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'Austin Chronicle' Hot Sauce Festival Hall of Flame

August 27, 2010, Food

In the 10th year of the festival, we created a Hall of Flame to recognize individuals, restaurants, and commercial bottlers who had won or placed in their category at least three times. Those original inductees appear below in italics. For the 20th anniversary, the list of Hall of Flame inductees is considerably larger. A few of the restaurants and commercial bottlers are no longer in business at this point, but we salute their accomplishments nonetheless. Festival Emcee for Life Bryan Beck will recognize the new inductees from the stage during the event on Sunday and present them with award plaques. Congratulations, one and all!


El Caribe Mexican Restaurant

Curra's Grill

Evita's Botanitas

Hank's Roadhouse

Iguana Grill

Jardin Corona

El Rincon Mexican Restaurant


Serranos (Symphony Square)

Torchy's Tacos



Valery Caselli-Dubov

Burt Friedman

J.P. Hayes (Sgt. Pepper's)

Victor Hernandez

Brent Kirby

Brian S. Morrison

Paul Petersen

John Randall

Michael Walters

Jimmy Williams

Dennis Willms

Commercial Bottlers

Ana's Salsa

Austin Slow Burn

Aztexan Pepper Co.

Big Dawg Salsa

Cafe Serrano's

Classy Delites

Kala's Kuisine

Pepper Creek Farm

Smoky Hill

Tears of Joy Hot Sauce Shop



Timpone's Fresh Foods/Rose's

Tres Chic

Two Hot Mamas Salsa Co.

Winston's Hot Pepper Sauce

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