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'Professionalize' Means 'Privatize'

RECEIVED Mon., Feb. 25, 2013

Dear Editor,
    Mayor Lee Leffingwell's push to "professionalize" the city's electric utility is nothing less than a feint to do what Wall Street is trying to do all over the nation: privatize everything for pure profit. And besides, the people at the electric utility are already "professional.” Too bad the mayor doesn't know that.
    "Professionalize" is just one more meaningless, worthless Wall Street word – like, uhhh, "transparency" – used to camouflage the real ravage-capitalism covert operation: in this case, destabilize a public entity in the way Wall Street has tried to destabilize public schools, and then sell it off, and sell off democratic public accountability with it as well. A perfect CIA-style destabilization op. To “professionalize" is nothing less than a flat-out lie. This is not confirmed, but telling lies – and coveting – are said to be in something called the Decalogue as Commandments Eight or Nine, Nine and Ten, or just plain Ten, depending on the source.
    This scheme is reality, not illusion.
    A separate board insulates the utility from public accountability. Better that any such board be elected. Better that the Council retain control and continue to be subject to what now passes as democratic elections and accountability.
    I thought Austin was liberal, yet here is an alleged "liberal" being the front man, the mouthpiece, for Rick Perry-style privatization right here in River City. Leffingwell is the perfect poster child for the book Death of the Liberal Class by 20-year New York Times war correspondent Chris Hedges. If there are any liberals left in Austin, this is the wake-up call, folks. Parasites are bleeding democracy drip by drip, but this is a proposed hemorrhage.
Thom Prentice

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