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Austin Doesn't Need Perry-Schwab Deal

RECEIVED Wed., July 30, 2014

Dear Editor,
    Excuse me, let me get this straight: The deal is 823 sales jobs (not tech, per se) over 10 years. That's an average of 82 jobs a year. So I decided to look at how many jobs the Austin metropolitan statistical area has been adding by itself, without preferential assistance. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that greater Austin has been adding an average of 70 jobs a day for 10 years straight. This year, the Austin MSA has been averaging 120 new jobs a day.
    The Travis County Commissioners Court doesn't need to give $8.5 million (over 10 years) that includes a straight $3.6 million county grant to one company, Schwab, to attract good jobs. The Austin area already attracts all the good jobs we can deal with without needing to give away Rick Perry-inspired crony capitalist corporate subsidies. Rick Perry and his 2016 campaign can take a hike!
    We should be done with these bogus "economic development" deals. We don't need to give this stuff away anymore, commissioners.
Brad Parsons

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