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Affordable decadence on the Eastside

By Mary Bryce, October 14, 2016, Food

Once – instead of going on an actual date – I made a guy go to Target with me because I needed a door mirror. Maybe that's rude, but if you're quasi-sure that your Tinder match is going to bomb, you might as well make sure you can check an errand off your list. Alternatively, you can suggest going to your favorite restaurant and pray that your date picks up the check.

Cheap Eats Case File 002: Austin Daily Press

Featuring a large menu with an array of sandwich options available in different formats, such as tortas, brioche, paninis, and tacos, ADP takes sandwiches to the next level. $20 will take you far here with huge entrées and inexpensive side dishes that make for a decadent spread.

The Meal: We started off with the Oaxacan queso mushroom mole panini ($5). Probably the most low-key sandwich on the menu, it features a smoky sauce and a thick layer of gooey white cheese. My date got the taco version of the Edward ($7.50). These edamame fritter tacos are unbeatable with a nutty, creamy mashed soybean interior topped with shredded carrots, onions, avocado, and a sweet/savory ginger peanut sauce – making for a dish that's simultaneously light and filling. We also got a side of the jalapeño hushpuppies ($3), which are served with spicy ranch dressing and have a doughy, chewy interior that rivals that of the best croissants. It's absolutely imperative that you treat yourself to the incredible churritos ($3). These little sugar bombs come with both a blueberry jam and a lemon curd-like sauce for dipping. Not only are they unbelievably light, they're some of the best fried foods I've ever had ever. Thirsty, we splurged and got one of the specials of the day, a delicious and thirst quenching super tart lavender lemonade ($3). With tax, this put us right at $22.19. And we couldn't even eat everything.

The Atmosphere: Without the annoying self-conscious hipness of a food truck, ADP has personality and quirk in spades. From the cartoon vegetables painted on the side of the building, to the picnic table seating, not only is the atmosphere casually fabulous enough to impress your date, the food is top-notch, and served quick and hot. However, note that there's only outdoor seating, so be prepared for the elements.

The Verdict: The food at ADP is stunningly good given the price. You'll feel cool eating there, the service is pleasant, and with such an expansive menu, there's plenty of room to accommodate different tastes and diets. Even if your date sucks, you'll at least enjoy the food. Sometimes, that's all you can ask for. Additionally, if things are going really swimmingly, head over to the Wheel across the parking lot, where you can get the whiskey of the day for $4. Or, if you're really cheapin' out, enjoy ADP's Free Beer Fridays, which is just as good as it sounds – definitely better than going to Target. Even if there's a good sale.

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