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Top 10 Constant Cravings: Bites

These dreamy dishes are in constant rotation

By Jessi Cape, December 28, 2018, Food

1) SUERTE At the risk of henceforth being known as The Girl with a Corn Cup Tattoo, I really do love the sweet corn esquites con gouda so very much. Everything else I've eaten at the Oaxacan hot spot is fantastic, too, but ohmygod that corn.

2) OTOKO The best thing about the tasting menu at this 12-seat omakase wonderland is that every single bite is guaranteed to be incredible. The downside is that with chef Yoshi's penchant for creating artistic sushi and kaiseki dishes with the most extremely fresh and often far-flung ingredients, each bite might be a Halley's Comet.

3) HOME SLICE PIZZA Look, I don't love chicken wings – all that work, all those weird, stringy tendons, the bones – but these high-quality puppies are worth it. Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, with enough saucy heat to temporarily boast Angelina Jolie lips, and legit bleu cheese to bring reality back, they're my favorites. The pizza's great, too.

4) LA VOLPE The foxy full charcuterie and cheese board at this chic Southern-meets-Italian restaurant goes to 11. Local, expertly paired with accoutrements, and very pretty, it's almost a meal by itself.

5) EASY TIGER This Top 10 feature is quickly becoming the Easy Tiger show, but honestly, it's important that everyone knows that there's really no other bread you should be making a grilled cheese sandwich with than their sourdough.

6) PITCHFORK PRETTY Yes, the regular menu is full of locally sourced, flavor-packed surprises, but I'm all about their Monday night Banchan & BBQ. Wear a waistless outfit, choose a protein (get the grilled shrimp or the tofu stew!), and stuff your face full of pretty much endless banchan like the rolled omelette with sambal and the boiled peanut and fermented eggplant.

7) L'OCA D'ORO This menu dances to a different tune every night, but they almost always have those hella good roasted carrots with pistachio butter. Recently, I devoured a beautiful beet risotto with 44 Farms short rib, pickled apple, and ginger mascarpone, and I could've died happy right then and there.

8) HIMALAYA KOSHELI There are simply not enough restaurants serving Gobi Manchurian in this town. This newcomer not only knocks the deep-fried cauliflower florets in a soy chile sauce waaay out of the park, but they've got spectacular garlic naan, approximately 10,000 other lovely Indian-Chinese dishes, and zero wait time.

9) FLUFF MERINGUES & MORE It's probably pretty apparent that I'm more savory than sweet (and I eat that way, too), but when it comes to desserts, I'm 100% on board with this recently opened brick-and-mortar: pavlovas filled with Greek yogurt and topped with berries, house-made marshmallows, scones, and obviously those cute little namesake clouds. They make a killer green tea matcha latte, too.

10) TIE: GRASSROOTS HARVEST/CHEEKYWELL I'm not sure that a more delightfully brilliant chill-the-hell-out method has ever been invented than CBD gummies and CBD dark chocolate – bears, worms, and peachy rings; PMS bars with dried fruit and nuts.

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