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A Question About the Police

RECEIVED Thu., March 13, 2014

Dear Editor,
    I was leaving the Austin Music Awards when this tragic chase and subsequent accident happened [“SXSW: Two Dead, 23 Wounded on Red River,” Newsdesk, March 13]. I was walking unknowingly on the sidewalks Downtown a few blocks away. Having lived in Austin for 30 years, this is the sort of thing I don't expect to happen.
    This was a horrifying tragedy. I feel deeply for those and for the family of those killed, injured, and shocked.
    I must ask this question: What sort of policeman would pursue a high-speed chase in a highly populated area? Surely common sense, a level head, and good judgment which we should require of all on our police force, were shockingly and amazingly lacking here.
    I can't help but notice a trend, a string of accidents and tragedies over the last few years involving Austin police acting thoughtlessly, overzealously, and violently. What a contrast to the kind, loving, and peaceful spirit that is our Austin music community.
Paula Zamarra

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