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The Summer Fun Issue

Turn this endless bummer into an endless summer

By Kimberley Jones, May 29, 2020, Features

With so many events being put on hold, so many plans switching to "TBD," nothing's really a sure thing these days. Except this: A new season will still arrive, regular as clockwork.

Our annual Summer Fun issue is an Austin Chronicle tradition. We thought about canceling it, but haven't we had enough cancellations already? Instead, we're celebrating summer traditions and gently tweaking them for the times.

Missing the usual May kickoff of the Paramount Summer Film Classics Series? Shoot your own classic movie homage with your iPhone and some ingenuity. Lamenting the Summer Olympics, now rescheduled for this time next year? Staff writer Kevin Curtin re-creates a decathlon at home (and only narrowly averts breaking any bones). Craving a summer fling? We've rounded up some recommendable adult toys for a party of one.

We've also got ideas for al fresco dining, tips for building an outdoor soaking tub and a solar oven, the latest on which summer camps are opening back up, new music playlists to power your backyard barbecues, and more creative ways to fun summer up.

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