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The Year in Food

The 2014 tastes we just couldn't stop thinking about

By Kate Thornberry, January 2, 2015, Food

Top 10 local Food blogs

1) LOVE & LEMONS Another year of hitting the ball out of the park for Jeanine Donofrio. This blog has kept up with frequent posting, topical recipes, engaging writing, and as always, the graphic design is stunning.

2) HILAH COOKING In addition to making videos, posting recipes, and writing cookbooks, Hilah Johnson also had a baby this year. The fact that she managed to continue to crank out such high-quality work throughout the year is flabbergasting.

3) THE DIG IN This newcomer combines a focus on backyard organic gardening in Austin with recipes, how-to articles, and Q&A sessions. The design is lovely, and the crossover between gardening and eating is seamless. Very timely stuff for our town.

4) WHAT ARE YOU DRINKING Matt McGinnis continues to inform us all about the beverages we love. Posts include fascinating interviews with distillers and brewers, lists of favorites, and wine guides. It's fun to read, informative, and well-balanced.

5) YES, MORE PLEASE! Another newcomer – the recipe for huevos rancheros pushed this blog into the Top 10. Real know-how, clean design, and a genuine love of cooking positively radiate from this site.

6) LOCAL SAVOUR Elizabeth Van Huffel's blog never disappoints. This year, she added her own cooking show to her already-award-winning blog, making Local Savour an absolute dynamo of information and entertainment.

7) SOUTH AUSTIN FOODIE I wish every area of Austin had a blogger as knowledgeable, dedicated, and prolific as the South Austin Foodie. Honest reviews of restaurants, both old and new, schedules of upcoming food events, and news.

8) FOIE GRAS HOT DOG This charming, iconoclastic blog presents the foodways and recipes of Julie and Ryan, a young Austin pair with a laudable amount of style and confidence, not to mention excellent taste.

9) STERLING & OATS Posting is down to once a month on this (mostly) baking blog, but the recipes continue to be provocative and compelling. The photography and design are top-notch.

10) COCINA MARIE Cocina Marie chronicles one woman sharing her kitchen and her entire family's foodways. What sets it apart is how timely the recipes are, and her constant passion and creativity.

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