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November 5, 2004, Food


The Slow Food USA group has an Austin/Hill Country convivium, spearheaded by Mary Jo O'Grady. Linked here is her e-mail address for direct information about their affairs.

Once you wade through the obnoxious ads, there's some great content here on traditional Texas and Southwestern cooking, with recipes.

This site is Ceramic Green Egg cooker-centric, but there are really good posts found within, including cool photos, personal barbecue joint reviews, and the best graphic of a Forties barbecue gal.

Manzoorul Hassan's (of fame) personal Web page devoted to his reviews of local restaurants.


A site devoted to barbecue: Folks write in to ask questions, review products, and review restaurants; complete with links.

This one is by Craig Miyamoto, and is a site "about a dessert. Tiramisu! The most heavenly dessert on God's earth." Forum section, restaurant reviews of tiramisu, recipes: all things tiramisu.

Bruce Cole's definitive source for the nation's newspaper food sections, culinary prose, and culinary media sources collected weekly on one site. A fantastic site for cuisine-related reading, among many other things

Pat Solley's delightfully wacky (and always tres intellectual) Web site devoted to every single tiny nuance of soup ... a must see. Pat's articles are loaded with historical esoterica, and you never know where they will lead you next. Superb recipes, as well.

Lynne Rossetto Kasper's companion to her weekly NPR nationally syndicated radio show, which is considered by many to be the keystone of the business.

The Web location of Saveur, our favorite cooking magazine. Colman Andrews provides the best coverage of all things international in a very entertaining and readable style.

Available on many newsstands (and free to culinary professionals!), Food Arts magazine is an excellent resource, especially for those with restaurant interests.

Darra Goldstein's magazine of culinary esoterica and scholarship: It's the scholarly journal of food and culture, and an entertaining (if not highbrow) read.

Web site for Gourmet and Bon Appétit magazines and their affiliated businesses – many recipes and articles. Shamelessly commercial, but useful nonetheless.

Search options, recipes, gossipy tidbits about your favorite foodie stars, and more than you ever wanted to know about the ones you love to hate (and you know who they are!).

The food timeline, assembled and maintained by the Morris County, N.J., library project; used as an educational tool for the kiddos, but fascinating to cruise. We guarantee you'll be entertained.

The food, wine, and travel Web site of Sally Bernstein. Great guest writers are featured regularly.

The new home of the old Berkeley site SOAR (Searchable Online Archive of Recipes) – the mega recipe site with tens of thousands available, and searchable by any number of criteria!

The Cook's Thesaurus: Lori Alden's site, which started as a listing of substitutes for recipe ingredients (both plain and exotic), but has grown into a very complete online cuisine dictionary.

More than 175 entries (19 pages) of online food glossaries, dictionaries, and international food guide links. You can spend weeks bouncing around in here finding all kinds of groovy sites. You'll fill up your bookmarks file without even trying!

Vanns is one of the largest spice companies in the world, and, unfortunately, Mick Vann is of no relation to the company or its owners. Lots of great info available here on spices from all over the globe, where the best are found, and what makes them the best.

Penzeys has a huge assortment of spices available from all over the world, and offers great service over the Internet; again, chock-full of information on the Web and in their catalog. Nice database of spices and their origins.

A site crammed with countless examples of bad (but often poetic) English translations on foreign signage, food product labels, restaurant menus, and more. A real giggle-fest.

Travelers send in revealing photos and descriptions (with ratings and very expressive reviews) of the meals they are served in-flight by a large number of international and national carriers: a real hoot.

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