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Disagrees With Dance Reviewer

RECEIVED Mon., May 19, 2014

Dear Editor,
    Contrary to the experience of your reviewer, the audience immensely enjoyed the performance – including that by Aara Krumpe – judging from the enthusiastic applause [“The Sleeping Beauty,” Exhibitionism, May 16]. Obviously, the reviewer is entitled to her opinion, but using phrases like “Krumpe's plain ol' pas de chats” smell of condescension. Most of us, I would presume, do not attend ballet to have “legendary performers called to mind,” but try to be in the moment and enjoy it. If Jonelle Seitz (whose background in dance amounts to none, may I say) sets the bar so high for others, perhaps she would be better off just getting on a plane and watching the Bolshoi or the New York City Ballet? For the rest of us, we will continue to enjoy the great performances by Aara Krumpe, Jaime Lynn Witts, James Fuller, and many others right here in Austin.
Thomas Zumbroich

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