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Three new ways to keep it local

By Serena Yeh, July 3, 2015, Food

Austin restaurant news happens at such a breakneck pace that it's often difficult for us to cover anything else. But foodie Austin happens in the shopping bag as much as it does on the white plate. Our commitment to eating local (and well) doesn't stop as soon as we hit the automatic doors, so we thought we'd offer a peek at some of the new essentials in the AC Food grocery cart.

Lick Ice Cream

With summer in full swing and the city still facing Blue Bell withdrawal blues, the need to quench your ice cream craving is at its peak. Lick offers summer specials that utilize fruits and seasonal herbs like loquats and lavender. Their new mango-chili-coconut flavor uses G&S Groves mango jam and chipotles. The fibrous jam swirls provide a sweet punch to the mildly stinging spice. But don't worry about the heat; you'll still be cooling down. Available by the pint at Lick's shop on South Lamar, Quickie Pickie, and In.gredients.

Sweet Ritual Ice Cream Sandwich

Who needs a beach body when there's Sweet Ritual's chocolate-dipped, rainbow sprinkle, ice cream cookie sandwich? The thick chocolate cookies, from Austin's vegan darling Capital City Bakery, are paired with Sweet Ritual's creamy cashew-based vanilla ice cream and dipped in rich, dark chocolate that will leave you swooning. The colorful sprinkles will be a sure hit with the kids. Available at Sweet Ritual's shop. Packaged ice cream sandwiches available at the Hyde Park Flag Store and JuiceLand Oak Hill.

NadaMoo! Cookies & Crème Ice Cream

In the scorching weather, you can either seek respite in air conditioning or head out for a lakeside picnic. Either way, a pint of NadaMoo's new cookies & crème flavor makes good company. NadaMoo teamed up with Better Bites Bakery, which provides the cookie bits, to conjure up this creamy and crunchy goodness. We wanted more of those delicious bites, but no one is complaining about having more coconut milk-based ice cream. And if you're wondering about the quirky name, NadaMoo means no dairy is involved. Cookies & crème flavor available at Whole Foods Market and River City Market; other flavors available at Wheatsville Co-op and Royal Blue Grocery.

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