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Dance Friends

RECEIVED Tue., Jan. 7, 2014

Dear Editor,
    I am writing to applaud the Chronicle for two pieces featured in the Top 10s issue [Arts, Jan. 3]. This past year, I had the opportunity to experience several of the dance pieces mentioned. "Top 10 (+1) Dance Classical Musical Treasures of 2013" by Robert Faires and "Top 9 All-In Dance Concerts (Plus 3 Short Works) of 2013" by Jonelle Seitz were both insightful and inspiring lists for me. The writers informed me that what I've been looking for in Austin is here, it's happening, and it's growing!
    When I was growing up in Pittsburgh, I got to see dance performances several times a month, usually right downtown in the city. There were places to gather culturally – strong museums, libraries, and performing arts centers for people of all ages and cultures. Yes, Austin is the live music capital of the world, but something has been missing for me culturally. I'd joke and say that if I wanted culture, I'd have to drive to Houston. Reading those two lists gave me hope. I want friends like Robert and Jonelle.
Jerelyn Thomas

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