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RECA Supported Prop. 15

RECEIVED Mon., Nov. 26, 2012

Dear Editor,
    Regarding last week’s, “Then There's This: Campaign Cash” [Nov. 23], the Chronicle wrote, “It bears repeating over and over again, though, that the city still faces a critical affordable housing problem (the homebuilders' political action committee and the Real Estate Council of Austin were curiously absent from the housing bond campaign's list of donors).” The Real Estate Council of Austin did indeed support Proposition 15.
    While RECA’s Business M/PAC did not contribute to the specific HousingWorks Action PAC, it did make a $15,000 contribution to Unity PAC (as noted in the article), which promoted passage of all of the bonds, including Proposition 15.
    In addition to the cash contribution, RECA staff and volunteers actively worked for the Unity PAC’s Love Austin campaign supporting all of the bonds, including those for affordable housing. While we may have been “curiously absent” from the HousingWorks Action PAC, we were never absent from actively campaigning for the passage of Proposition 15. Do count us in as disappointed that Proposition 15 did not pass on Election Day.
Nancy McDonald,
Director of regional outreach

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