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Need Long-Term Traffic Solutions

RECEIVED Wed., May 25, 2011

Dear Editor,
    I drive by the Shops at the Arbor Walk, at MoPac and 183, nearly every day. While I enjoy frequenting a couple of shops in the complex, I dread the poor traffic flow and the lack of parking. However, over the past week or so, there haven’t been long lines struggling to exit onto the MoPac frontage road because an Austin Police cruiser has been sitting with lights on in the nearest lane, enabling those leaving to merge right onto the road, regardless of the day or time. While I appreciate the thoughtfulness, I assume the reasoning must be rooted in a series of traffic accidents and backups at that location. And while I supported the increase in Austin’s police force during the community input on the city budget last year, babysitting a long-standing traffic issue all day isn’t an efficient or appropriate use of our officers. Where is the city at with instigating a long-term solution?
Peggy Cope

People Keep Lying To Me

RECEIVED Wed., May 25, 2011

Dear Editor,
    People keep lying to me. They always have, all my life. I think they think it’s in my best interest, their attitudes and platitudes. “There’s nothing wrong,” they say. Perhaps they are correct, in some way, yet I’ve never been sure. Sometimes, in some ways, I’ve never felt fully comfortable with this world. It’s true, I am a nervous Nellie, but ever since I was a young lad, this world has been giving me the creeps, man. It’s failure on my part, I know, but I guess I’ve never understood, I couldn’t grasp, I couldn’t get my head around how we could live in a world of people yet have such animosity toward, you know, people. I’m a person, so why are you so upset with me? What did I do, from my birth to this day, to make you so mad at me? I realize people have done awful, awful things, but it wasn’t me, nor any of the other billions of people of whatever race, nationality, religion. I just don’t get how someone can be affected by a horrible event, can know how much hurt hurts and want to cause more of the same. How could you? Bless the children, but are you really waiting for the children to grow up so you can accuse, hate, kill them. This world really creeps me out. There has to be a better way.
Tom Lay

Was Looking Forward to a Christian Free World

RECEIVED Mon., May 23, 2011

Dear Editor,
    I was so looking forward to a Christian-free world on May 22, 2011.
    And now that the latest installment of this massive fraud called religion has again been revealed for what it is, fraud, perhaps the investigations can begin. First off, the birth certificate of one Jesus Christ must be produced. Without that evidence the tax-exempt status of all of the organizations promoting this fraud, a lie presented as fact in order to extract money from the unsuspecting, should be immediately revoked. Then criminal charges can be pursued for child abuse, it is through the abuse of children that they become adult victims of the fraud. And it is through this fraud that corporations are able to get away with their crimes through the fraud of fictional personhood.
    This is a scam one could call "billion-card monte.”
    And I was so looking forward to a Christian-free world on May 22, 2011!
Jim Franklin

Black Will Not Tolerate Any Discourse Or Debate

RECEIVED Sun., May 22, 2011

Dear Editor,
    Re: “Page Two” [May 20]: Louis Black is entitled to his opinion. It is clear that he will not tolerate any discourse or debate on the subject, that he enjoys his bully pulpit of 1,100-3,000 words. Letter writers who disagree may do so in 300 words or less but not in series. Mr. Black’s editorial, you might note, contains no facts. It is a series of generalizations (logical fallacies) and of mischaracterizations of Alex Jones. He makes no mention of the asserted problems with the president’s birth certificate issue, so certainly does not refute any of them. I will note one of the main problems of the most recent document: it is obviously computer generated. The president’s birth certificate would have been typed. Each typed character is an individual imprint, no two are exactly alike. But each letter in the birth certificate trotted out is identical to its counterpart, as are the letters of this post. Someone in the president’s closest circle would have forged it, which is why it is amateurish. If the president is not a United States citizen, this is not insubstantial or inconsequential. It would be a constitutional crisis of some significance, if less crucial than our illegal wars and bankrupt economy. Black is also entitled to his opinion that if our criminal government were removed, no one would have any idea how to run a constitutional operation restoring the balance of the three branches.
Kenney C. Kennedy
   [Louis Black Responds: I admit it, I do wonder that if the current government is so criminal and so corrupt, meaning that electoral politics have completely failed, how exactly would a constitutional operation restoring the balance of the three branches be run and instituted?]

What About Alan Pogue?

RECEIVED Fri., May 20, 2011

Dear Editor,
    Two comments: First, how in the world do you do a story on Austin photographers and not include Alan Pogue [“I Shutter To Think,” the Arts, May 20]? Second, Michael Ventura's film noir piece – so damn good [“Letters at 3AM,” May 20].
Anne Sherwood
   [Arts Editor Robert Faires responds: I have only the utmost respect for Alan Pogue as a documentary photographer, an artist with a camera, and a citizen, which is why we have written about his work in the past and why I included his name in the opening paragraph, among the illustrious photographers that have called Austin home. The idea for this roundtable discussion, however, was to draw very specifically from photographers who have more recently come to the forefront of the scene.]

Sonogram vs. 'Jersey Shore'

RECEIVED Fri., May 20, 2011

Dear Editor,
    So, that Rick Perry guy just signed into law a requirement that doctors conduct a sonogram before performing an abortion. Okay, it's Texas, so I understand this. I'd like to propose a bill in which a woman must watch an entire episode of Jersey Shore after seeing her sonogram to see the tragic outcome of a fetus allowed to come to full-term. Just a thought.
Justin B. Andrews

What About Bright Light Social Hour?

RECEIVED Fri., May 20, 2011

Dear Editor,
    It's astonishing that Bright Light Social Hour did not win the Restaurant Poll.
Ted King

Race Shouldn't Matter When It Comes To Firefighters

RECEIVED Thu., May 19, 2011

Dear Editor,
    Josh Rosenblatt ends his story "The Color of Fire" [News, May 13] with the statement that Austin is "still a long way away from making the Austin Fire Department look more like the city it serves."
    Should we not be more concerned with the ability of the firefighters to fight fires than with the color of the firefighters?
    In this city, with all of the "consultants" with their hands out, maybe we should send someone to every fire to ask, "Would you prefer black, brown, or blond?" I believe that for the people to whom it really matters (those with burning structures), the hue of the firefighters is hardly noticeable.
Mike Graham
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