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Good Work By 'Climate Wise Women'

RECEIVED Thu., Oct. 31, 2013

Dear Editor,
    I recently read the article, “Climate Change Stories: A Traveling Sisterhood” by Jessi Cape [News blog, Oct. 14], and was truly inspired by the work these women have done. These so-called “Climate Wise Women” have found a way to reach out to others who may not have otherwise been informed about the global effects climate change has made. Actions such as our excessive use and emission of CO2 have prolonged our current interglacial cycle causing our atmospheric and oceanic temperatures to significantly change, and put many of our habitats and organisms at risk. Prior to currently taking a course at my university that discusses these juristic effects, I had no idea how much our Earth’s climate was being affected by our own irresponsible actions. This lack of awareness is what I believe to be one of our world’s largest weaknesses. That’s why I was so amazed to read this article about these inspiring women who have used their tragic experiences, along with others, to inform and connect with communities around the world and educate them about the changes that need to be made by our society. Their use of storytelling is a brilliant way to engage with their audiences, because in all honesty, humans don’t always relate to straight facts. However, humans are more likely to be able feel and feed off of the passion of another human being, which can better allow them to understand the damage and suffering that has indirectly been caused by our actions. This article displays the various struggles and changes that these women, along with their family and friends, have been forced to face due to the undeniable fact that our planet is changing. With the remarkable difference these women are making, I hope that their mission to connect human stories to political action inspires others as much as it inspired me and brings positive changes to our world in the future.
Alyssa Burnside

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