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Good Memories of C-Boy

RECEIVED Mon., Feb. 10, 2014

Dear Editor,
    Great article on C-Boy and what he meant to many in Austin [“To C-Boy, With Love,” Music, Jan. 31]. C-Boy was a friend; my brothers and I met him at a pizza joint where we worked. He worked weekends during the day, then went off to the Rome Inn. Then, when the Rome Inn closed, C-Boy worked a lot at the pizza place on the Drag. We'd close the place down and head to wherever the good show was – Steamboat, the Ritz, Antone's, etc. Big Louis, C-Boy's good friend, worked the door at Steamboat.
    Yes, C-Boy gave me many good memories of my early years in Austin. I, too, have thought about him often through the years. While Steve has a club to remember C-Boy, I have a 5-month-old Brittany puppy: C-Boy Blue. I thought it was a good name for a dog. C-Boy loved to dance, and one of his favorite sayings on the dance floor, with the big smile, shaking it to the blues, was “walk my dog.” It's nice to see the old dog has a new home. Next time I am in Austin, I will pay a visit to C-Boy's Heart & Soul.
Kevin Todd
Phoenix, Ariz.

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