls. At Softball Austin, players of all expertise levels wait on-deck at their turn to bat more than just eyelids.

Stonewall Democrats of Austin

With less than two months til the national election, perhaps it's a good time to get to know your local gay Democratics.

PO Box 40898,

Transgender Education Network of Texas

Educating the State of Texas about gender diversity one conversation at a time (and sometimes through many).


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Bennu Coffee

For your 24/7 buzz, plus yummy grub from local vendors, served with aplomb (not necessarily a plumb).

2001 E. MLK, 512/478-4700,

Bouldin Creek Cafe

Bouldin Creek will boul your tastebuds over with all-veg delights and their "Best of Austin"-winning "Best Hot Staff."

1900 S. First, 512/416-1601,

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Arts & Entertainment

Cheer Up Charlies

2011 "Best of Austin" "Best LGBTQ Hang Out" is the hottest live music queer bar in town. Plus vegan chocolate. Yup!

900 Red River, 512/431-2133,

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Cherrywood Coffeehouse

Pop into Cherrywood for great Sunday brunch (heavenly crawfish omelettes and Pain Perdu) and any day po-boys, salads, beer, and coffee treats.

1400 E. 38th 1⁄2, 512/538-1991

Curra's Grill

Austin's beloved institution of Mexican Interior. (And their interior is often packed.)

614 E. Oltorf, 512/444-0012,

Eastside Cafe

Austin's quintessential cuisine and one of the earliest pioneers of the Eastside restaurant revolution.

2113 Manor Rd., 512/476-5858

El Sol y la Luna

A great place to bring your amigas y amigos for some of the best Migas on the planet.

600 E. Sixth, 512/444-7770,

The Frisco

A true, fine, living, breathing, non-ironic example of iconic Austin. As American as their delectable apple pie.

6801 Burnet Rd., 512/459-6279

Frot Vodka

Fraught about where your money goes when you're having a refreshment at a local watering hole? Fret not. Here's Frot, an LGBT owned and operated Austin brand with proceeds to make a difference.


Genuine Joe Coffeehouse

An LGBT and nerd haven up in the northern suburbs.

2001 W. Anderson, 512/220-1576,

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Arts & Entertainment

Jo's Coffee

Quintessential Austin coffee klatch.

1300 S. Congress, 512/444-3800

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Three words: Ninja Bachelor Party. It'll clean your clock. These hardcore juice-ologists could make dirt taste like heaven.

7329 N. Burnet, 512/524-1129

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Arts & Entertainment


Chef/restaurateur Lou Lambert is nationally known. Come see why.

401 W. Second, 512/494-1500,

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Mr. Natural

All-natural vegan, and vegetarian restaurant, bakery, and health food store. Three words: Chocolate Tres Leches.

1901 E. Cesar Chavez, 512/477-5228

Sweet Ritual

Vegan ice cream and sundae concoctions to make your spoon swoon.

4631 Airport Blvd., 512/666-8346,

Wheatsville Food Co-op

The cooperative grocer with a soul, right in the heart of the campus area. The hot bar and deli are off-the-radar during the fest and a great to-go respite.

3101 Guadalupe, 512/478-2667

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Hotel San José

Down-home minimalism with a Texas twang, and one of the original transformations that put South Congress Avenue on the map. Well, on the stylish map.

1316 S. Congress, 512/852-2350

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Arts & Entertainment

Hyatt Regency Austin

One of the best dining and slumber party views of our downtown.

208 Barton Springs Rd., 512/477-1234,

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Kimber Modern

Sleek, modern, and right around the corner from the Continental Club.

110 The Circle, 512/912-1046,

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Arts & Entertainment

Marriott Renaissance Austin Hotel

Conveniently located at the Arboretum, where you can shop 'til you drop, wine and dine, and live in the lap of luxury.

9721 Arboretum Blvd., 512/343-2626

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Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol

The faceted zigzag design creates more than just four corner suites per floor, affording some magical sights, especially of our rosy Texas State Capitol. Round out this affordable staycation with a dip in the indoor-outdoor pool.

701 E. 11th, 512/478-1111

The Westin

Hip and just a hop through the elegant Domain, The Westin brings chill Austin luxury to another level.

11301 Domain Dr., 512/832-4197

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Austin's fierce feminist bookstore welcomes women and women-luvers of all stripes. Great kids' section, to boot.

5501 N. Lamar Ste. 105-A, 512/472-2785,

Coco Coquette

Allyson Garro can curate the top of your head to look as divine as Divine. The higher the hair, the closer to Gawd!

2109 E. Cesar Chavez, 512/344-9173,

Cowgirls & Flowers

Chances are there's someone you wish to delight: Say it with Cowgirls.

508 Walsh, 512/478-4626

Dandy's The Gentleman's Store

Dapper. Elegant. Head-turning. That's you, fella, after a trip to Dandy's.

411 Brazos, 512/999-8196

End of an Ear

The kind of wax that's welcome in your ears. Dan & Blake have created the best in a human-scaled record nirvana.

4304 Clawson, 512/462-6008,

Forbidden Fruit

Our trusty neighborhood kink shop will fulfill your needs with a rubber helping hand, a hooded wink, and a silicone smile.

108 E. North Loop, 512/453-8090,

Frock On Vintage

Excellent vintage fashions for excellent ladies and gents. 2-for-1 Snap Shirt Tuesdays are just one of their regularly scheduled specials.

3016 Guadalupe, Ste. A101, 512/474-7711

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Arts & Entertainment

MonkeyWrench Books

Rad, radical, and collectively run.

110 E. North Loop, 512/407-6925,

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Pride Socks

How better to rock one's inner unicorn than to don hooves in rainbow tubes of stretchy, nostalgic comfort?,

Q Toys

High-end, LGBTQ-friendly, women friendly, and down-right-friendly adult store: Austin, a new space for "toys" has come. And you might, too. And phhhfffft! No phthalates!

6800 Burnet Rd., 512/772-1614,

Room Service Vintage

It's like the attic of your supercool Seventies supermodel auntie's mansion, packed to the gills with clothes, furniture, art, textiles, jewelery, and flatware from eras gone by.

107 E. North Loop, 512/451-1057,


The manly dandy shall feel at home smack dab in the middle of SoCo.

1423 S. Congress, 512/373-7824

Tapelenders Video

Austin's haven for gay and lesbian video rental, pride items, and sporty fashion – especially their "sister store" Package Menswear.

1114 W. Fifth #201, 512/472-0844

The Great Outdoors

Not just a nursery, but a riot of color and ideas and foliage for your great outdoors.

2730 S. Congress, 512/448-2992

Top Drawer Thrift

It's like some queen just opened that closet and the fairygodbrothers laid it all out all nice and everything. Benefits our Project Transitions HIV/AIDS service.

4902 Burnet Rd., 512/454-5161

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Treasure City Thrift

Volunteer-run and collectively organized thrift mecca. Keep an eye peeled for their crazy 25¢ Saturdays.

2142 E. Seventh, 512/524-2820,

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Twin Liquors

Double the pleasure, double the fun (2-for-1 specials), but don't quaff too much or you'll be seeing double!

519 E. Seventh, 512/476-9982

Uncommon Objects

Like wandering through and collecting souvenirs from the living rooms of artists, eccentrics, and oddballs.

602 Fortview, 512/442-4000,

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ATX Notary Services

You mean they'll come to my house or office to notarize something? ¡Sí! ¡Sí!


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Austin LGBT Bar Association

Working to promote the education of LGBT issues and to unite the LGBT legal community in the often-byzantine realm of law.,

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Bark n Purr Pet Center

The alpha dogs for all your pets' needs.

4604 Burnet Rd., 512/452-3883

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Gathering Place Worship Center

The Lord's already blessed us as we gather together. Now someone tell those meanies who think they can "pray the gay away."

7801 N. Lamar Ste. F-25, 512/323-9501,

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Habitat Suites

Austin’s greenest home away from home, with energy-efficient, eco-friendly innovations at the core of your good night's sleep.

500 E. Highland Mall Blvd., 512/467-6000,

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He's For Me

Find me a find, catch me a catch! This professional matchmaker makes you a match, dear busy gay professional man.

1300 Guadalupe Ste. 200, 855/443-7463,

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Tune your dials to something different and more LGBT-savvy and community-based from your regularly scheduled programming.

3823-B Airport, 512/472-1369,

Maison d'Etoile

The triple threat of Austin style, all under one roof: Charm School Vintage, Salon d'Etoile, and wig wigwam, Coco Coquette.

2109 E. Cesar Chavez, 512/944-2801,

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Park Lane Guest House

Peace and quiet in a breezy, comfortable, LGBT-friendly, and elegant home.

221 Park, 512/447-7460,

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Pink Avacado Catering

Chef Brent Schumacher has been teasing and pleasing Austin palettes for ages. Just ask the Austin Film Society.

401 Sabine, 512/656-4348

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Arts & Entertainment

Site Street

From the ABCs of SEO to crossing the Ts and dotting the Is of your web presence, this full-service web/marketing service boasts a staff dedicated to LGBT Austin.

3009 N. Lamar Ste 3, 512/832-8383,

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Soma Vida

The home of Queerdalini Yoga. For those who would rather focus on chi than he or she.

2324 E. Cesar Chavez, 512/628-1580,

University Baptist Church

God's love is for everyone; don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Come worship with "Austin's progressive voice of faith."

2130 Guadalupe, 512/478-8559,

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Waterloo Counseling Center

Austin's nonprofit hub for LGBTQ support and support groups.

314 E. Highland Mall Blvd. #301, 512/444-9922,

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