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May 9, 1997, Food

Miss Janette's Cake, Cookie & Candy Supplies
900 Rutland, 836-4826

A member of the International Cake Exploration Society (ICES), Janette Pfertner teaches all levels of classes in cake decorating. She recently attended an instructional seminar with famed New York cake designer Colette Peters and will incorporate what she learned into her own classes. She sells a full line of Wilton products, rents out cake stands and bases, and creates wedding and specialty cakes. Ask about the three-foot standing deer cakes she makes for grooms who are hunting afficionados.

8566 Research, 371-3401

The Pallas have been in the cake and decorating business for more than 20 years. She carries a full line of Wilton products, teaches classes and makes wedding cakes. Regarding Martha Stewart and the fondant trend, Palla told me, "She's selling lots of supplies for us, and she can go right ahead."

Wilton Yearbooks
(The Wilton Co, $6.99, paper)

Published annually in July, the yearbooks are the still the bible of cake decorating styles, trends, and equipment. Available in department, craft, and specialty stores.

Martha Stewart's Weddings
(Clarkson-Potter, $75, hard)

Be wary of the recipes and remember that nothing is as easy as Martha would have you believe. Notice that the most significant piece of information missing from the wedding stories in this book is the price. Pictures are great for inspiration, though.

Colette's Wedding Cakes
by Colette Peters
(Little-Brown, $24.95, paper)

Peters is one of the most famous cake designers in the United States and operates a cake business in New York City frequented by the rich, royal, and famous. Her cakes are very elaborate, exquisite fantasy creations and not for the novice decorator. The book is short on cake recipes but contains detailed instructions, templates, and frosting recipes for recreating Peter's designs.

The Cake Bible
by Rose Levy Beranbaum
(Wm. Morrow, $30, hard)

This is considered one of the definitive works for cake bakers. Beranbaum's recipes are meticulously researched and tested and her instructions are thorough, leaving nothing to chance. She built her reputation on the refined, elegant designs from her New York firm, Cordon Rose. -- V.B.W.

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