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International Day Of Peace

RECEIVED Tue., Sept. 17, 2013

Dear Editor,
    On the International Day of Peace, Sept. 21, all people of conscience should be concerned about our government's increasing use of drones, which are an evil, remote way to kill and terrorize people, including innocent civilians. U.S. drones have been used to target and murder people chosen from a "kill list" compiled by the CIA and approved by the president. There is no evidence or trial required, making the president and the CIA the judge, jury, and executioner. And, for every person on the "kill list" who is murdered, many non-combatants, including children, die. Families in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and elsewhere are afraid to gather in groups for fear they will be attacked and killed by a drone. Is this what we want our government to be doing? Are we okay with funding the remote control killing of innocent people without any accountability?
Fran Clark

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