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Second Helpings

January 16, 2004, Food

Jack in the Box

Various locations
Various hours (late-night drive-through at some locations)

Jack in the Box couldn't ignore the national epidemic of "healthy alternatives" taking up an increasing amount of drive-through menu space, so it added the "pannido." It might look like a salami-wrapped hot dog on TV, but actually it's a part of the new line of deli-style sandwiches called "classics on a roll" everywhere but Texas. But paper-thin slices of turkey and roast beef can't compete with the most infamous item on their menu: the deep-fried taco, two of which can be had for just 99 cents. A lot of people put down the Box's unique mix of spicy meat paste, lettuce, cheese slice, and hot sauce all wrapped up in a corn tortilla transparent with grease, but once you're a fan, you're a fan for life. No fast-food item goes better with cheap beer. Well, maybe a Sourdough Jack Bacon Cheeseburger.

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