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Photo Not Of Cater Joseph

RECEIVED Tue., Oct. 8, 2013

Dear Editor,
    I enjoyed your article about the Attal and Joseph families in last week's issue [“Lebanon Calling,” Music, Oct. 4]. My father, Joe Lewis Joseph, was the oldest brother in the Cater Joseph family, and was born in Lebanon in 1897. His father, Cater, came back to Lebanon about 1900 to bring his wife, Nora, and son, Joe, to the United States. The other children were all born in Austin, Texas. Also, the photo labeled Cater Joseph is not my grandfather's photo. I would like to send a photo of my grandparents if you would like to have it. My father, Joe, owned and operated one of the first beauty colleges in Austin, Duel Arts Beauty School, and after World War II he opened an army surplus store on East Sixth Street. He also started several hot-dog stands called Dog House. In the Fifties he opened Joseph's Plumbing Supply at 1210 E. Sixth, which he owned and operated until his death in 1960.
Joe Lewis Joseph Jr.

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