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Kudos for Brack!

RECEIVED Sun., Jan. 13, 2013

Dear Editor,
    In regards to the registration/admissions staff, ER doctors and nurses, aides, PTs, transporters, housekeeping, kitchen staff, techs, neuros, dietitians, clinical assistants, hospitality, and everybody else who works at University Medical Center Brackenridge that made my stay there last week so prompt, easy, pleasant, and complete with your competence, skills, abilities, and smiles: y'all rock!
    I called Beyoncé and Jay-Z and told them that the hospital they rented when their baby was born had nothing on UMC Brack.
    (And hey Brack CEO, give all of your employees a hefty raise – they are the best in the business. For realsies.
Take me down to the hospital,
Rob Gaines

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