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Do Not Bomb And Do Not Deploy

RECEIVED Mon., Sept. 9, 2013

Dear Editor,
    Secretary of State John Kerry, member of Yale's Skull & Bones secret society fraternity, has been leading the charge for President Obama (and the Crown) on delivering a shock-and-awe message to Syrian President Assad, regardless of having not proven the case to the U.N. or the American and English people – essential to the discussion, who are loudly and emphatically demanding the U.S. not engage in any aggression against Syria. John McCain dis-graced the cover of the Chronicle as "The Monster: Our Most Terrifying Halloween Mask Ever," [Oct. 31, 2008]. May I point out it's not a holiday. Using vague language, he did hammer out a hellbent plan for us: Ninety days in which bombing is a certainty, and troops on the ground a possibility, with no doubt some casualties. And I say hell no, disobey the orders: Do not bomb and do not deploy. This is the people's red line!
Kenney C. Kennedy

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