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Against Single-Sex Schools

RECEIVED Tue., Jan. 29, 2013

Dear Editor,
    Re: “Board Discord on Single-Sex Schools” [News, Jan. 18]: Single-sex schools? In Austin? What is this, the 1950s?
    The choice to make Pearce and Garcia middle schools into single-sex campuses this week is more than just archaic and rather absurd; it's also cissexist.
    Hear me out before you cry "bleeding heart hippie dippie.” Cissexism refers to the discrimination and prejudice that trans and nonbinary-gendered people face in our culture. Those among us who feel as though their sex does not match their gender confront difficulties every day. It's more than just bullying, name-calling, and abuse; it's also the steady stream of reminders that they somehow don't belong in a binary-gendered world.
    And now this. Boys go to one school, girls to another. But what about kids who struggle with their gender identity? What about the kids whose parents named them David, but wish deep down they could be Alice?
    It happens. Trans people exist. They are our brothers and sisters, our cousins, our friends, and sometimes, yes, our children.
    And now we are risking alienating and marginalizing them even further by converting to some ridiculous single-sex school system?
    Count me out, thanks. I'd rather not institutionalize hate against kids who already have it rough.
Rosie Croteau

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