The Austin Chronicle

Where's Savlov?!

RECEIVED Sat., Feb. 2, 2013

Dear Editor,
    I have waited many weeks to write this, hoping I wouldn’t have to. But now I’m really fretting. Austin is truly fortunate to have first-rate, superior movie critics in Ms. Jones, Ms. Baumgarten, and Mr. Savlov. This is why the esteemed Variety includes the Chronicle in their weekly reviews grid, along with the other top, luminary newspapers.
    My (serious) question: Where is Marc Savlov? I’m sorry to say, but the other critics who are “filling in” write their reviews like they’re school assignments. (Mr. Black, please revive "Page Two"!). It would be a tragedy for the Chronicle to be without Marc Savlov. Please, Marc, don’t leave us – your reviews are often more pleasurable to read than the movies are to watch!
Best regards,
Barb Kuplicki
   [Editor's note: Marc Savlov is currently on a year sabbatical, but we'll certainly pass along to him how much he's been missed. (We miss him, too.) See "Everything Went Black: Hello, I Must Be Going …" [Picture in Picture Screens blog, Nov. 7, 2012], for his farewell note.]

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