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Enjoying and Correcting Corcoran

RECEIVED Mon., Feb. 3, 2014

Dear Editor,
    I always enjoy Michael Corcoran's articles about his favorite musical interests, such as last week's "To C-Boy, With Love," [Music, Jan. 31]. And there was nothing Italian about C-Boy's po'boy sandwiches at Rome Inn, but they were mouthfuls of flavor! Back in my UT days, I worked at the restaurant and fancied that C-Boy's nickname derived somehow from those delicious po'boys. Speaking of restaurants, Corcoran made an untrue claim about Harry Akins being the first to integrate his Night Hawk dining rooms; the proper word is "desegregate." There were any number of restaurants in Austin prior to 1963 that were integrated. The most notable one still in operation today is Green Pastures Restaurant, which was simply never segregated.
Michael Emery

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