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Local Restaurants Curing Their Own

By Mick Vann, April 10, 2009, Food

Local restaurants have really taken the local pig to heart, and many are doing their own old-school house curing. This list offers some examples of local cured pig fare.

Vespaio and Enoteca Vespaio (1610 S. Congress, 441-6100, 441-7672, Ryan Samson buys whole local hogs to make guanciale, fresh sausages, bacon, pancetta, lardo, scrapple for brunch, galantines, pâtés, and mousses.

Olivia (2043 S. Lamar, 804-2700, James Holmes and Morgan Angelone are producing house-cured bacon, sausages, charcuterie (mortadella, capacolla, prosciutto), pancetta, headcheese, and guanciale.

Taste Select Wines (202 W. Cesar Chavez, 478-2783, Bill McGrory receives praise for his house-cured bacon, wild-boar sausage, ham, guanciale, and headcheese.

Cipollina (1213 West Lynn, 477-5211, Parker White is doing house-cured bacon and ham and a number of different sausages.

Uchi (801 S. Lamar, 916-4808, Tyson Cole consistently offers house-cured pork belly and bacon.

Roy's (340 E. Second, 391-1500, Larry Kocurek cures guanciale, pork brasaola, prosciutto, and salami.

ASTI (408-C E. 43rd, 451-1218, Chef Johnny Bates is making pancetta, brined hams, lardo, and rillettes.

FINO (2905 San Gabriel, 474-2905, Jason Donoho is curing pancetta, ham, and bacon.

parkside (301 E. Sixth, 474-9898, Shawn Cirkiel ambitiously produces house-cured bacon, cotto salami, capacolla, linguica, chorizo, rillettes, pâté, headcheese, and pancetta.

Hudson's on the Bend (3509 RR 620 N., 266-1369, Jeff Blank and Robert Rhoades always have house-cured smoked pork belly and wild-boar sausages.

Cissi's Market (1400 S. Congress, 225-0521, The SoCo grocer serves house-cured bacon and homemade sausages.

Jeffrey's (1204 West Lynn, 477-5584, Deegan McClung is making house-cured bacon and guanciale and will begin making andouille and several charcuterie items within a couple of weeks.

TRIO at the Four Seasons (98 San Jacinto, 685-8300, Chef de cuis­ine Todd Duple­chan has big plans for a local pig fattened on local pecans, following in the tradition of Spain's pata de negro jamón ibérico de Jabugo. He'll be inserting ham, headcheese, bacon, and a wealth of assorted charcuterie into the menu over the next month or more.

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