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Tales From Reality TV

An Austin restaurateur and a Central Texas winemaker share the recipe for drama

By Virginia B. Wood, January 31, 2014, Food

Television producers have discovered that Central Texas is fertile ground for reality TV contestants. As a result, a steady stream of Austinites has shown up on reality cooking shows over the past year. This month alone, winemaker Don Pullum from Mason spent a few weeks cooking with Nigella Lawson on ABC's The Taste and this week, food scientist and restaurateur Dr. Foo Swasdee and her 26-year-old Thai restaurant, Satay, are the subject of an hourlong episode of the Cooking Channel's Restaurant Redemption. Contributor Wes Marshall and I spoke with them about what it's like to see the story of your life edited for reality TV – and how the reality bug is contagious.

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