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Reviewed by Virginia B. Wood, August 25, 2000, Food

Iguana Grill

The Iguana Grill is probably just as well known for their great view of Lake Travis as they are for their "Lake-Mex Cuisine," but there's one menu item that is a certified multiple-award winner. For several years running, the Iguana's divinely smoky Chipotle Pepper Salsa has ruled in the restaurant division's special variety category. When dining at the Iguana, we suggest you get a bowl of the Chipotle Salsa with the pork carnitas, grilled chicken, or the toothsome beef tenderloin. It also makes a great dipping sauce with chips, and I've been known to eat it with a spoon on more than one occasion. It's very good stuff, demonstrating the perfect balance of heat, smoke, and depth of flavor.

The brains and talent behind the Chipotle salsa and all the other food at the Iguana belong to chef Rogelio Reyes. A native of Michoacán, Reyes came to the U.S. after growing up in Mexico City and has 20 years of restaurant experience to his credit. Before he helped open the Iguana Grill six years ago, Reyes' résumé included stints at both the Shoreline Grill and Jeffrey's. He oversees a kitchen that feeds hundreds of sun-parched lake dwellers every day and uses many of his families recipes on the menu. Reyes told us with pride that the award-winning Chipotle recipe is one of the many he brought from Mexico and he's gratified by its acceptance among Austin salsa lovers.

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