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Rachel Feit's Top 10 Austin-tatious Snacks and Sips

By Rachel Feit, January 6, 2012, Food

In no particular order:

Cholesta Roll at Roll On Sushi Diner Sushi meets chicken-fried steak. It looks Japanese but speaks Texas twang.

Hair of the Dog at Man Bites Dog This is one dog you and your arteries will never forget. An all-beef frank wrapped in bacon and deep fried. Add some chili, cheddar cheese, a fried egg, and Tabasco, and you have one outrageous snack.

The Extra-Trashy Trailer Park Taco at Torchy's Tacos When Torchy's opened a few years ago, it set a high bar for Austin-tatious tastes. Its Trailer Park taco is fried chicken strips, green chilies, lettuce, and pico de gal­lo. "Get It Trashy" and replace the lettuce with plenty of gooey queso.

Ham & Eggs Roll at Uchiko Uchi and Uchiko have helped put Austin on the map of great culinary destinations. Uchiko's Ham & Eggs – crunchy pork belly and egg inside a maki roll – embodies the flavors that define the city's eclectic tastes.

Duck Fat Frites at Hank's Garage Double-fried hand-cut french fries are very chic these days, and the ones fried in duck fat at Hank's Garage are among the best I've tasted all year. Hank's smoked paprika and spicy Sriracha mayos put them over the top.

Buffalo Fried Pickles at Second Bar + Kitchen Served with hot sauce and pungent bleu-cheese sauce, this bold snack is perfect for Sunday football but looks elegant enough to take to the opera.

Texecutioner at Contigo Made with mezcal, D'Aristi Xtabentun (a Mayan anise-flavored liquor), cocchi americano, and grapefruit, this drink has ingredients most people can't even pronounce. But the clean fruitiness is something Austinites will love when the mercury hits 110.

Pork Belly Sliders at Odd Duck Farm to Trailer Austinites love bacon. And what better way to indulge than a house-cured pork belly slider topped with onions and liberally doused with paprika aioli at Bryce Gil­more's news-making trailer?

Chocolate and Stilton Tart at Elev­en Plates & Wine It's crunchy, it's bleu-cheesy, and ... that's right folks ... it's chocolaty. Not everyone will find it appealing, but those who do love it.

Doughnuts at Gourdough's It doesn't matter which you choose. These huge, freshly fried fritters are topped with sinful treats that satisfy whatever audacious food cravings your subconscious can conjure.

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