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Edibles in Isolation

Send Me to a Desert Island, but Let Me Have My ...

January 7, 2000, Food

Barbara Chisholm

My List of Must-haves:

1. Sisters' Sass Garlic and Sesame Dressing. This dressing makes absolutely everything better from potatoes to pasta to veggies to chicken. On a desert island or in a new stone age, this will improve everything you could pull from the sea or from a trash heap.

2. Orville Redenbacker's Gourmet popcorn and oil for popping. Because even when the only thing you have to worry about is getting your next meal, some nights you just don't feel like cooking, and popcorn is the only satisfying thing.

3. Texas French Bread Ciabatta. The best bread of their outstanding selection. Crusty on the outside, pillowy on the inside, delicious through and through.

4. Salade Lyonnaise from Chez Nous. Crisp greens, slivered veggies, and a perfectly poached egg with a delicate vinaigrette make this the salad to have if you can only have one through eternity.

5. Roasted chicken. There are a lot of good ones out there: Central Market's provencal, Julio's, Taco Cabana's, Vespaio's. I'll be happy with any of these, as long as I have a good roasted chicken to hold me over.

6. Neal's Yard Stilton from Central Market. It's rich, it's deep, and it's so good on that ciabatta bread I brought along.

7. A deep, rich Cabernet or Bordeaux. A Robert Mondavi vintage or a Saint-Emilion from the Eighties would fit the bill. It's gotta have body and it's gotta have finish and I gotta have it.

8. A box of De checci's pasta. What shape? Maybe bow tie, maybe linguine. No matter; pasta always satisfies in a deeply soulful way.

9. Parmesan. A big ole hunk of Reggiano and a grater. Absolutely everything on earth is improved with a dusting of this.

10. Threadgill's spinach casserole. So creamy, so green, and it'll keep me healthy while I wait to be rescued.

I need olive oil too, but I'll have that on my person so I don't have to list it. I'll need some fresh fruit, but if I'm on a desert island, I'll scrounge around and find something.

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