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March 17, 2000, Food

Mexican Food 101

Calamares = Squid

Camarón = Shrimp

Campechana = Cocktail of squid, shrimp, crab, oysters, and octopus

Mariscos = Shellfish

Ostiones = Oysters

Pescado = Fish

Pulpo = Octopus

Barbacoa = Barbeque, Mexican-style

Cabeza = Cow head

Carne guisada = stew

Carnitas = Whole pig, rendered and sliced

Chicharrón = Crackling pig skin

Pollo = Chicken

Rez = Beef

Aguas frescas = Fruit pulp and some sugar blended with water

Caldo = Thick soup with lots of ingredients

Menudo = Soup made with hominy, cow feet, and stomach (recipes vary)

Refrescos = Soft drinks

Sopa = Soup

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