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Dangerous Road

RECEIVED Sun., April 20, 2014

Dear Editor,
    In the 78732 ZIP Code, it is not merely the traffic congestion at issue, but traffic safety as well.
    From 2006-13, the Travis County Sheriff Department dispatched officers to the scene of 308 collisions in ZIP codes 78732 and 78734. Of the 308 incidents, 124 were on the 1.8-mile portion of Quinlan Park Road between Bright Sky Overlook and Steiner Ranch Boulevard. These incidents include a driver hitting a mother pushing a baby stroller in a crosswalk. The predominance of the TCSD records are of single-vehicle reports related to "crossing the center median."
    Quinlan Park Road has at least five posted speed limits: 35, 40, and 45, and the two school zones, 20 and 25. Within any of these zones, it is common to encounter traffic at 50 mph, with 60 mph and faster not unusual.
    Yes, the traffic congestion is notable, due mainly to the single-road access. However, road improvements will do nothing to stop the dangerous driving on Quinlan Park Road. This is the sole reason we will sell our house and leave Steiner Ranch.
K. M. McDaniel

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