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Correction on Pedicab Fares

RECEIVED Thu., Nov. 15, 2012

Dear Editor,
    Hello, I am a pedicabber in Austin and I would like to request a revision to your article "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" [News, Nov. 16]. I, and several drivers like myself, are being misrepresented by this article and would like to offer you the correct information so that you may provide your readers with accurate knowledge about our business.
    This article, by Richard Whittaker, incorrectly states that pedicabs charge by the block. Yes, it is true that some pedicab drivers may charge by the block, but there are many that charge a flat rate or work for tips. The one thing that is true about all pedicab rides is that the fare is negotiated before departure so that passengers always know what they will be paying, and a fee that is agreeable to both driver and fare is decided upon.
Cassie Baker

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